Humpty-Dumpty Congress Sits On The Wall

Humpty-Dumpty Congress Sits On The Wall

Humpty-Dumpty Congress Sits On The Wall

Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall. The opening lines to the children’s rhyme perfectly define the crash our country is headed for if Congress continues to turn a blind eye to the need for increased border security. Instead of listening to the Border Patrol, many of those in Congress are bowing to the Democratic leadership and placing our border, and our country, at risk.

The sad truth is illegal immigration is rising at record-breaking levels.

The number of families snared trying to sneak into the U.S. soared by 50 percent in one month alone, setting an all-time record with more than 36,000 family members apprehended, Homeland Security officials announced Tuesday.

The government has also encountered some 70 groups of at least 100 migrants during the first five months of the fiscal year, shattering records and placing new challenges on Border Patrol agents.”

But that isn’t the entire picture. In January, 58,207 people were apprehended when they attempted to illegally enter the country. In February, that figure rose more than 30% to 76,103. Yet the Democrats continue to lead Congress in a chorus of “No Emergency! No Emergency!”

How simple it is for them to ignore that this increase in attempted illegal entry into the country presents issues that go far beyond illegal immigration.

Indeed, the formation of mini-caravans is a tactic used by smugglers, officials said Tuesday. The same cartels control drugs and human smuggling, and they use migrants as a distraction by sending a large group of people to occupy agents’ attention and then try to slip drugs into the U.S. in another location.”

But none of those concerns constitute an emergency either, at least not where the Dems are concerned.

Mark Morgan, former head of the Border Patrol in the Obama Administration, had this to say:

When anyone opines that the apprehension numbers are at a historic low to support the claim that there is no crisis along our southwest border, they are leaving out a critical factor — the demographics of those illegally entering our country. In the early 2000s when apprehensions were around one million, the overwhelming majority were Mexican adults. They were processed and returned to Mexico within days through an expedited removal process. Since 2014, we have seen a significant shift in who is illegally entering through the southwest border. Today, family units and unaccompanied minors seeking asylum account for more than 60 percent of those being apprehended. The essential difference is they are not removed! Through our country’s broken asylum laws and bad judicial precedent, this new demographic of illegal aliens are caught and released into cities throughout the country. So, even though last year the apprehensions dropped to 400,000 … the number of illegal aliens allowed into the United States has actually increased from a decade ago.”

Yet members of Congress, especially those on the Democratic side of the political aisle, continue to not only ignore the problem but deny it exists. Instead, we have those like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez saying we should do away with ICE. Because there’s no emergency. This despite being told that “[f]or U.S. border agents, the strain has grown more acute, as they struggle to care for children using an enforcement infrastructure made in an era when the vast majority of migrants were Mexican adults who could be quickly booked and deported. ”

You know it is bad when sources like NPR not only admit there is a problem but fail in their attempts to spin the problem into being something less than an emergency. “This is clearly both a border security and humanitarian crisis,” according to CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan.

Yet Rand Paul and others who call themselves “Republicans” are following the lead of the liberals.

They are turning a deaf ear to the facts. Why? Because the President took action when it refused to? Because the Republicans have lost the backbone to stand up to the Dems, even in the Republican held Senate? I can only guess their motivation. But I do know it is past time for us to let them know what we think of the situation and to remember that they are in Washington because we put them there. That means we can refuse to return them come election time. That is something too many of them seem to forget.

Consider the warnings the Border Patrol has given Congress. Illegal entry attempts are increasing at record levels. Even though February was a cold month, it saw a 30+% increase in the number of detentions. Now the Border Patrol is anticipating an even higher increase in attempted crossings and detentions based on historical data.

But there is no emergency.

Here’s your reality check. In fiscal 2015, fewer than 40,000 illegal immigrants were detained. Now compare that with this year’s figures. But there is no emergency.

It’s starting to sound like a bad chorus to an even worse musical, isn’t it?

While families, along with a relatively small number of unaccompanied children, now make up 60% of arrests at the border, total numbers are rising as well. The Border Patrol made 267,900 arrests between October, the start of the federal fiscal year, and February, compared with 136,209 over the same period a year earlier.”

But there is no emergency.

Ever increasing number of detentions each month, to the point they are setting records. Knowing drug cartels and human traffickers use the immigrant caravans to distract our border agents, enabling them to sneak their goods into our country. Illegal immigrants reaching the border sick and in need of medical attention. These are just a few of the problems illegal immigration present. But there is no emergency.

Maybe it’s time someone buy the members of Congress and good dictionary, one with “emergency” highlighted for easy reference. Maybe they don’t know what the word really means.

More importantly, perhaps it is past time we remind them they word for us. Their job isn’t to try to win some pissing contest with the President. Their job is to represent our best interests, to uphold the laws of our land and not to undermine the very foundations our country was founded upon.

Yes, members of Congress, there is an emergency. The sooner you admit it and get off your collective asses and do something, the better it will be. Not just for your chances for re-election but, more importantly, for the welfare of the US.


Featured Image: Rand Paul by DonkeyHotey. Creative Commons 2.0 license.


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  • Kathy says:

    I grew up in Texas rough ranch country just a few miles from the Mexican border. I left years ago. My cousins had a high fence around their house and big dogs. They recently moved because of the increased danger. Bad people shot their dogs and broke through the fence.

    It is an emergency and it is getting worse.

    • Amanda Green says:

      I have seen the stories from folks in the area like your cousins. They all say basically the same. The fact Congress, especially the Dems, continue to ignore the facts simply because they can’t let Trump have his way is beyond belief. Let them live along the border for awhile, without their private security and without the walls they build around their McMansions. Give them a taste of what reality is. Maybe then they’d remember they are supposed to look out for the best interests of this country, not another.

  • Skillyboo says:

    I’m confused. 75k captured last month sounds like an invading army and it’s not a crisis? Congress has failed to uphold its sworn duty. I understand why democrats (communist wannabees actually) want open borders but for alleged republicans to not support securing our southern border is cause for recalling them, unfortunately there is no process for that. And, unfortunately again, our Founding Fathers omitted that process when they created this great nation. I guess they treat the oath they took upon election is nothing more than a mere formality on their march to becoming the newest 1%ers.

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    Your only as good as your word and it is patently obvious that they never had any intention of ever following it.

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