Judy Blume: Woke Ideology To Promote Biology

Judy Blume: Woke Ideology To Promote Biology

Judy Blume: Woke Ideology To Promote Biology

Judy Blume is an author that defined a generation of girls. As a pre-teen, I remember sitting in my room, reading Judy’s coming-of-age novels.

One of the most acclaimed of these novels was, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Certainly, a blast from the past. Take a look:

But it seems as though the classic did not fare as well as expected; underperforming with a paltry $6.8 million-dollar opening. Yikes.

Is it because our generation does not enjoy a good screen-adaptation of a cult classic? Hardly. But, I would say, in Judy’s case, marketing is everything.

To sum up the story for those who have not read this novel, the main plot in Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret focuses on a pre-teen girl and some of her friends discussing their changing bodies and comparing notes on who gets their first menstrual cycle and when. Margaret, the main character in the story, agonizes over when she is going to “get it” and whether or not she is a normal girl. She even prays to God for this natural process to take place. More than anything, Margaret wants her period.

Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. I just told my mother I want a bra. Please help me grow God. You know where.” -Judy Blume, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

The anxiety this young woman feels is legitimate and real. Margaret continues to have dialogue with God about family life, religion, a recent move from New York City to the suburbs of New Jersey. But most of all, there’s the recurring theme of Margaret wanting to be a normal, developing, young, woman:

How can I stop worrying when I don’t know if I’m going to turn out normal?”-Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret

Normalcy. Which brings us to the marketing point I threw out there before I got sidetracked by nostalgia. Who, pray tell, did Judy Blume sit down with last Saturday to promote the movie? None other than cosplaying “girl”, Dylan Mulvaney!

Dylan Mulvaney. A skinny MAN with no boobs, no shape, NO FEMALE PARTS, promoting a movie about a young girl and her desire for her first menstrual cycle. Judy, Judy, Judy….what on God’s Earth made you and your publicist think this was a great idea?!

In a short on TikTok, Mulvaney asks Judy Blume for “advice” for “young creatives like himself”. Mulvaney, in a Burberry-print suit and a red crop top (yuck) does the “I must increase my bust” chant. Mulvaney also likens the initial reception of Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret in the 80s to the “book banning” that is happening today. (Mulvaney was born in 1996). Mulvaney also mentioned that HE identified with the concept of the book/movie by saying that HE was also “going through growing pains and waiting for things to happen”. Judy and Mulvaney ended the short by looking at the camera and uttering Mulvaney’s signature, “Love Ya” at viewers.

I mean, either the lifestyle of a famous, beloved author removes a person from reality so much that they, too, are living in a liberal, progressive fantasyland bubble or Judy Blume has done gone senile like the other JB who happens to sit in The White House. I’m not sure which it is or even if it is a combination of both, but this is not the first time Blume sounded off on the trans movement:

You know what is total bull$hit, Judy? A MAN who calls himself a “girl” playing with Teenage Softies and Tampons. A MAN tucking in his bulge and modeling women’s workout clothes. A MAN, dressed as a “girl”, promoting a movie about a bodily function that only occurs in the population that possesses a uterus!

I am wondering if Judy has taken the time to read Matt Walsh’s Johnny The Walrus?

And neither will “big boys” like Dylan Mulvaney. No matter how many “growing pains” HE has and how long HE is “waiting for things to happen”, Mulvaney will never, ever, possess a uterus, Judy.

Coming soon: Are You There God? It’s Me, Mulvaney.

The “book banning” in the 70s/80s is not the same as the “book banning” in school libraries, today, Judy. A story of a young girl praying for normalcy is not the same as a “coming of age” story that illustrates a graphic depiction ofmale-on-male oral sex, Judy. Are you there, God? Can you please tell Dylan Mulvaney that HE will NEVER be a woman? No matter how much HE chants, “I must, I must…”

P.S.: God? We’re wondering if you’re present in Judy Blume’s 85 year-old brain. Using trans ideology to promote feminine biology is also…what did she say…?


Now, take that Teenage Softie and shove it in Mulvaney’s piehole.

Photo Credit: Carl Lender of Flickr.com, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Cameron says:

    I think the sequel will be Are you there, God? It’s me, Matthew. It follows the former Margaret Simon and her friends going through transition and discussing who is going to get their breasts removed first. And then when that movie fails, it will be blamed on the patriarchy.

    To be fair, I don’t get why the movie did not do well unless it’s because the girls want to grow up to be women and that is “othering” some mentally ill people.

  • Mad Celt says:

    Try to understand the zig zag logic of this trans business. It is to double the chances of these pervs for getting a date on Saturday nights.

  • SFC D says:

    If Judy Blume had a penis, this brilliant marketing strategy would’ve stomped it flat.

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