Ivanka Trump Tortures Illegal Immigrant Parents [VIDEO]

Ivanka Trump Tortures Illegal Immigrant Parents [VIDEO]

Ivanka Trump Tortures Illegal Immigrant Parents [VIDEO]

¿QUE?” you ask in HORROR. “Verdad,” I answer. This beautiful – seemingly benign – picture of a mother and her child is suddenly the center of an international shit storm of derision, abuse and Social Justice Warrior battle cries to all that is unholy. Ivanka has unleashed the demons yet again with her tender MOTHERHOOD IMAGES.

How could such a thing possibly be controversial, right? Don’t we all have the same, cherished images in our own homes – of our own children, or our folks, grandparents/somebody dear with us?

There’s a good chance we do, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for Ivanka Trump to act like she “loves” her children, when…HER FATHER IS RIPPING BABIES OUT OF THE ARMS OF THEIR ILLEGAL, BORDER CROSSING PARENTS, AND THEN LOSING THE KIDS ON TOP OF IT!!!!!

Get where the Left appeared out of when they noticed Sunday’s picture on Monday? No? Lemme help:

But on Sunday, she sparked backlash by sharing a photo of herself holding her two-year-old son, Theodore.

Some Twitter users labelled the image “offensive”, amid reports that hundreds of migrant children have been removed from their parents by US border agents.

The storm surrounding family separations by immigration authorities has been brewing for several months.

Yes. A mother and child picture is “offensive.” “Cuddling” your son is offensive…and tone deaf:

Ivanka Trump is facing an online backlash for tweeting what one critic called a “tone deaf” photo of herself cuddling her son as outrage grows over a federal government policy to separate the children of undocumented migrants from their parents.

Even CNN – bless their little pointy heads – gleefully jumped onto the “Get Ivanka” dogpile Monday afternoon, with a shameless tweet and hyperbolic report:

It’s hard to know how they could ratchet up the baby-snatching rhetoric, but dang if the Haaretz didn’t give it their best shot Monday afternoon, managing to tie not ONLY illegal immigrants into it, but the PALESTINIANS as well!

From Gaza Deaths to Migrant Children: Ivanka Trump Slammed For Being ‘Tone-Deaf’ to Humanitarian Crises

Already criticized for her role in the inauguration of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, Ivanka Trump sparks outrage by posting cozy family pic while immigrant children being separated from parents under new policy

Less than two weeks later, Trump is once again the target of critics who charge her with insensitivity and willful ignorance regarding the implications of her father’s policies after the first daughter posted a photograph on social media of herself snuggling with her youngest child in matching pajamas, celebrating a cozy Sunday morning.

The problem: on the same day, mainstream and social media were full of heart-wrenching accounts of the separation of children from their parents as a result of toughened U.S. immigration policies. The policy of parent-child separations includes cases in which parents are not “smuggling” their children but openly declaring that their family is seeking asylum from persecution.

This woman and her children are going to DESTROY THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!

Sweet Mother of God, CAN’T ANYBODY STOP HER??!?!?

Not to leave any stone unturned, they made sure to include a Tweet that covered the outrage buttons they hadn’t already pounded in their article:

These are children being held by the American government after being taken away from their parents. You think Ivanka Trump’s White Supremacist photo was put out today without a reason? It was a direct slap in the face to the parents of these children. pic.twitter.com/HkrCInD8QD

— Janet Lee Nye (@JanLNye) May 27, 2018

HAD to get the White Supremacist in there, and BINGO! First thing after I thought of AFTER the Palestinians when I first saw the picture. Have to be honest. NOT.

Back to the asylum – Lefties on Twitter poured on the pathos by the bucketload.

Ermagerd. That cuts to the quick no? Even unbiased NBC anchors aweighed in…

“No DOUBT” you were feeling the great joy of motherhood posting this and GLOATING, you vicious, unfeeling, child-snatching, white supremacist spawn, Ivanka. That’s pretty much how I read that. And we know how quick the “every mother is our sister” schtick goes by the wayside, when the “sister” isn’t one of them. Like…Ivanka, for instance. Oooo, MEAN GIRL shiv at its finest, Stephanie.

Here’s a helpful side-by-side illustration of how they equate Ivanka’s selfish baby cuddling photo session and her father’s  illegal immigration enforcement, for those who need pie charts and Golden Books.

As you can see, they’re exactly the same. (And Trump’s in pretty good shape, because that was his fifth kid in a row.)(I kid, I KID...)

I believe I have presented enough evidence to support the following conclusion: These people are pervertedly HATEFUL BONKERS of the worst possible description and beyond redemption. In addition to their own words presented here, I would like to offer a corroborating fact to undermine their onslaught of emotional malevolence even further: 1500 children aren’t missing.

Drat, what?

IF you had a liberal Left that had one iota of integrity…um…LEFT, there’d be a collective moan of “GTFO” rising to the sky at that correction, and they’d go off on their next witch hunt. But they DON’T have a lick of integrity or honesty, and this sob story is going to play out as if 1500 children were being bartered on Jeffrey Epstein’s island/Indonesian opium dens at this very moment.

Gets better…

Outrage has also been boiling across the United States and social media on the issue. The hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren has been spreading in response to a report that over the past year,  American authorities somehow lost track of almost 1500 children who had crossed the border and were separated from their parents, amid fears that many have fallen victim to human traffickers.

And why? Because it suits the narrative. CNN is playing, NBC is playing, online news organizations are playing and they feed each other, while who they’re feeding it to feeds off this rage that makes no sense, because it’s fed by bullshit. And hate.

Now you all know this week’s new rule: “celebrating the bond with your child is hateful and insensitive to illegal immigrants. Don’t do it.”

Holy smokes. Even reading it makes me want to scream. I can’t say I can even begin to comprehend the depths of the mind that can take a simple, beautiful picture and immediately twist it into something so ugly. But that’s who we’re dealing with. And the lie that underpins the campaign to make a beautiful picture ugly will be allowed to fester until a better lie, and newer outrage come along. They are that far gone.

There’re a lot of ugly, angry people out there. Overindulged, ugly, angry people and I am OVER them.

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  • GWB says:

    The storm surrounding family separations by immigration authorities has been brewing for several months ever since they could blame Trump for an 0bama policy.

    a “tone deaf” photo of herself cuddling her son
    So, there’s not a single prog posting photos of themselves with their children today, right? Right?

    From Shining City to Evil Empire in under 500 days.
    Oh please. It’s taken a lot longer than that to go from Reagan to 0bama.

    The problem: on the same day, mainstream and social media were full of heart-wrenching accounts of the separation of children from their parents as a result of toughened U.S. immigration policies.
    Actually, the problem is that all those reports were WRONG.

    You are in a position to help
    She’s a congresscritter?!? Who knew?

    Here’s a helpful side-by-side illustration
    What? Trump is a superhero? Catching poor abused children thrown over the ‘wall’ by their horrid parents?

    almost 1500 children who had crossed the border and were separated from their parents
    Oh, and a bunch of those were evidently NOT separated – except by the parents, who sent them unaccompanied. Assuming they were minors at all.

  • David R Byler says:

    Progs kill their babies in the womb in the name of women’s rights. The tone deafness has to do with the young mother enjoying what progs have chosen to forego.

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