Inshallah, Outright Lies, And Piss Poor Planning

Inshallah, Outright Lies, And Piss Poor Planning

Inshallah, Outright Lies, And Piss Poor Planning

The definition of Inshallah, according to Merriam-Webster:

: if Allah wills : God willing

When someone I gave birth to first returned from Kandahar, Afghanistan, he began or ended every sentence with “Inshallah”. He told us that the “terps” (interpreters) and APU’s (Afghan Partner Units) used the word for everything. As in, “See you tomorrow?”; “Inshallah.” “We are having Naan bread and chai tea.”; “Inshallah.” It implies no personal agency. The Afghan need take no personal responsibility. It’s all up to Allah. Why then would we think that this type of person would have the “will to fight”? If God will’s it, is not quite as strong as “This We’ll Defend”, the Army motto since 1775.

Joe Biden is set to return to the White House and speak to the nation about the clusterfeck he has made of Afghanistan. He will resign, Inshallah. I know he won’t. He has no integrity or personal honor. Plus, although he has dementia, he has always been a stupid liar. We know about Creepy Joe’s plagiarism and many other lies over the years.

The lies don’t stop with Creepy Joe. The outright lies have been told to those of us paying attention for years. Katrina vanden Heuvel, a truly reprehensible person, lays it out in The Nation last year:

They lied. They lied repeatedly, year after year, about America’s longest war—the Afghanistan fiasco now in its 19th year. They—presidents, department heads, generals, civilians, and uniformed military up and down the line—misled the American people, reporting “progress” in a misguided war that they knew was not being won. “At war with the truth” is the stark and inescapable conclusion of the Afghanistan Papers, dubbed this generation’s Pentagon Papers, a trove of documents brought to light by the extraordinary efforts of The Washington Post. The reality, as retired Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, the White House czar for Afghanistan during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, admitted, “We didn’t have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking.”

Who else may have lied? Five years ago, the Commander of CentCom was accused of manipulating data on ISIS in Iraq. Who was in charge of CentCom? Your current Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. Regarding those lies manipulations, General Mark Milley said two years ago:

“I know there’s an assertion out there of some sort of coordinated lie over 18 years,” Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley said at the Pentagon. “I find that a mischaracterization in my own personal experience. You’re looking at probably hundreds of general officers, State Department employees, CIA, Department of Defense folks. I just don’t think you can get that level of coordination to do that kind of deception.”

Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin probably never talked to the Joe’s on the ground. The grunts, those guys with crud in their lungs, who worked with the Afghan personnel, might have told them the truth.

And, the grunts and Joe’s are the ones who are paying the price for piss poor planning. We are about to have 7,000 troops on the ground in Afghanistan. I saw in a video that British troops are arriving in country, too.

Suits like Milley and Austin won’t pay a price for their piss poor planning and outright incompetence. The boots on the ground will pay the price, as they have since Vietnam.

Speaking of not paying the price. Tucker Carlson called out Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley for contemplating a coup against Donald Trump:

A new book, written by reporters at The Washington Post who cover Milley, reveals the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a legitimate extremist — the last person you’d give power to if you could possibly help it. In the book, Milley describes Donald Trump and the millions who supported him, as the moral equivalent of Adolph Hitler. As thousands of Trump supporters peacefully gathered in Washington for what they assumed was a constitutionally-protected political rally shortly after the election, Milley likened them to “brownshirts” — the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party. Trump’s complaints about voter fraud, Milley explained to his advisers, out loud, were actually calls for genocide.

“This is a Reichstag moment,” Milley said. “The gospel of the Führer.” Those are quotes. Think about that. Your grandfather joined the U.S. military to risk his life fighting the Nazis. Now the head of the US military calls you a Nazi for having your grandfather’s political views. What do you think of that?

This guy, Milley, was too busy exploring white rage and thinking about coups to properly plan the Afghanistan withdrawal. If you think the planning just started in the last few months, you don’t know anything about the military or large organizations.

Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley were to busy searching for Trump supporters in the military to take care of the grunts who work for a living. Their piss poor planning has led to an emergency that our great, brave military personnel must clean up.

But, Joe Biden is the Commander in Chief and this complete clusterfeck is all on him. He hasn’t given a flip about Afghanistan since he voted to go to war. Richard Holbrooke was an American Diplomat who died in 2010. Before he died, he met with then Vice President Joe Biden to discuss Afghanistan.

From Buzz Feed, here are some of Holbrooke’s memories of dealing with Biden:

The American diplomat Richard Holbrooke was trying to talk Joe Biden into making women’s rights a priority in Afghanistan when the vice president lost his temper.

