#HistoryMade and #GirlIGuessImWithHer: Hillary’s Self-Serving Victory Speech and Hashtags Abound

#HistoryMade and #GirlIGuessImWithHer: Hillary’s Self-Serving Victory Speech and Hashtags Abound

#HistoryMade and #GirlIGuessImWithHer: Hillary’s Self-Serving Victory Speech and Hashtags Abound

I’m sure that I was not the only one who had hoped that the audio folks at Hillary Clinton’s victory venue would not be able to get her mic working. I was hoping for the best speech yet (silence) but alas, the techies in Brooklyn figured it all out.

It’s wonderful to be back in Brooklyn here in this beautiful building. It may be hard to see tonight, but we’re all standing under a glass ceiling right now.-Hillary Clinton

Watch out for the shards. They’re coming at you all.

It was not long afterward that #HistoryMade started trending on Twitter and, as expected, Hillary’s minions participated in the love fest:

Side note: “Bish” is actually a slang term for “bitch”. I had to Google this. I apologize for the loss of any IQ points this may have caused some (myself included). Though I am not sure if Miley was making a statement or talking about the woman she cast her ballot for. That is up for debate.

#GirlIGuessImWithHer started trending as well:

#HistoryMade may have been a hashtag created by the Clinton sycophants but we believe a picture’s worth a thousand words. What difference does it make? A world of difference, we say:

You can read a rush transcript of Hillary Clinton’s victory speech here if you so wish.

….And I learned about those persistent problems and the unfinished promise of America that you’re living with. So many of you feel like you’re out there on your own, that no one has your back. Well, I do. I hear you. I see you. And as your president, I will always have your back.-Hillary Clinton

Then, there is, of course, this madness from Blue Nation Review:

Thank you for caring about children. For dedicating so much of your long career to bettering the lives of children and talking about them as the humans they are; for always remembering their present needs; for not using them as a political tool to suggest they need protection from marginalized people (but not from guns or hunger).

Thank you for your voice – and your laugh, which I love so much. Thank you for your broad smile and your hilarious, utter lack of a poker face.

Thank you for your compassion, and for your wit. For making me cry and for making me laugh. For inspiring me to keep reaching — to carry on.

Thank you in equal measure for your righteous anger: At the people who try to harm you and your family; at the people who try to harm the rest of us. There are times in the middle of another round of crass Republican politicking, when I glimpse the flicker of anger in your eyes, penetrating your stoic veneer of steely resolve; or hear the edge of anger around the contours of your reasonable tone. And it gives me the air in my lungs I need to keep fighting.

My sincere apologies if you just lost your lunch. Or if you spit out your coffee on that one. Yes, Mrs. Clinton, we thank you, too. We thank you for playing the woman card so wisely as to dupe unsuspecting American women into thinking that if they don’t cast our vote for you, they are a product of the “patriarchy” and clearly don’t care about women’s rights in this country. Thank you for illustrating to us that staying with your husband (despite his philandering) is a-okay as long as it gets you to where you want to go. Glass ceilings shattered all over the place on that one! Thank you for your mention of our children and how much you (and your buddy, Cecile Richards) “care” about them and future generations. Thank you for illustrating that nothing can stop a woman in this country from getting what she wants-not even committing crimes. Your actions are so empowering. And, last but not least, thank you for “having our backs”. I’m sure the female members of the families of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods all echo that sentiment.

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  • GWB says:

    We thank you for playing the woman card so wisely as to dupe unsuspecting American women into thinking that if they don’t cast our vote for you….

    Sorry, but I’m not going to let you get away with that bit of victim-pandering. If these women can be duped by Hillary into voting on the basis of their primary sexual characteristic, then they’re extremely stupid women (and probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote). No, you can blame a society that has indoctrinated them into this silliness or you can blame the women themselves, but you can’t blame HRC for it – she has done an extremely poor job of even advancing the vag-voter position.

    This election is going to be non-stop bullsh-t pandering from HRC, and non-stop populist rabble-rousing from The Donald. I’m considering changing my name to “None of the above”, so when that gets 50%+1 of the vote in November, I can demand to be sworn in.

    • Deanna Fisher says:

      If you do that, GWB, you can count on my vote!

    • candice says:

      first, calling women vag-voters is sexual harassment

      secondly, saying that women who gender vote should not be allowed to vote….

      I wouldn’t vote for Sarah Palin or Carly F, but I don’t insult women who do. Calling women “vag-voters” is sexual harassment. And then saying they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  • Robin H says:

    I laughed at the “bish” word. It’s the only way to say the word bitch if you have a tongue piercing! So our urban dictionary is now full of word mutilations because of our physical mutilations. I’m sure linguist everywhere are thrilled.

  • Jenny North says:

    How can it be that the only person on earth who would make me even contemplate voting Trump is the alternative? This is so Twilight Zone! Hobson’s choice in the 21st century.

  • Lisa Carr says:

    GWB-you’ve totally got my vote!

  • Stacy0311 says:

    Sadly GWB, even with the name change to “None of the Above” I still believe Mickey Mouse will get more votes than you.

    • GWB says:

      I welcome the rodent icon to the race! At least he’s American! I will admit he whistles better than I do, though.

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