‘I Refuse To Be A Victim:’ Brendan Bialy Honors Fellow Hero Kendrick Castillo

‘I Refuse To Be A Victim:’ Brendan Bialy Honors Fellow Hero Kendrick Castillo

‘I Refuse To Be A Victim:’ Brendan Bialy Honors Fellow Hero Kendrick Castillo

In the aftermath of the Highlands Ranch Stem School shooting, people want to know why the shooters did what they did. As with Columbine or Aurora, I don’t think we will ever understand. What we SHOULD be focusing on is the courage of those who ran into the fire. High school senior Brendan Bialy along with fellow classmate Kendrick Castillo ran at the shooter yesterday. During his interview did Brendan focus on himself? Just the opposite. Kendrick was his focus right out of the gate.

Ladies and gentleman, that is a young man who will go far in life. That is a young man who is a credit to his parents and should be regarded by his peers as a role model.

Brendan had me cheering when he started the interview by emphatically informing all that it is Kendrick who needs to be remembered, that it is Kendrick who acted first and the media should focus on that. 

“Baily said Castillo was the first to react when the shooter entered the classroom.

“Kendrick went out as a hero… he was a foot away from the shooter and instead of running away he ran toward it,” Bialy said.

“Kendrick is like a bowling ball… the gunman was against the wall… he didn’t know what hit him,” Bialy said. “Kendrick went up, I went up… I happened to be on the right side to get the gun away from him.””

Brendan joined the Marine Corps on the delayed entry program. He graduates from high school in three days and has already demonstrated, not by choice but by necessity, that he can stay cool under fire and do what needs to be done.

Two young men thrown into a situation that none of us ever want to be in. Two young men unarmed and seemingly helpless found courage and ran AT the shooter. If they hadn’t, how many more injured and lives lost would’ve happened at that school?

As Deanna noted here, with all the rhetoric and dreck emanating from all the usual suspects (Yes, Moms Demand I’m looking right at you), nothing is being done to truly protect our schools. So what we have now seen twice is young men deciding to fight back. Kids today are seeing and hearing lots of words yet nothing is actually being done to physically protect our schools and the kids there. Thus we have students, scared out of their minds I’m sure, leaping into action to save their fellow classmates.

Brendan credits the Marine Corps training he’s already received with helping him deal with the shooter. He joined the Marine Corps to help others, and was able to do just that yesterday.

His advice to parents and kids in school?  

““Don’t choose to be afraid… Make the choice to give your kids a positive outlook — on their future, on the world.””

Brendan Bialy’s parents have raised an incredibly resilient young man. He sees the world very clearly.

As he said in the video above, someone with malicious intent lost to good people. As with Flight 93, as with Riley Howell, and with Kendrick and Brendan – GREAT kids ran into danger to save others.

Brendan Bialy’s motto is one we should all emulate and many need to learn from.

Refuse To Be A Victim

Feature Photo Credit: YouTube Screen Shot, CBS Denver Web Extra, modified

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  • GWB says:

    And he does it with an attitude that you just don’t see from people that age — or really any age.
    Well, not anymore, you don’t. But it used to be a big part of the American Attitude.

    Refuse To Be A Victim
    YES! This means, though, you have to take responsibility for YOURSELF. You have to let go of any feelings of entitlement or victimhood, and take responsibility for your own life, and how you live it.

    BZ to all you young men.

    You know, I wonder if any of these three recent heroes (Riley, Kendrick and Brendan) ever watched The 15:17 to Paris?

  • Wfjag says:

    Already enlisted into the USMC through the DEP, will report to Boot after graduating HS. Upon completion of enlistment, he’ll have GI Bill benefits, including money for college (and the maturity to know why he’s there and what he intends to accomplish). And, he’ll remember and honor his friend, who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend others.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that David “I didn’t actually see the shooting, but my Momma is a CNN Producer and after a lot of publicity, Harvard admitted me when it otherwise wouldn’t have” Hogg hasn’t been trotted out. Compared to those who show true courage and defend the defenseless, he’s is shown to be small.

    • GWB says:

      and the maturity to know why he’s there
      And, probably, the maturity to not go. At least not to one of the intelligence-draining, spirit-killing institutions. Maybe Hillsdale.

      Hogg hasn’t been trotted out
      Well, he’s still figuring out the patriarchy, so he might be occupied a while.

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