“When I mentioned the women’s issue, Biden erupted,” Holbrooke wrote in his diary. “Almost rising in his chair, he said, ‘I am not sending my boy back there to risk his life on behalf of women’s rights, it just won’t work, that’s not what they’re there for.’”

Holbrooke said in the 2010 meeting in the vice president’s office that he wasn’t for sending in troops to enforce women’s rights, just for pushing the issue with the Afghan government as troops departed.

“He thought it was bullshit, and this spiraled into a much larger discussion concerning the whole course of what would happen, and this was quite extraordinary,” Holbrooke wrote. “Joe took the position, plain and simple, that we have to get out of Afghanistan.”

And, this:

In Holbrooke’s telling, Biden was also immune to much of the rhetoric from neocons and liberal hawks about values and honor. Holbrooke recounts, in his diary, warning Biden that his argument for abandoning Afghanistan would betray “a certain obligation to the people who had trusted us.” It was a reference to the American abandonment of its allies in South Vietnam.

“Fuck that, we don’t have to worry about that,” Biden replied. “We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.”

There you have it, folks. Joe Biden’s entire view of Afghanistan. He will get away with it too. The Democrat Media Industrial Complex will cover for him.

Inshallah, outright lies and piss poor planning. Our military personnel deserve better than that. Everyone in the Pentagon should quit or be fired.

Here is Dan Crenshaw on MSNBC today talking about slogans like “Bring the Troops Home” and “No More Endless Wars”.

I was always for a residual security force in Afghanistan given the geographical threats in Central Asia. There was no reason to pull the troops in such a piss poor way, except that the cabal that controls the bureaucracy wanted it. They don’t care about the troops on the ground last month or today. More lies in addition to piss poor planning.

We are not “Inshallah” people. We are “This We’ll Defend” people. There is nothing that Creepy Joe can say today to change that.

Featured Image: The U.S. Army/ Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • AF JAG retired says:

    “You may not be interested in war, but war may be interested in you” is an axiom often attributed (wrongly) to Leon Trotsky, first war minister of the USSR. The erroneous quote lives on because it’s true. The minimum force in Afghanistan Rep. Crenshaw described was keeping that country from becoming again a base for attacks on the US. Now we’re back to the situation in 2001, only worse — back then there were areas in the north of Afghanistan the Taliban didn’t control. With its new base in Afghanistan, “war” will become interested in us again.

    Biden claimed his only choice was his current disaster or sending in thousands more troops. Did anyone recommend that last option? He seems to have dreamed up this false dichotomy entirely on his own. The man is more divorced from reality than we realized.

    • Toni Williams says:

      I will never understand why a security force wasn’t left in place. It makes no sense. Creepy Joe has been divorced from reality for decades.


      • GWB says:

        By “security force” do you mean “enough soldiers to prop up a failed kleptocrat gov’t for all of eternity”? Because I have to say NO to that. Unless you want America to annex it and make it a territory, and we thereby govern it forever. Of course, then we end up with another Puerto Rico, but with islamists and without the benefit of nice beaches and pretty tourist spots.

        Sorry, but no.

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  • Hate_me says:

    Insha’Allah (إن شاء الله), while in many ways is the worst aspect of Muslim society, in other light it can represent the best – a world so dependent on outside agency and the whims of nature that there is no way to rationalize ugly circumstance beyond attributing it to the will of a greater power.

    In Iraq, I once responded to a cafe bombing where my local-national terp (and one hell of an interpreter, I even gave him a sidearm for missions) found his own father’s remains among the rubble. He was a real fighter and one hell of a man, and the pain he felt that day was obvious and as great as mine would be in his shoes. It didn’t matter that he was a devout Muslim, he was still human. I could say the same for the several burka-bearing mothers I saw, weeping while holding the bodies of their children – though I’ll not pretend to know their pain.

    That same phrase was uttered by the horse archer musselmen who fought valiantly against western crusaders. It was a phrase I’m sure Saladin used often, despite winning the respect and friendship of Richard the Lionheart.

    There are many reasons we lost in Afghanistan. The concept of إن شاء الله is not one.

    • Toni Williams says:

      My Appalachian family always said a similar thing – The Good Lord a-willing and the crick don’t rise. That’s fine for calamities, but as a war-fighting motto, it really doesn’t rise to the occasion.

      There are many reasons we lost the war. I blame the suits, not the boots or the Afghan people. Inshallah was maybe 1%.


      • Hate_me says:


        I’ll grant you the 1%. Cowards don’t need much more than a convenient excuse.

        However, it is hardly a significant factor. There are certainly other Muslim/Arab/Paktun/Dari/etc. mottos that are used as warfighting maxims.

