JK Rowling: The Witch Trials And Tweets From TERFland

JK Rowling: The Witch Trials And Tweets From TERFland

JK Rowling: The Witch Trials And Tweets From TERFland

The fifth installment of The Witch Trials of JK Rowling takes us back to 2019 and the Tweet that started it all.

The Tweet was heard around the world of Harry Potter fandom. What some did not realize was that this particular Tweet was in response to Maya Forstater, a woman who lost an employment tribunal in the UK for transgender Tweets. Ms Forstater argued that “framing the question of transgender inclusion as an argument that male people should be allowed into women’s spaces discounts women’s rights to privacy and is fundamentally illiberal”, according to this.

Forstater lost her job and the employment tribunal for challenging her workplace for firing her over “mean Tweets”. Her speech was not protected. Her identity, her womanhood, was not protected. This caused Rowling to sound off:

So when I first became interested and became deeply troubled by what I saw as a cultural movement that was illiberal in its methods, and was very questionable in its ideas, I absolutely knew that if I spoke out, that many people who read my books would be deeply unhappy with me. I knew that. I knew that because I could see that they believed the values I have espoused in those books. I could tell that they believed that they were fighting for the underdogs and fairness. And I thought, ‘it would be easier not to, you know this could be really bad.’ And, it has been bad, personally, it has not been fun. And I have been scared at times for my own safety. And, overwhelmingly for my family’s safety. Time will tell whether I’ve got this wrong. I can only say that I thought about it deeply and hard and long and I’ve listened, I promise to the other side and I believe, absolutely, that there is something dangerous about this movement and it must be challenged.”-JK Rowling

GLAAD sounded off on Rowling, stating that women who believe they are authentic women and believe they should be protected are living an “anti-science” reality. Amnesty International, where JK Rowling once worked, proudly proclaimed: “Trans Rights Are Human Rights”. Even, trans-activist, Jackson Bird, who penned an essay on Harry Potter helping him come out as trans, called the Tweets hand grenades from TERFland.

The largest hand-grenade was yet to come. During the 2020 lockdowns, Rowling was paying attention to the “gender inclusive language” that came out of the concept of a “more equal COVID-19 world”. Women who have periods became “people who menstruate”. Women with a woman’s anatomy became “uterus-havers”. Mothers became “birthing persons”. Parents became “guardians”. JK Rowling, from a feminist point of view, saw this as the erasure of women.

People who menstruate. I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”-JK Rowling

The book burnings began coinciding with rioting in the streets and looting of businesses. How dare she:

Then, came the other bombs. F-bombs. F-JK Rowling. Rowling is a f-en racist, f-en homophobe, f-en nazi, f-en b#tch. Various and sundry f-bombs from the students of Hogwarts. F-en TERF. F-en elitist. And, f-bombs came with death threats. JK Rowling can f-en die. Kill f-en JK Rowling. JK Rowling needs to choke on my f-en (insert male body part here).

All of these comments from the same people who will throw out a (hashtag) #BEKIND. They did not care about the arguments or the points JK Rowling was trying to make. The fiction/fantasy writer who shaped their childhood done dropped a truth bomb on their idealism and they did not like this. They threw temper tantrums. This is what true ideologues do when the truth is thrown in their faces. It did not matter to them that JK Rowling, their beloved author, was an abused woman once upon a time. More and more f-bombs thrown on Twitter over the years…

Which does not stop them. Rowling is standing her ground. We say good for her:

Here come the hand-grenades:

Intersectional. No. You either have woman parts or ya don’t. But moving on…

See? JK Rowling is a “f-en nazi”.

Another prolific writer, Alice Walker, stands with Rowling, defending the author in an essay she penned last week:

The use of ‘guy’ for both male and female eroded the ability of children to easily feel confident in which gender they were. From that confusion, considered irrelevant, apparently, to the forming of young minds, has come much cutting off of parts and restructuring of essential physical equipment. If such restructuring is freely chosen at eighteen or twenty, at least there is a sense the person involved may have lived long enough to know, definitely, what is desired. Younger than that, I feel there may in fact be reason, later on, to mourn and weep. After all, the human body is a miracle, of whatever sex, tampering with a miracle is unlikely to serve us.”-Alice Walker

Oh, Alice, you didn’t! Seems as if the pronoun-alphabet-soup army is coming after you next. Wait a minute…they already did? Shocker.

Will Alice Walker join JK Rowling in the fight to not “cancel” women? Will she be put in the TERFdom as well? Time will tell. ‘Til next time.

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  • American Human says:

    Women are beautiful and precious creatures. I stand with JK Rowling.

  • Cameron says:

    I shall now recite a new shahada for our use:

    I bear witness that there is only male and female and you cannot change from one to the other.

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