Homeless Americans? Susan Sarandon Goes Retro.

Homeless Americans? Susan Sarandon Goes Retro.

Homeless Americans?  Susan Sarandon Goes Retro.

When it comes to the Liberal Hollywood poster child, Susan Sarandon ranks right up there and has been known to take aim on many occasions on Conservative administrations. Her appearance on the Travis Smiley’s PBS talk show to promote her son, Jack’s, Storied Streets, a documentary on America’s homeless was no exception.

“I think the conversation changed around the Reagan era, where everything was your fault: and so you were blamed with not trying hard enough, for drinking, drugs, whatever.”

We get it that the left will blame the right–even if it is a stretch. In this case, Sarandon stretched allllllllllllll the way back to the ’80s. Whether it’s homelessness, military spending and war, gender inequality, racial profiling–or to quote Sarandon–“for drinking, drugs and whatever“–the Hollywood left will always and forever point the fingers.

Sarandon’s left to right finger-pointing at President Reagan produced rants from near and far. I am not going to call her names or dissect this commentary to the point of ad nauseam, I will simply say this. Ms. Sarandon has a net worth of $50 million. She owns a 1.5 acre waterfront property with a 3,270 square foot residence on Mount Desert Island in Maine and she has two apartments in the metropolitan New York area–one in Greenwich Village that she got a “deal” on for $1 point 75 million. She knows as much about homelessness as Gwyneth Paltrow knows about food stamps and Ashley Judd knows about “unshopping” and not buying any thing new for a whole 30 days. How does someone who has no idea about the real world sound intelligent to the masses? They hop on a political bandwagon and blame the opposing party–even if it means blaming an administration in office 35 years ago.

Sarandon rambled on:

“So when you have so many people working so hard. Two jobs per family, three jobs per family, they don’t want to think that’s them. You know? And there is also compassion fatigue. So people see it and it doesn’t get solved. And they don’t want to see it anymore. And everyone is fighting so hard. And I think-so it’s been a number of things that have happened that made us not want to deal with this issue.”-

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  And they wonder why people call them clueless and irrelevant. It is easy to talk homelessness from a penthouse in the city. Or your “cottage” in the country. It’s easy to put together meals on food stamps when your private chef makes them up for you.  It’s easy to say “you’re not going shopping” when you have more than everything you need at your fingertips.  It’s easy to talk about people holding down two to three jobs when your one job earns you millions annually. It is not “compassion fatigue” that the “little people” are experiencing. I believe we suffer from a case of   “celebrity fatigue.” You know, when the celebrities want to sound off on important causes and attribute their political agenda to the issue as opposed to just being honored and humbled that they serve as representatives to do something to improve the situation or at least, create an awareness? They default to the tactics of taking the spotlight off their own hypocrisy and putting the spotlight on political ideologies that don’t fall in line with their own.

For those who like to “Move On” (ahem), it seems, they enjoy a throwback to the past if it suits them. We blame Bush a lot, why not throw Reagan in there for good measure? Thank goodness we’re not bringing up The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

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  • Jodi says:

    “I think the conversation changed around the Reagan era, where everything was your fault: and so you were blamed with not trying hard enough, for drinking, drugs, whatever.”

    Yeah. It’s called **say it with me** personal responsibility.

    Btw: Anyone else sick of these screeching, liberal-Hollywood hypocrites? Watered your lawn lately?

    • Lisa Carr says:

      Exactly. People are not forced into drinking excessively and doing drugs and….”whatever”.

      It all comes down to one thing in some (not all) of these cases and you hit the nail on the head with “personal responsibility.” I know people who were homeless and on the streets due to excessive drug use and they pulled themselves out, eventually got clean and off the streets because they tried. There were no hand-outs. And if they received the help of a charitable person, they did not expect it and were grateful. They worked, they improved their circle of people they associated with and got out of hard times. They took accountability of their lives and changed their circumstances.

      Hollywood will continue to screech about how we as Americans need to take accountability of others’ lack of accountability. Maybe she can set up a homeless camp on her huge-a$$ lawn that the gardener dumped gallons and gallons upon water on this morning. Sarandon’s haven for the “It’s not your fault for drinking, doing drugs…or, like, whatever…..”

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