        As far as Appalachia (and any other good, god-fearing community), there are at least as many cultural correlations with Islam as there are differences.

        The acceptance of God’s will is what allowed my terp friend to show up for work that next day (along with a fair bit of willful vengeance – he asked if he could take my place on the gun).

        Little different (minus Ma Deuce) from a friend who just lost her mother finding solace in the idea that she was now with God in Heaven.

    • AF JAG retired says:

      The phrase was common in the ’70s when I was a young JAG stationed in Turkey. It was a bit of a problem in traffic accidents. The local police tended to reason that if God intended a collision to occur at an intersection, it didn’t matter that one driver failed to stop at a red light; even if he had stopped, the accident was fated to occur.

      • Toni Williams says:

        I was once reading about a royal saudi trip to Mecca. There was a riot and people got trampled. Inshallah. The family of the dead accepted the blood money and went on their way.


        • Hate_me says:

          I’ve got some family I’d be willing to trade for three goats and an ewe.

          One I’d trade for a house cat.

      • GWB says:

        It was the cause of many a flight instructor’s rage, too. During spin training with Saudi pilots, upon immediately failing to recover from the spin (in an aircraft that is easy to recover from a spin, if you follow the procedure) the students would often take their hands off the stick and say “inshallah”. I know of at least one instructor who grabbed his student by the air hose and slammed his head against the canopy repeatedly after about the third time the student did that.

        Yes, it is an excuse for denying agency. Much like the leftists with their ‘privilege’ and ‘systemic racism’.

    • GWB says:

      That same phrase was uttered by the horse archer musselmen who fought valiantly against western crusaders.
      It was also screamed by the musselmen who sacked Jerusalem and slaughtered its innocents, giving rise to the crusaders who went to retake that land.

      The concept of إن شاء الله is not one.
      Yes it is one. Because it enervates those who are required to drive the sorts of changes that make civilization possible.

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  • GWB says:

    “We didn’t have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking.”
    Actually, loads of us did. And we tried to warn you and the Foggy Bottom set, but you wouldn’t listen. You told us we were wrong at officer schools and staff colleges. You told us we were throwbacks and “isolationists” on the political side. You said we didn’t understand the “new reality”. Well, I, for one, am going to say, “I TOLD YOU SO!

    “I just don’t think you can get that level of coordination to do that kind of deception.”
    Oh yes, you can. When the deception is propagandized into you in schools, colleges, staff colleges, and the cultural hammer of the media. Oh yes, you certainly can. Because the lie came from self-deception in most cases, IMO, based on a worldview (Progressivism) that just wasn’t panning out and was being undercut by reality.

    “This is a Reichstag moment,” Milley said. “The gospel of the Führer.”
    This guy needs to be taken out and tarred and feathered..

    this complete clusterfeck is all on him
    No, you absolutely have to lay a bunch of the blame on the people and the worldview that got us here: GW Bush, Ivy League bureaucrats, progressivism in the military ranks (what do you think “strategic stop” is but a military version of prison as a rehabilitative environment?), and a feckless legislature that won’t take responsibility for its constitutionally required duties. Once they got us into “nation-building” it was always going to end badly.

    he wasn’t for sending in troops to enforce women’s rights
    And on this I wholeheartedly agree with Biden. We had no business being there trying to “nation-build” in any way, shape, or form. We should have broken all their toys, killed all the bad guys, then gone home.

    “We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.”
    And that makes my agreement with him turn to sour milk in my stomach. There’s a good better way to do it, and a worse way to do it. (BTW, one of the problems with doing it even in the better way, is the cries you will hear of “Why not me?” when you get a bunch of people out of the country; because you’re going to take that guy, but what about his cousins… then what about that cousin’s cousin… then…?)

    Lastly, Crenshaw’s having “been there” doesn’t mean he’s right. We have no business propping up a gov’t in Afghanistan. NONE. Yes, it’s a dramatic choice. But make it properly – not based on “compassion” or “democracy” or some other slogan. Unless you get the American people, through Congress, actually passing an act that says we’re going to war with Afghanistan in order to reproduce an American style country, there should be no “nation-building”. And even then, I would fight against passing that act – because it’s wrong and stupid.

    (I DO think we should have a base or two in the Middle East, where we can martial large amounts of materiel and personnel in short order, to go kill bad guys and break their toys. But it should be that, not a reason or intent to prop up some local gov’t. It should be there regardless of who comes and goes in power.)

    One minor item, Toni: please do not capitalize “God” when ‘anglicizing’ “Allah”. “God” should only be used when speaking of the Judea-Christian Elohim. Allah is not the same god.

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