Ivanka Trump Fashion Brand Closure Is A Loss For Style

Ivanka Trump Fashion Brand Closure Is A Loss For Style

Ivanka Trump Fashion Brand Closure Is A Loss For Style

Ivanka Trump announced on Tuesday, July 24, that she would be closing down her namesake brand. Ivanka Trump products will be sold until gone and licensing agreements will be allowed to expire and not renewed. And, the leftwits cheered and congratulated themselves. The angry left is claiming another scalp, much to their shame. In an article titled “Ivanka Trump’s fashion lie is finished,” the “Washington Post” celebrated the closure:

The Ivanka Trump fashion brand is shutting down. Its death was pronounced Tuesday afternoon.

And, later:

The womenswear brand, founded in 2011, was built around the public persona of Ivanka: the tall, blonde corporate executive with the famous last name, a mother of three with a lifestyle glamorously — no, adorably — curated for Instagram. The label was aimed at young, white-collar working women, and so the collections were filled with sheath dresses, simple silhouettes in feminine floral prints and office-ready shoes. There was nothing particularly unique about the products. Indeed, the company was accused of knocking off other brands. But there was nothing wrong with the clothes, either. And that, along with the price and the marketing, was what made them sell. The company aimed to dress a group of women that much of Seventh Avenue has shunned, because designers like to make clothes for daring hipsters and wealthy CEOs. The on-a-budget middle goes wanting. The Ivanka Trump fashion brand catered to managers, bureaucrats, assistants, junior executives and the like. For about $150, a woman could buy a perfectly appropriate work dress that made her look a little bit stylish. It gave her an alternative to the Ann Taylor ghetto, a break from the self-consciously trendy J. Crew, a reprieve from mass-market bland.

If you read into that a dripping condescension for those of us in flyover country, you read it right. For those of us who cannot afford or choose not to buy top-end designer ready-to-wear or bespoke fashions, the author Robin Givhan has little sympathy. Miss Givhan worships at the altar of ex First Lady Michelle Obama’s clothing choices. Givhan was initially enthralled by First Lady Melania Trump’s elegant fashion sense, once she wore “that jacket,” she is off Melania permanently.

I, for one, do not care. I love Ivanka Trump’s fashion line. They fit my proletariat lifestyle. I need multi-function, multi-season, easy-care clothes. I need comfortable, stylish and affordable shoes. Ivanka Trump catered to the great unwashed multitudes like me. For instance, look at the three options presented in the picture below. Three different women, three different styles and body types. One simple dress:

This is exactly what most women want and need. Seventh Avenue may not want to dress us. Most of us don’t exactly want to look like our clothes are wearing us. We don’t want to look like hipsters or circus clowns and we don’t want our naughty bits on display in those breast-baring catastrophes.

In the photos above are the black Ivanka Trump pants I wore two days in a row. The first day was five hours in a car driving from Knoxville to Ft. Benning and then sitting in bleachers while my precious baby boy (doesn’t bounce well) took his fifth jump to earn his Airborne wings. The second day was Airborne graduation followed by touring the amazing National Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning and later lunch in the Fife and Drum Restaurant and Bar in the museum. By the by, the cap toe pumps in the second picture are also from the Trump fashion line. This is my life and this is how I roll.

Personally, I think a ton of the criticism of the Trump kids is that old sin, “Envy.” They are all gorgeous, educated, talented and hard working. Those mediocrities who hang around the edges must despise them.

Women who like sensible and affordable fashions will miss this line. We don’t need the approval of the fashion critics. We have style. We have good economic sense, too.

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  • Skid Marx says:

    Note to every lefty rat P.O.S. traitor-We don’t fear Civil War 2.0 and we don’t fear you. Your weak lame ass half baked reheated third rate USSR ripoff hivemind groupthink mediocrity will never come to pass.

  • MikeyParks says:

    Women should certainly be free to emulate the tone deaf fashion sense of Sasquatch Obama, but it grieves me that they would want to. The Obamas have style but no class. Ivanka has plenty of both.

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