Katie Couric Admits To Editing RBG To “Protect” Her

Katie Couric Admits To Editing RBG To “Protect” Her

Katie Couric Admits To Editing RBG To “Protect” Her

We should all be so fortunate as to have someone like Katie Couric to edit things from interviews that she doesn’t like. But only if she likes YOU.

If you will recall, Katie Couric has a history of editing remarks to make HER point. Her “Under The Gun” documentary featured some deceptive editing. Couric “apologized” for the edit, but she and the production team were sued.

While Katie Couric said she “took responsibility,” that didn’t extend to any admission of wrongdoing, and the defamation lawsuits against Couric and company were later dismissed on appeal.

People should have taken note at the time when it came to anything with the name Katie Couric on it, but since she was only editing those Second Amendment lovers, the media couldn’t be bothered to care. After all, they agreed with her!

Well, now Couric has really stuck her foot in it. She has a new book coming out entitled “Going There,” which is being billed as her “personal life story.” And while Katie Couric has had her own troubles in life, the overwhelming sense from the book, from those who have gotten copies to review, is that Couric is a mean girl who isn’t shy about how bitchy and cruel she is. And while these stories about her bullying other women are horrible, what the media is now fixated on is that Katie Couric took it upon herself to edit Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The “Notorious RBG,” the liberal icon that leftists adored when she was alive (and offered their own organs to), has become a target of scrutiny since her death in September 2020. The Supreme Court justice, who had been fighting cancer for years, should have known that she was going to die and should have resigned years earlier so President Obama could have filled her seat, so the left now whines that it’s HER fault that President Trump was able to nominate Justice Amy Coney Barrett and get a third SCOTUS justice sworn in before the 2020 election.

Well, Katie Couric reveals in her book that the late justice wasn’t nearly as “woke” as the left wanted her to be, but that Couric – that hero – edited Ginsburg in order to save her from herself. Because, really, the poor old dear was elderly and probably didn’t know what she was saying.

In (the) new memoir, Going There, Couric writes that she edited out a part where Ginsburg said that those who kneel during the national anthem are showing ‘contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life.'”

The published story, which Couric wrote for Yahoo! News in 2016, did include quotes from Ginsburg saying refusing to stand for the anthem was ‘dumb and disrespectful’, but omitted more problematic remarks.”

But Couric writes in her memoir that she thought the justice, who was 83 at the time, was ‘elderly and probably didn’t fully understand the question.'”

Ohhhhh myyyyyy. The woman was sitting on the Supreme Court at the time, and Katie Couric, that known arbiter of all things leftist and woke, decided to save Ruth Bader Ginsburg from the woke mob by just editing a few things out.

But she’s dead and it’s time to sell a book, so let’s spill those beans! And not only was Couric “conflicted” about taking those comments out, Ginsburg’s staff knew that those comments were going to be an issue, too.

Couric felt that when Ginsburg said that people like Kaepernick were ‘dumb and disrespectful’ they were comments that were ‘unworthy of a crusader for equality’ like the liberal Supreme Court justice.”

The day after the sit-down, the head of public affairs for the Supreme Court emailed Couric to say the late justice had ‘misspoken’ and asked that it be removed from the story.”

Couric writes that she was ‘conflicted’ because she was a ‘big RBG fan’, referring to Ginsburg’s moniker.”

Couric called a friend, David Brooks, a New York Times journalist, who advised her that Ginsburg probably didn’t understand the question, even though she was still serving on the Supreme Court at the time.”

However David Westin, the former head of ABC News, advised Couric to keep it in.”

‘She’s on the Supreme Court. People should hear what she thinks,’ he said, according to Couric.”

Westin was right, but Katie Couric let her personal views dictate how best to “protect” poor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was simply too elderly to be properly “woke,” according to her. You know, exactly how she let her personal views determine what made it into a documentary about guns. Journalists and media figures from both right and left were properly horrified about what Couric had concealed.

With this admission, it has to be obvious that Katie Couric was, and always has been, an arrogant and partisan hack. That she was allowed to hold up the facade of “serious journalist” for years is a joke – but then again, how many other partisan hacks are trying to prop up that same image of themselves, even though most of their masks fell off during the Trump administration?

Still, Couric is in a class by herself. This book of hers is pretty ugly, but apparently she is, too. And she’s willing to tell you just how terrible she is, if you buy her book.

Featured image: composite image of Katie Couric (CBS Publicity Photo/Flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)) and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (offical photo from 2016 via Wikimedia Commons, cropped, public domain)

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