Hillary hates Citizens United and big money in politics

Hillary hates Citizens United and big money in politics

Hillary hates Citizens United and big money in politics

Not true. Hillary only hates Citizens United, which allows for big money in politics. Wait, what?


Hillary has pledged that any nominee of hers to the Supreme Court will be expected to overturn the 2010 case of Citizens United. This is the Supreme Court opinion that President Obama disparaged during the 2011 State of the Union. He criticized the decision on national television, right to the faces of the justices in attendance who wrote the opinion. Can’t call that classy, but it was audacious.

Hillary really hates this opinion because it allowed for a private group to make and run an unflattering movie about her, which you can access here. Of course she would want that shut down, and isn’t shy about using the power of the government to try to get it done. Thankfully a majority of justices on the Court agreed that it was just too bad she didn’t like it, because free speech was more important than making her look good, or at least not as bad.

Hillary is just trying to keep on top of the issues, but she was a little late on this one. A few days ago, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) declared the same thing – which has earned both of them lots of applause from their supporters. However, that is the end of their agreement on what to do with money in politics. Sanders has declined to endorse any big money PACs, but Hillary recently endorsed two.

What the Citizens United ruling really did was strike down a law that made it illegal, complete with criminal sanctions, for a corporation to run a movie within 30 days of a primary, or 60 days of a general election. It was part of the McCain-Feingold Act of 2002 for campaign finance reform. On its face, government overreach seems clear. The government was going to give criminal sanctions for exercising free speech. We apparently needed the Supreme Court to declare that unconstitutional. There is a lot of money in politics, and it can be used for messages we disagree with. But the best answer to bad speech, is always more speech, not censorship.

Ironically, Hillary, who has yet to answer numerous questions about money and influence, is making campaign finance reform a plank in her platform. I’m not sure that she can pull off the cognitive dissonance as well as Bill can.


UPDATE: Hillary gotta a lotta money: Clintons have earned $125 million since leaving the white, $25 million in this past year alone.

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