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Idiot move of the year: Rep. Etheridge assaults student on public street

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Idiot move of the year: Rep. Etheridge assaults student on public street

Idiot move of the year: Rep. Etheridge assaults student on public street

And the whole attack was caught on camera. This assbag assaulted a student — one of his constituents — simply because the student asked if Etheridge supported “the Obama agenda”. From Big Government, here’s the video:

Dumb, dumb, dumb move. This idiot assaulted a student — seemingly one of his constituents — for asking him a question. He’s up for reelection in a district that apparently swings Republican, and he’s up against a credible opponent, Renee Ellmers. According to her bio, she’s a nurse who (obviously) has worked in the health care industry and served as the President Elect of her town’s Chamber of Commerce, in addition to several other volunteer activities. She reminds me a little of Sarah Palin in that regard — a mom who got involved in local politics because she wanted to make a small difference for her children. She opposes Obamacare and the bailouts, is pro-life, and wants to actually enforce our immigration laws (GASP!!).

Against this kind of opponent in an anti-incumbent year, it doesn’t exactly seem too brainy to be assaulting kids on the street. But then, it’s typical for these elitist liberal Democrats to react in a hostile fashion. They don’t like for us ignorant rubes (also known as “constituents”) to question them. We should know that they know better. I mean, jeez, how dare someone ask politicians to be held accountable for their actions? How dare politicians have to answer questions??

North Carolinians, take note. When it comes time to cast your votes this November, just remember this. Do you really want a congressman who reacts to a reasonable question by assaulting the kid who asked it?

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  • Smithwick says:

    Poor guy shouldn’t have to tolerate that. I mean a democrat politician having to listen to polite questions from his constituents? Where does it end?

    He should get some armed guards who are authorized to beat and detain any future uppity subjects who dare question his divine authority.

  • liz says:

    Wow, apparently he not only assaulted the kid but stole his cellphone since he walks off with it at the end. Isn’t that illegal?

  • Cassy- you got the URL for Ellmer’s site wrong. It should be:

    I’m sure this will be explained away as being ‘taken out of context’ or ‘Ethridge defending himself against some meancing right wing stalkers’…..

    If you’ve got a (D) next to your name, this sort of conduct always seems to get a pass from the MSM.

  • Plus Charlie Cook has NC’s 2nd district as ‘solid D’.
    Of course, that could very well change after this video’s been circulating. I for one hope this is a deal-braker.

  • Chris in NC says:

    This won’t amount to anything in November. We have some of the dumbest voters in the country. And Democrats are the dumbest people in the country. So, the dumbest of the dumb will vote for who their party tells them to and he’ll be re-elected easily.

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