Horror in Mosul: ISIS Mom Uses Suicide Bomb to Kill Herself and Her Baby [VIDEO]

Horror in Mosul: ISIS Mom Uses Suicide Bomb to Kill Herself and Her Baby [VIDEO]

Horror in Mosul: ISIS Mom Uses Suicide Bomb to Kill Herself and Her Baby [VIDEO]

This story is beyond shocking. In fact, it may be the most horrible thing you read all day.

Women and children are fleeing Mosul as ISIS loses its grip of terror upon the Iraqi city. Sometimes they become targets for ISIS snipers, as Jennifer pointed out this morning.

Credit: cnn.com

What’s even more horrifying is that ISIS will sacrifice their own children as well. Regardless of any maternal love a woman might have, ISIS expects her to take both her own life and that of her child’s. It’s all for jihad, you see.

Here is a truly shocking picture of a mother and child moments before their deaths. The mother was carrying a bomb in a handbag with her right hand, her baby held in her left.

Click to enlarge. Credit: dailymail.co.uk

It looked like she was among the throngs of women seeking to leave a newly liberated part of Mosul. Instead, this woman chose death for herself and her child. While it appears she had originally intended to kill the Iraqi soldiers she passed — perhaps those pictured — the bomb failed to detonate immediately. However, she still eventually killed two other soldiers and injured other civilians. Of course, both she and her innocent young baby were also annihilated.

The evil doesn’t stop there. Here is a video of a Syrian father in Damascus sending his young daughters to kill for Allah. We don’t know what happened to them, but it appears that at least one of these girls met a awful fate. This video emerged late last year.

Similarly, this video shows an Iraqi soldier removing a bomb belt from a very small boy. This soldier may have saved the life of the youngest ISIS suicide bomber yet.


Anyone who wantonly sends children like these to their deaths belongs in the deepest parts of hell. And yet there are those on the left who wail about the unfairness of temporarily halting immigration of refugees from nations that sponsor these atrocities.

Credit: nytimes.com

Look, I realize there are good Iraqis and Syrians who are fleeing simply out of the desperate need to survive. Their stories break my heart, because the refugee story is part of my family’s experience as well. Members of my late mother’s extended family fled their homes in East Prussia at the end of World War II, frantically escaping the brutal Soviet army. The Red Army raped, slaughtered, and destroyed thousands of these German civilians.

Fleeing East Prussia, 1945.

But until we know exactly who might be coming here, the US must seek to protect its own citizens first. After all, the “lone wolf” radical who doesn’t care about detonating her own child won’t care if she kills your children, either.

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  • Scott says:

    Skanks need to die, one and all! Back off, and nuke the place from orbit.. there can be no reasoning with such “people”

  • GWB says:

    First, how do you know it’s a woman, and that’s her child? Male islamists have been known to dress up in burquas and such. And they’ve been known to use props, like children.

    Second, if that handbag in her right hand was the bomb, it’s no wonder she killed so few people. That thing seems way too small to kill a whole group of people. (Oh, it’ll kill enough, but not like a suitcase or backpack – or pressure cooker.)

    • Kim Quade says:

      All the media sources on this story identify the person as a woman. The NYP also reports that ISIS is using female bombers like this woman to attack Iraqi troops.
      Also, my husband, an illustrator, examined the photo closely and said it’s female. But he didn’t look at the face — he said the hands were the giveaway.
      We don’t know it’s her child, of course. But this was someone’s child — an innocent victim who died in a twisted 21st version of Ba’al child sacrifice.

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