Indiana’s Memories Pizza Closed After Lies Spread By Liberal Media

Indiana’s Memories Pizza Closed After Lies Spread By Liberal Media

Liberals are such hypocrites — blatant liars and willing to bend or break any rules. I live in South Bend, Indiana, a city that would look exactly like Detroit if it were not the home of Notre Dame. Liberals have run this once beautiful, successful city into the ground, and now their hatred of all things conservative and American have caused them to extend their reach out into Walkerton, IN, a small town about 25 minutes away.

I’m sure you are all familiar by now with Indiana Governor Mike Pence and his signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Now, we Hoosiers, are being called all kinds of ludicrous, insulting names (the “tolerance” of the Left doesn’t extend to those that disagree with them) by people who probably couldn’t locate Indiana on a map prior to last week.

Crystal O'Connor, owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana
Crystal O’Connor, owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana

A news network in South Bend broke the headlines about a small Indiana pizzeria that vowed not to serve same-sex couples. Boom. Discrimination. Bigotry. The Left was salivating. They had zeroed in and were primed for the kill… Until online media sources posted that ABC 57 in South Bend had fabricated the whole story. That’s right.

ABC 57 News Alyssa Marino
ABC 57 News Alyssa Marino

ABC 57 sent an inexperience reporter, Alyssa Marino out to Walkerton to ask people about RFRA. Alyssa Marino walked into Memories Pizza and asked the owners how they feel about Indiana’s new law. The owner Crystal O’Connor, a Christian, expressed her support of the new bill, added that they would NOT refuse anyone service in their establishment, but that they would refuse to cater a gay wedding because it conflicted with their religious beliefs.

Nothing happened, folks. NOTHING. The O’Connors did not refuse to serve ANYONE like the Buzzfeed headline that was seen hundreds of thousands of times misinforms its readers. The O’Connors have never been asked to cater a gay wedding, so they haven’t denied a wedding yet, either. ABC 57 quite literally created a story out of a nonstory.

That evening on ABC 57 News the anchor, Brian Dorman led with these words:

“Only on ABC 57 tonight. We went into small towns looking for reactions to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. We found one business, just 20 minutes away from a welcoming South Bend with a very different view.”

Notice that they went to small towns? They knew they would find the reaction that they wanted in a small town, and they didn’t care that they would ruin the lives of an individuals or smear the once glowing reputation of a small business. That is how the Left works. They do not care who they destroy or what story they concoct to further their progressive ideals.

The story has taken on a life of its own. The Huffington Post said that Memories Pizza “publicly vowed to reject gay weddings,” and the business’s shining reputation was tanked in a matter of hours on Facebook and on Yelp. People who’ve never heard of Walkerton, Indiana, took to posting hate filled rants and obscene pictures on their Yelp and Facebook pages, and the O’Connor’s received multiple death threats from the “tolerant” Left.

Misleading headlines led to demise of small Indiana business
Misleading headlines led to demise of small Indiana business

Possibly the most egregious threat came from a coach from another town close to South Bend. Jess Dooley, the head girl’s golf coach and assistant softball and basketball coach at Concord High School in Elkhart, was suspended after she tweeted, “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

Dooley's tweet encouraging arson
Dooley’s tweet encouraging arson

Dooley’s account has since been deleted, but the Walkerton police saw it, and forwarded it and her information to the St Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office for possible criminal charges, according to a statement released to the media.

I hope that charges are filed against the idiot. She is a coach, and had students who followed her account. We have to put our foot down. Threatening arson because someone has a differing opinion from yours is NOT okay. Once again, the Right is the party of hate according to these people. I would love to know what hate looks like if these types of behaviors are acceptable.

Memories Pizza is now closed down. The backlash that they received from a lie fabricated by the Lefties over at ABC 57 has been so severe, and the threats and comments aimed at them so vulgar, that the O’Connors shut their doors. The “little guy” that the progressives are supposed to be in full support of are now left without the income that their business provided because of the hatred and lies spewed by the Left.

Crystal O’Connor spoke with Dana Loesch on The Blaze TV, and the interview is heart wrenching. The pain that the lies spewed by the local media, and then the national news, is so palpable. O’Connor has lost both her business and has been suspended from her other job. It’s disgusting.

The Left’s business is deceit and hatred. They do not care who they hurt, what the price is, or what they steamroll on their way to achieving their progressive goals. They are vile, and I am appalled, yet again, at their actions – appalled and disgusted, but not surprised.

Unfortunately for the Left, their vitriol, hatred, and vile comments didn’t deter The Blaze from setting up a Go Fund Me campaign that raised almost $50,000 in twelve hours from generous donors across the country. Progressives are seething and spewing their hate on that page as well, but the donors are undeterred in their giving. Isn’t it interesting that the party that touts their love and acceptance of everyone is chock full of the caliber of person that spews hatred and is willing to sacrifice anyone, even a completely innocent small town business, to their liberal ideology?

You can find the Go Fund Me page for the owners here.

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  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Regarding the caliber of the hate-mongers…..

    Small caliber and immense bore…..same ol’ same ol’. 185th verse, same as the first (and equally off-key).

    Who cares about the fate of the eggs when you’re preparing a tasty socialist/tyrannical omelet? Pass the cyanide seasoning there, will ya?

  • Joe Miller says:

    They’re treating this Pizza Parlor just like the folks on the Right treat abortion clinics. Wait. What? Okay, nobody on the Right treats abortion clinics like this.

  • George says:

    Though you ought to know – the URL to the PJMedia story (on the word “fabricated” has a typo. The colon is missing between http and the slashes. As a result the page won’t load.

  • Xavier says:

    The owners did not do anything wrong; they only said they would obey the law. That’s not acceptable to progressives.

    • Chris in N.Va. says:

      Yup. RE: Ted Cruz agreeing to put himself under Obamacare in accordance with the as-written (although highly-[ahem]flexible) law.

      Why, da noive, da noive, I tells ya! Hmph!!!

  • Merle says:

    Why am I not surprised at the reaction from the left?


  • Ragno says:

    Forget her hate-tweeting….if I were a parent with a daughter attending Concord High School in Elkhart, I think I’d want to personally smell Coach Dooley’s face each and every day school was in session.

  • kevlar says:

    Well said. Agree completely.

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