Hunter Biden Testimony: All Deals Were Incredibly Ethical, Dad Isn’t Corrupt

Hunter Biden Testimony: All Deals Were Incredibly Ethical, Dad Isn’t Corrupt

Hunter Biden Testimony: All Deals Were Incredibly Ethical, Dad Isn’t Corrupt

The transcript of Hunter Biden’s testimony was released yesterday evening. The key takeaway is Hunter’s insistence that every deal was incredibly ethical and no, his dad isn’t corrupt.

First son Hunter Biden confirmed some of the core facts in the impeachment case against his father — including that Joe Biden attended dinners with his son’s foreign patrons while vice president — in closed-door impeachment testimony released Thursday.

The 54-year-old verified during his daylong Wednesday deposition before two House committees that there were two dinners at DC’s Cafe Milano restaurant in 2014 and 2015 where Joe Biden mixed with Hunter’s Kazakhstani, Russian and Ukrainian benefactors.

Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive at Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, which paid Hunter a $1 million annual salary beginning in 2014 as his father spearheaded US policy toward Kyiv, attended, Hunter acknowledged to the panels investigating his dad for alleged corruption.

You see, Dad only attended those dinners out of the kindness of his heart. There was never anything in it for Hunter, The Big Guy, or anyone else in the family. Never mind the fact that Hunter, in his testimony not only said his dad DID show up to meetings or participate on calls via the newly invented cell phone speakerphones, but Hunter got a great car out of the deal! 

Gosh darn, that’s incredibly ethical isn’t it? I tell you what, the Democrats are trying to spin Hunter’s testimony as if he’s the Crown Prince, and if it weren’t for those darned Republicans, the poor sad sap wouldn’t have to deal with all this pressure. 

Except Hunter also testified that, even though he was high as a kite at times, he is absolutely certain Joe didn’t benefit from anything. Which supposedly led to him texting someone with the last name of Zhao, who is not the Zhao he was doing business with, for free. 

BIDEN: I would say two things about this message. The first thing is this. Is that the Zhao that this is sent to is not the Zhao that was connected to [Chinese energy conglomerate] CEFC.


Q: Okay

BIDEN: Which I think is the best indication of how out of my mind I was at this moment in time. Again, I don’t — my addiction is not an excuse, but I can tell you this: I am more embarrassed of this text message, if it actually did come from me, than any text message I’ve ever sent. The fact of the matter is, is that there’s no other text message that you have in which I say anything remotely to this. And I was out of my mind. I can also tell you this: My father was not sitting next to me. My father had no awareness. My father had no awareness of the business that I was doing. My father never benefited from any of the business that I was doing. And so, I take full responsibility for being an absolute ass and idiot when I sent this message, if I did send this message.

Zhao (like SMITH) is such a common name that it was super easy for Hunter to send a text, while doped up on cocaine, to some absolute stranger with the same last name, purely on accident. RIIIGHT. 

You see, it’s just normal business and incredibly ethical to have checks show up in his account and then flow to other members of the family. Besides, doesn’t everyone during meetings dial in their famous parent, in this case a father who was a Senator and then Vice-President? It’s common practice, happens every day! 

Through a series of transfers to entities owned and controlled by Hunter, those funds flowed to other Biden family members, with $50,000 landing in a personal checking account for James and his wife, Sara — and the first brother writing the $40,000 check to the former vice president as a “loan repayment.”

At another point in the deposition, Hunter Biden described his financial relationship with his father as that of “a normal son [who] would take care of something for their dad or their dad would take care of something for their son.”

Hunter also defended patching his famous father in on speakerphone during calls with his business associates, telling the panel: “My dad calls me, like I’m sure a lot of your parents do, or a lot of you do with your children, and if I’m with people that are friends of mine, I’ll have him say hi.”

Who does that? Evidently that’s the Biden Way. As to Hunter’s continued claims that he didn’t financially benefit from any deals. Where did the $250K go? Up his nose?

I wonder what Kevin Morris ultimately gained from taking on a $250K debt that wasn’t his?

The Democrats, of course, were flinging word salads around in order to obscure the fact that Hunter’s testimony was damaging to himself AND to Joe. 

They are just so darned cute aren’t they? Especially Eric Swalwell, who was a complete clown during Hunter’s testimony. 

Hunter claims everything he did was incredibly ethical. I guess it depends upon how you choose to define incredibly and ethical.

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