Is Barack Obama a Good Father?

Is Barack Obama a Good Father?

Over the weekend, I was listening to political pundits discussing the colossal steaming pile of Donkey dung that is ObamaCare—that has now cost upwards of two million Americans their healthcare policies—rightly criticizing Mr. Obama’s complete lack of oversight and accountability on his signature legislation. They then turned to the subject of his quality as a father. The consensus from the bipartisan panel was that, yes, of course he’s a “good father,” no question about it. Let’s unpack that, shall we.

What is a good father? With the plethora of worldviews, what constitutes a “good father” for me is not necessarily what makes a good father for someone else. But I think there are a handful of qualities that many of us can agree on. So, with that:

A good father teaches his children the value of hard work and self-reliance. He does not teach dependence; he does not teach lethargy; and he does not teach his child that society owes him. He instills in his child a reverence for hard work, and an abhorrence to sloth and envy.

A good father does not lie and he keeps his promises. He does not guarantee a trip to Disneyland, then deliver his child to the endodontist for a root canal. A good father does not practice selective amnesia. He tells his children the truth, good, bad, or ugly, and expects the same from them. And a good father does not teach his children to viciously bully those with whom they disagree.

A good father models personal responsibility. He does not teach them that, when faced with a crisis, they should point fingers at everyone else, never admitting their own role. He expects, when his own children come home from school with a bad grade, they hold themselves accountable, not place blame on their teacher, a lack of sleep, or their classmates. Nor does he teach them that the end goal justifies anything in between.

A good father teaches his children fiscal responsibility. A good father does not max out his credit cards, call up his bank and demand more credit, and then take an exotic vacation on borrowed money from his neighbor. He does not tout his fiscal responsibility, then run up his debt past seventeen trillion and expect his children to bail him out.. Which brings me to my next point.

A good father is not a hypocrite. A good father does not impose one set of rules for himself, and another for his progeny. Nor does he instill in them an arrogant entitlement mentality that, because of their fortunate lot in life, makes them more worthy than the young man who busts his hump at the local fast food joint, while pointing his finger at the “evil rich” as the reason some are struggling. No, a good father sets an example for his children, is consistent, lives by the same rules he sets for them, and does what he can to help his neighbor.

A good father is like my husband. Leading by example, he wakes up every day at 5:30 a.m., hauls himself into his office, and works to support his family. He works so that one day he can employ others, and make a difference in our community. But most of all, he works for our daughter, whom he has shown that success comes from making a dedicated effort, does not happen instantaneously, is challenging, and does not come from someone else’s pocket. And he knows how to say the word “No.”

A good father is like my brother-in-law who has modeled for his own daughter personal and fiscal responsibility, trustworthiness, dependability, the value of holding a job earning her own money, and the reward of an education funded by her own hard work.

And a good father is like my father-in-law, whom we lost to cancer earlier this summer. He spent his entire life in labor, then built a successful business, while raising three remarkable men who are as hard-working and family-oriented as they come. He taught his children that self-reliance is desirable, not something to be shunned in favor of indolence. He spent his life adoring his wife, loving his grandchildren, and never holding out his palm, or complaining, when times got tough. And when they did, he walked the walk.

So, is Barack Obama a “good father?” You’ll have to decide that for yourself. I’ve already drawn my conclusion.

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  • Kit says:

    I have to respectfully take issue with this entire post.

    First off, the title alone is misleading. I thought you were doing a slam piece on how he raises his kids.

    The thing is, your information is correct. Your parallels are something I understand. The problem is that your premise (that Obama is a bad “father” to the nation) is fundamentally flawed. Obama isn’t my daddy. The government isn’t my daddy. I don’t expect Obama or his administration to teach me a flipping thing. I expect them to keep my borders safe from intrusion, keep the military funded and trained, and ensure that I am safe here in this county to worship, believe, and live as I please within the confines of the moral social contract.

    To claim that Obama is a “bad father” in terms of how he runs the country lends legitimacy to the idea that he’s a father for the nation at all. I don’t know about you but when Chris Rock claimed that Barry and Michelle were our mommy and daddy, I wanted to punch him right in his liberal, race-baiting, unconstitutional mouth. So when I see a conservative blogger even give two seconds of credibility to such an asinine notion—even to say he’s bad at it—it will make constitutionalists cringe. He isn’t our daddy. He’s one third of a governmental system who’s so big for his britches that he thinks he’s a king. It’s our job to disavow him of that notion, not play into it.

