Gleefull #ISIS Sniper Laughs While Taking Shots At Woman Fleeing #Mosul [VIDEO]

Gleefull #ISIS Sniper Laughs While Taking Shots At Woman Fleeing #Mosul [VIDEO]

Gleefull #ISIS Sniper Laughs While Taking Shots At Woman Fleeing #Mosul [VIDEO]

Because the jihadists just can’t help themselves they have sunk to a new low-and been caught on audio doing it. An ISIS sniper was caught chuckling to himself as he took shots at a woman and a group of children fleeing Mosul, the Iraqi city that the terrorist group has held since mid-2014. After the terrorist laugh in, the camera shook and revealed a woman’s body lying on the ground. If this isn’t the best example of the sheer hell that the Iraqi people have been forced to endure since ISIS took control of Mosul I don’t know what is.



These dirtbags have terrorized the city since they took it over two years ago. If you look at the headlines, just for today, you will see things like “ISIS Fighters in Mosul Are Using Their Own Children As Human Shields”, and “ISIS Counter Attack Stalls Hope Of Iraqi Victory Declaration In Mosul”. It seems that as they are squeezed into a smaller and smaller area within the Old City the terrorists are finding new ways to amuse themselves in the face of their inevitable defeat at the hands of Iraqi forces. According to an article by British news source, The Independent ISIS’s days of ruling in Mosul may be numbered. Though they are fighting to keep control of some of the neighborhoods in the Old City by using terror as a mind control device. They are doing this so effectively that the residents of the neighborhoods are terrified to go outside to see which side is winning each skirmish. They sit inside and listen to the bombs go off and occasionally are forced to flee their homes when they are hit by airstrikes. From an article in the Independent:

“Abdulkareem can hear the sounds of fighting all around him in Dachat Barga, but he dare not go out and see exactly what is happening. “We can hear the roar of the bombing and the mortar fire,” he says. “But we don’t know whether it is the Iraqi army, the coalition airstrikes or Daesh [Isis].” A week ago, his sister and her husband were injured. A mortar shell hit their house, though nobody knew who fired it. He heard later that they were safe in the al-Farouq neighbourhood which had been overrun by Iraqi forces.”

As if that were not enough, now they have to worry about the possibility of being offed by a jihadi as an amusement when they are simply trying to get their families to safety. In the still below you can see the spot where the woman’s body has been fuzzed out so as not to traumatize those viewing the story on television.

One can only hope that we will not continue to see more of this in the coming weeks and months. Iraqi forces seem to think that they can roust the final ISIS snakes from their hiding spots in the Old City neighborhoods. I for one pray that they are right. If for no other reason than because of the precious children in the video below, and all the others like them caught in the middle of this mess. These kids have been living in hell with their families, just trying to survive the insanity that has dominated their world for the past two years.

Hopefully, this is just one of the last gasps of a desperate group of monstrous jihadis because they know their time is limited and that justice will find them soon in the form of a very loud boom and a flash of light. We can hope.

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  • Brian Swisher says:

    Do you suppose tha ISIS would have gotten very far in Iraq if we’d maintained two or three BCTs there? I think not.

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