Irony Alert! Hillary Clinton Plans Cyber Security Fundraiser In Las Vegas [VIDEOS]

Irony Alert! Hillary Clinton Plans Cyber Security Fundraiser In Las Vegas [VIDEOS]

Irony Alert! Hillary Clinton Plans Cyber Security Fundraiser In Las Vegas [VIDEOS]

Las Vegas will be a busy place this week. In addition to the usual visitors popping in for Elvis style weddings, craps, roulette, great food, and spectacular shows; the annual Black Hat global information security show is taking place. You can bet that a key discussion point is firewalls and information security due to all the major DNC hacks that have been made public in recent days.


In addition to the regular seminars and speeches by experts in the field, those attending the show now have a prime opportunity to attend, for a fee, a very special event hosted by a very “special” person who has definitive knowledge of the ins and outs of cyber security.

The Hillary Clinton campaign is holding a fundraiser in Las Vegas this week during the annual Black Hat “global information security event.” The announcements says that participants include Jeff Moss, the founder of Black Hat; Michael Sulmeyer, who, according to CSO Online is the Clinton campaign’s “Cybersecurity Working Group Coordinator”; and Jake Braun, a former White House public liaison with the Department of Homeland Security.

No, you didn’t misread that one bit. Yes indeed, Hillary Clinton is holding a cyber security themed fundraiser! I’ll wait til you finish laughing.


Done yet? Will this help?

Oh look! I made a funny!
Oh look! I made a funny!

I aim to please. Ok – now that you’ve finally caught your breath. Does anyone else find this as ironic and side splittingly funny as I do? I mean seriously, fresh of the heels of Deanna’s morning  post highlighting Hillary’s big lie,

the one SO big that even the WAPO couldn’t give her a pass…

This gem of self-awareness FAIL comes along.

Why yes, yes it is.

You can bet Hillary wishes the media and every single American would just wipe their memories of all of this, with a cloth. But you know what? Not going to happen.

Here’s some suggested topics for her speech at this Cyber Security fundraiser this week.

  • How to succeed in deploying servers to your bathroom without really trying.
  • Assign yourself multiple emails addresses outside the State Department purview and no one notices for years
  • How to sign a State Department NDA and get away w/claiming you didn’t understand what you signed
  • 10 easy steps to wiping a server with a cloth

  • The possibilities of recovering so-called personal emails after wiping with a cloth deleting them.
  • Setting your own fly by night standards of when information sent via email from or to the State Department is or isn’t classified
  • When is the right time to shift the blame, i.e.; throw others under the bus for your information security negligence

Nation states hostile to the United States, Russia and China most definitely included, have made it a practice for YEARS to try and hack any and all government systems. Hillary putting an extremely insecure server/email platform into her home and bathroom laid the State Department and numerous other agencies wide open to cyber hacking. People on the government and the civilian level have gotten fired and/or jailed for far less. Yet, Hillary’s Clinton’s campaign (which was also easily hacked), is holding a Cyber Security fundraiser this week. Since national, information, and cyber security are definitely not priorities for Hillary, tell me again why she should be President?

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  • Merle says:

    Totally shameless, but I’m not surprised.


  • GWB says:

    Does anyone else find this as ironic and side splittingly funny as I do?

    Not sure about side-splitting. But I did have to pick up my co-worker’s jaw from my cubicle floor when he read that blockquote about the fundraiser.

    • Nina says:

      Hopefully your co-worker didn’t break his jaw!!

      Honestly, it took me about 20 minutes to stop chuckling at the sheer audacity of Hillary et al planning this particular fundraiser before I could start writing. Hence the “funny” aspect of it. 😉

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