  • Kit, I certainly agree with your premise that Lord Zero IS not a father to this nation. However, he is promoted as such in the chattering class (See Rock, Chris) and others, and I think there is certainly room to criticize the idea of him as a father in terms of what he promotes, directly and indirectly, through things such as President Obama’s Fatherhood Initiative at Yes, I really did say “”. I wrote about this by in March after learning about it myself and having blood shooting out of my eyes type moments with it, such as the fact that the website is maintained by the Department of Health and Human Services.

    I think that we’re all (with the exception of Kevin) likely to agree that he doesn’t set a good example for his own kids in what he promotes and supports, and that for the same reasons, he isn’t a good father figure for the nation either.

  • Kevin says:

    What public figure do you think would meet this standard?

    I don’t think there would be a public figure (alive or dead) who would have met this standard. I’m asking for a “public figure” because many people say, “My dad meets this standard.” and the conversation ends because we don’t “know” your dad.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      Hi, Kevin. 😉

      If we’re looking to D.C., we might have a hard time finding one. Perhaps a very small handful here and there…

      To be fair, my own father was not a good role model. He’s gone now, but I’d wager he’d be the first to admit it. He tried to right some of his wrongs before he passed. Whether he succeeded is debatable, but the effort itself was laudable.

  • I think for all his political faults,(and in my mind, there are MANY), Mitt Romney was probably fit the criteria set out in the piece much more closely than anyone who has run for that office in a very long time, and that would include W., who regardless of his proclivity toward big government, I felt was and is very personally honorable.

    • Jodi Giddings says:

      I agree. I was no Mitt fan, ever, but he is an honorable man who takes care of his family (I, too, went through breast cancer treatment. My husband walked me to the restroom, cleaned my drains, and literally fed me for weeks, just as Mitt did for his wife). He walks the walk. We can argue his political leanings all day long, but his personal character, which is what I’m speaking of here, is beyond reproach. The same goes for W.

      • GWB says:

        That’s part of the reason the current situation is so horrible, Jodi – not only are those folks at the top of our national government incompetent, but they are immoral, as well. It’s an especially evil combination.

  • Jodi Giddings says:

    Oh, do I so NOT buy into the premise that anyone is a father to our nation (our Founders being the literal Fathers, of course). But…

    I understand your point, Kit, and I agree with it given the premise you cited of a metaphorical father, and respect your position. To be clear: I don’t see the government as anything other than an intrusion, as well as its current “leader,” ad nauseum, and do not expect, or want, anything from it but, as you point out, national security and a strong military, and aside from that to leave me the hell alone. It’s become nothing but a bloated crack dealership looking for addicts.

    I was taken aback by those who call themselves “conservative” agreeing that Captain ShamWOW is a good father to his children (not the nation, but his literal, biological children). They made that conclusion based on what? My point is to ask whether he is a positive role model for his children (in the literal, not metaphorical, sense), with the only way to compare that being what he shows us of his public self, and that is as an irresponsible, lying, excuse-maker with a questionable moral compass (demonstrable facts). So given that fact, how can he then be a “good father” to his children? I can’t logically draw that conclusion.

    And, yes, Chris Rock needs a good throat punch. Agreed.

    So much for our “echo chamber.” 😉

  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    “Dreams of My Father” ….. pretty much sums up the subject of Obama and fatherhood. Mainly because he didn’t even write it.

  • ALman says:

    Never knew who my father was. Despite all the difficulties and pain associated with this, I’d rather not have one than have a liar for a father, no matter how much he smiled!

  • Eleanor in Hell says:

    Where are the baby pictures with the “proud papa”?
    (Don’t even think of asking for Birth Certs)
    The family is strictly from Central Casting – Chicago.
    One born on the 4th of July? Is that Axelrod’s genius?
    A mother who hated the USA would keep her legs crossed until the 5th to avoid such a patriotic connection. Trust me.

    This charade won’t go on forever, but then, neither will America.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Babs, you know what Lucifer said about “inside baseball” posts.
    Ix-nay the ids-kay on oan-lay. 👿

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