Hillary Breaks A Glass Ceiling, Has “Faithless” Electors Defect To Anyone But Her [VIDEOS]

Hillary Breaks A Glass Ceiling, Has “Faithless” Electors Defect To Anyone But Her [VIDEOS]

Hillary Breaks A Glass Ceiling, Has “Faithless” Electors Defect To Anyone But Her [VIDEOS]

Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to get a break. First she loses bigly in 2008 against some Chicago upstart named Barack Obama. Then she faceplants while Secretary of State with the famed Russian Reset button, and then she decides to add to her winning streak of losing in 2016.

But wait??!! I thought she was going to break the biggest glass ceiling ever!

Well she did. Just not the one she envisioned. By the time the count was done yesterday, the vote totals looked like this.

But that’s not the entire story. Yesterday’s electoral votes included unhinged meltdowns

Bill Clinton getting a standing ovation for casting a vote he knows won’t change anything


And the defection of “Faithless” electors to ANYONE BUT HER.

No, I’m not joking. Check it out.  232 electors were pledged (prior to Monday) to vote for Hillary Clinton. 227 voted for her, but FIVE voted for someone else! Who did they vote for?

  • Three voted for Colin Powell. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • One, in Hawaii, voted for Bernie Sanders. I have to laugh at that one since Obama is there on his golf vacay right now.
  • Another voted for a Dakota Pipeline protestor named Faith Spotted Eagle.

Those were just the DIRECT votes originally pledged for Hillary! There were others as well.

The funny thing about the Colorado vote? Hillary WON the popular vote in CO, thus all the electors by state law were pledged to Hillary. So Michael Baca’s little protest was futile from the start. Chris Suprun, the fake 9/11 first responder from Texas had this to say after his vote for Kasich.

As I noted in response… Using that quote shows how little he understands Reagan and all that Reagan was.

The fact is, Hillary and the Clinton machine lost… AGAIN. She didn’t even get within touching distance of that elusive glass ceiling. And no, ladies and gentlemen, she didn’t lose because of some supposed Russian hack. She lost solely because of her own hubris. She lost because she completely and utterly ignored key swing states, such as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, in favor of courting mega rich donors in their multi-million dollar homes. She lost because she turned the campaign into a celebrity hug fest combined with lectures.  She lost because that glass ceiling of voters supposedly WITH HER took one look and said NOPE, I’m with ANYONE BUT HER.

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