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Obama: we need to live within our means again

Obama: we need to live within our means again

So, apparently we need to be responsible and live within our means again.

But hey, if you don’t, there’ll always be a stimulus package ready and waiting to bail you out, as long as President Government is in command.

So solving this crisis will require more than resources – it will require all of us to take responsibility. Government must take responsibility for setting rules of the road that are fair and fairly enforced. Banks and lenders must be held accountable for ending the practices that got us into this crisis in the first place. Individuals must take responsibility for their own actions. And all of us must learn to live within our means again.

These are the values that have defined this nation. These are values that have given substance to our faith in the American Dream. And these are the values that we must restore now at this defining moment.

How can this man say something like this with a straight face, having just signed the largest spending bill in history, despite our trillion dollar deficit? And given that he wants to bail out people whose homes are in foreclosure, it gets even better.

Obama’s shown nothing but that people who are responsible and live within their means are punished, whereas those who don’t work, don’t pay their bills, and sit around waiting for a rescuer are rewarded. But now, now, he’s going to encourage us to “be responsible”.

That’s a laugh. If the government’s going to bail out everyone who is irresponsible, why should I?

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  • Melinda P says:

    Unfortunately, it’s those of us who live within our means who will be footing the bill for everyone else. I mean look at all of those people on welfare who are sitting around making more babies! It has always made me so mad to see these people doing nothing and getting rewarded for it, while I’ve always had to work hard. I guarantee our new president isn’t going to be living within his means, especially if he can get the rest of us to foot his bills!

  • Chris M-G says:

    Why stop at Wagyu Steak, after all?

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