Hillary Throws Shade on Stern

Hillary Throws Shade on Stern

Hillary Throws Shade on Stern

Perpetual presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was interviewed by shock jock Howard Stern. Hillary threw shade on Sanders, talked about the sexist double standard for female candidates, highlighted her role at Sec State, and blamed her loss on everything from Facebook to Russians. Oh, and denied being a lesbian.

3 Truths and a Lie…. 3 Lies and a Truth?

Howard Stern finally nailed Hillary Clinton, for his broadcast show. It was a soft interview. Then again, after Epstein, who can blame him? It was mild for Stern, and designed to make Hillary appealing and humanize her seemingly sterile personality.

But come on, folks, this is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about. She’s a professional politician, who gives a little nugget of truth wrapped in conjecture and snark. She drops a headline-worthy soundbite, and allows her fawning gaggle to ignore the inconvenient facts.

Hillary Trolls Sanders

Hillary is “expert level” at tossing shade. She gets away with it because she’s rarely called out for being snarky. The media doesn’t want their lady accused of being, dare we say it… a snarky bitch. During the interview Stern asked Hillary about Sanders’ month-long delayed endorsement after the newly-invented Superdelegates stole his nomination   elected Hillary. The Hill writes,

“… I hope he doesn’t do it again to whoever gets the nomination. Once is enough,” Clinton added. “We have to join forces.” “Bernie could’ve endorsed you quicker,” Howard Stern said to Clinton. “He could’ve. He hurt me. There’s no doubt about it, he hurt me.”

Ouch. “I hope he doesn’t do it again to whoever gets the nomination…” So I’m going to surmise that Hillary doesn’t think Sanders will pick up the nomination this time. And if he does, it makes me wonder how truthful her stance is on supporting the 2020 Democrat nominee.

“I’ll support whoever the Democratic nominee is.”

Just… not if it’s Sanders.

Blaming Sexism…. On the Howard Stern Show?!

In what parallel universe does this make sense?! Hillary Clinton is sitting on Howard Stern’s studio sofa talking about double standards and sexism. First off, I’d request a brand new sofa, or a blacklight inspection before sitting on that couch. Stern has made millions of dollars by objectifying women. His career is suspended with silicone filled bikini tops, supported by stripper pole scaffolding.

After decades of therapy, he’s vying for a professional legacy that overlooks his past. So it’s no surprise that he was fan-boying over Hillary Clinton. She served as both an interview subject to legitimize his broadcast resume, and a subject who is undeniably not sexualized. He asked easy questions, and worked his magic to make her seem warm and appealing.

But the fact remains: they sat there and talked about the double standard of sexism applied to her.

“Throughout a lot of my professional and public career, part of it was that training… You’re a woman trying to do something that not many other women or any women have ever done. You’ve got to stay focused. Don’t get distracted. Guys are going to be trying to say this and say that. You have to just keep going.”

On maintaining her temper during the debates,

“It would have worked against me,” she said. “The pundits would have said, ‘Well if she can’t take Donald Trump, how is she going to take Vladimir Putin.”


The former Secretary of State sat on Stern’s couch, and said she remained non-confrontational to Trump because of perception… about “taking on” Putin? Didn’t she spend almost two terms representing America’s interests around the world? Did she put the country’s needs behind her concern that foreign leaders would call her an aggressive woman?! Newsflash, Hill, Americans want strong leaders. Nobody wants a President who is more concerned about perception than reality. I want Margaret Thatcher. I want Golda Meir. Women who get shit done, and don’t care what the opposition thinks or says.

Two women who did it before, and better than you. History is filled with strong female leaders, and they didn’t stress over what “guys” said.

Hillary’s Revisionist “Herstory”

In the Stern interview Hillary asserts that her nomination to Secretary of State was a complete surprise. Obama needed a super-hero, and it was going to be her!

“He basically said, ‘Look, we’re in a mess. The economy has gone totally down. We have problems around the world.’ He said, ‘I need your help … I need you to go travel around and restore our relationships … That’s why I was honored to serve with him.”

In her capacity as Sec State, Hillary told Stern that,

“I have this unique perspective. I have a particular understanding of the Russian threat.”

Does that perspective include a “reset” button?

Is this the same Russia that your boss underestimated and referred to as an 80’s threat?

The Obama administration, the one that gave you this “particular understanding” during your tenure as Sec State, is hailed by Brookings as having a,

… weak and underwhelming response to Russian aggression. Throughout his presidency, Obama consistently underestimated the challenge posed by Putin’s regime.

Did Obama not take your advice on Russia seriously… or did you fail to realize the actual threat. Were you ineffective in advising your boss or, worse, failing to recognize the threat?

Bot Seriously, She “Knows” the Russian Threat

Maybe her unique perspective is the one where Russian bot farms invade Social Media platforms? Something she partially blames for her loss.

“I think that, you know, look, the Russians and WikiLeaks really did a job on me, both in terms of the way they weaponized information and then the way that they — they’re doing it again, they’re doing it to whoever else is going to be up there”

Perhaps, if she were more effective at her previous position handling our foreign affairs, the Russian election interference would not be something we need to worry about. But here we are, blaming people who believe that a Facebook bot post is actual news.

“They’re going to lie about you repetitively on social media—particularly Facebook—and they’re going to target people who are susceptible to that,” Clinton said, explaining that after her own run she discovered many voters who cited Facebook as their primary news source had come to believe she was dying or had delivered arms to ISIS.”

If only…. So she blames the Russians, Facebook, “low information” voters, sexism, and a lack of media prioritization.

Hold up! Hillary believes that her persona would have been better served by appearing on Stern’s show?

“I think you were right,” she said of his repeated requests that she appear on his show in 2016. “I did not prioritize the media the way I should have. I think that was a miscalculation. I really do.”

She’s Still Campaigning

Hillary went on Stern’s show to buff up her image. She wants to run in 2020, but she needs her party to pull her in as a savior. Much in the way she says Obama asked her to be Sec State… “I need your help.”  If the Democrats beg her to run, she’s vindicated after the treachery of 2016. A year when her party created a special class of delegate to steal the nomination from an old Socialist. When the Democrat strongholds abandoned her to the wisdom of the Electoral College. Her ego needs to be fed, and vindicated, before she will agree to “save” the country. Who knows if that will happen, but we can count on her perpetually running for POTUS.

Did You Read…

She’s not a lesbian.

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  • GWB says:

    Howard Stern finally nailed Hillary Clinton
    An unfortunate word choice? Or intentional? 😉

    seemingly sterile
    I think it might be more burned out than “sterile”. Based on what we heard during her husband’s presidency, her personality was better described as “fiery” or “bilious” or “choleric”. Maybe “mercurial”.

    a snarky bitch
    OK, that’s another phrase to describe her.

    Hillary Clinton is sitting on Howard Stern’s studio sofa talking about double standards and sexism.
    Hah! Stern has had LOTS of people who have spoken with him about those things. And entirely unironically (so it seems, anyway). Both he and his guests are almost always prostitutes of the highest order.

    many voters who cited Facebook as their primary news source
    Well, yes, this IS a problem with American politics. And it’s a “bipartisan” problem.
    But that is NOT why Hillary will never be president.

    Her ego needs to be fed

  • CaptDMO says:

    Ms. Clinton can only get Mr. Stern to listen to he swan song.
    Murray booked?
    The View too principled?
    No one else even asking?

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