Hypocrisy on Earth: Richard, Al and Leo at #ClimateMarch

Hypocrisy on Earth: Richard, Al and Leo at #ClimateMarch

Hypocrisy on Earth: Richard, Al and Leo at #ClimateMarch

The Three Musketeers with private jets and yachts were at it again yesterday trying the save the planet. Because this is what a “War Room” looks like:

Of course, their hypocrisy was not lost on us “minions”:

They “braved” a hot day! Let’s give them their participation trophy! Such warriors, they are!

Our world depends on it. Join them and yeah, contribute to his Climate Reality Project, won’t you? Because our old pal Al’s gotta keep his lawn green somehow. I guess “inventing the Internet” has not proven very successful for him:

Probably this weekend’s most unforgettable performance comes from Sir Richard Branson:

Did he really just make reference to Uranus?! And if he thinks some people treat the Earth like, ummm, their unspeakables, it makes me wonder what his idea of hygiene is! Branson. The guy who graciously let the Obamas use his Falcon 900EX jet for a quick getaway? The guy who was reportedly selling $250,000 seats for a Virgin Galactic maiden voyage? Come again, how much is jet fuel? The guy who wants us to give up steak so he can do so?

While changing diet from eating lots of meat to none could be difficult, I have been surprised how easy it has been to give up beef. I’m now up to six months and genuinely haven’t missed it at all. It is unrealistic to expect the majority of people to give up their cars, but giving up beef could lead to a healthier population and a healthier environment.

Why not give it a go for a month? I would love to find out how easy or difficult other people find giving up beef. Let us know below or on social, using the hashtag #giveupbeef.-Richard Branson

Eat Mor Chick’n, ladies and gentlemen. Walk or bike to work and don’t even worry-should this earth spontaneously combust, Di-Full-of-Crapio, Branson and Gore will be a few of the elite on the very first Virgin Galactic flight out of here, with any luck. Beam ’em up, Scotty! First stop: Uranus.

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  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Love the “Uranus” crack…. (pun intended!)

    Reminds of the Occupy-Space-Cadets who were defecating on police cars and in the streets.

    Yupper, that’s plenty respectful for ol’ Mother Earth, yes?

    Not to mention the camps left behind (or from their behinds?) of the Keystone (Cops) Pipeline protesters.

    Clean-Earth enviro’s one and all.

    Gotta love the irony.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing/hearing about some of those space-cadets this week, Chris. Stay tuned… 😉

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