Just have an abortion and get on with your life

Just have an abortion and get on with your life

Two posts on Feministing in one day! This one is about the most important thing in the world for feminists: abortion. Can’t be a feminist without loving the baby-killing!

They were talking about a singer named Neko Case, who I have never before heard of in my entire life. The New York Times profiled her, and here was what got Ann on Feministing so excited:

IN HER RATTLY BROWN CHEVY VAN, Case returned to the issue of abortion. She deplored some recent movies that raise the matter as one of its crucial plot points — “Knocked Up” and “Juno,” for example — and then “solve” it with a sweetly positive ending or a miscarriage or some other sidestep. “Just have the abortion,” she said of “Juno.” “Just have it and get on with your life.” She continued: “Years ago, I went to Planned Parenthood in New York — for another reason — and I saw these girls waiting there, and it was just awful. It was cold, they were in gowns that didn’t really close, and their boyfriends and parents weren’t with them, and they were sitting under these bright lights, and the people were mean.”

Surely this experience lies behind one of her most readable songs, “Pretty Girls,” on “Blacklisted”:

The TV is blaring and angry,
as if you don’t know why you’re here.
Those who walk without sin are so hungry —
Don’t let the wolves in, pretty girls. . . . .
Don’t let them tell you you’re nothing.

Interestingly enough, Neko Case also had this to say:

“I should have been an abortion,” Case says, with her customary frankness. “The only reason I wasn’t was that my father was a Christian.” Air quotes didn’t quite land on that proper noun, but they hovered close by. He was also a heavy drinker, she says, and used drugs, and “he hated his life. And he reminded us of that every day.” Abortion rights is an important issue for Case — she emphasizes that she has seen and lived the misery of unwanted children. (Another cause of hers is humane treatment for animals that suffer cruelty and neglect at people’s hands.) Her father died not long ago, of a heart attack, at 56, and she seems more sympathetic than angry about his desperate existence. “I’ve been mourning my dad my whole life,” she says.

When someone tells you how great abortion is, right after they say that they should have been aborted, doesn’t that say something about their mental state? Feminists are all about the self-love, but this woman must not love herself that much if she thinks that she should never have been given the right to exist. Yet they love her. She’s pro-choice, and therefore so very wonderful.

And now on to the really juicy part. Ann apparently loved this little statement enough — and more than any other part of what was a considerably long interview — to highlight it, and what was Neko Case saying? That women who choose to keep their babies are making the wrong choice. That if you have an unplanned pregnancy, you should just abort it. After all, who could possibly love an unplanned baby?

It just serves as yet another example that many feminists, while they claim they are “fighting” for choice, want absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with choice. They want to dictate. Women are supposed to make the choices that feminists say they should make, and that’s all there is to it. Feminists are pro-abortion, and therefore, any single woman (and let’s face it, the married ones, too) who chooses to keep her baby is treated as if she’s somehow a traitor to the cause. Being pro-abortion isn’t good enough; you’ve got to actually have them. It isn’t about letting abortion be legal. Feminists want women to be having abortions, and the mere mention of keeping it is terrible. On top of that, Hollywood suddenly had some kind of aneurysm and made not one, but two pro-life movies, and feminists are shrieking with outrage. No promoting pregnancies positively, right?

It’s easy to see, I think, that like Neko Case, women who have these kinds of opinions are filled with a sort of self-loathing. And that self-loathing not only spills out into every other aspect of their lives, but is forced upon other women. It’s not good enough for them to destroy their own lives — they’ve got to wreck everyone else’s, too.

Miserable, isn’t it?

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  • Cassy,

    Dead-freakin’-on. For champions of something called “freedom” and “choice” they certainly are exuberant about everyone doing everything exactly the same way, aren’t they?

    That little contradiction applies to many things outside the abortion issue and feminists. But as far as how feminism applies to abortion, that’s probably the most eminent example we have of it.

  • Cousin Dave says:

    I got a laugh out of the complaint about the hospital gowns and how “uncomfortable” getting an abortion is. Of course, it’s just the normal indignities that accompany any kind of medical procedure. But no, modern feminism now demands that abortion be miraculous: You go to sleep one night pregnant, and you wake up the next morning not pregnant! Shazam!

  • J David says:

    The heartburn over the universe(since they are typically God-haters, as *He* is chauvanistic)shorting the Femi-fisters on penises will never end. All of the complaining is just a consequence of obvious penis envy. Chalk one up for Freud.

  • syop says:

    If these feminists are so gun ho on abortion and believe they should have been aborted, they can still save themselves and us all the trouble and abort themselves.

  • SicSemperTyrannus says:

    So Cassy, just wondering, why do you even bother to visit Feministing, knowing the kind of perverted logic and moral vacuity you will find there?
    Seriously, everytime you refer to one of its columns, you’re only driving up the number of hits to that site and adding to that witch’s revenue stream.
    I can only guess it’s like passing a wreck on the highway and you have to slow down and look at teh carnage.

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