#BerlinAttack: What We Know So Far and Who’s to Blame

#BerlinAttack: What We Know So Far and Who’s to Blame

#BerlinAttack: What We Know So Far and Who’s to Blame
Berlin, Germany, where 12 are dead, and at least 48 more injured following another terrorist attack on Western values. (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)

As Victory Girl, Nina, discussed here, yet another round of terrorist attacks hit yesterday, the deadliest one striking the Christkindl market in Berlin, Germany as shoppers prepared for Christmas. As is typical of any breaking news, conflicting reports flowed out of Berlin fast and furiously. As of this morning, here’s what we know:

Berlin: Christmas Market Attack Timeline (Photo Credit: Daily Mail)
  • The “weapon” used was an “articulated lorry,” the equivalent of our semi-trailer trucks. It was reportedly stolen from a construction site. The driver is said to have turned off the truck’s lights as he “intentionally” drove it into a crowd of shoppers at sixty kilometers per hour. The attack mirrors the Nice, France attack in July.
  • Police say the original driver, who is reported as Polish, was found shot dead in the truck’s cabin. He has been described by some news sources as an “accomplice.”
  • Twelve people are deceased, and another 48 are injured, some critically.
  • Several sources say German police are presuming the attack terrorism.

  • The White House is calling the assault an “apparent terror attack” (as Barack Obama golfs in Hawaii).

  • The driver is in custody and reports say he is a refugee from Pakistan (earlier reports stated Afghanistan).

The man at the wheel—who according to German newspaper Berliner used different aliases, was of Afghan heritage and had arrived in Germany in February—fled the scene before being arrested at a nearby zoo.


  • Meanwhile, President Elect Donald Trump was unafraid to label the assault what it very likely is:

Angel Merkel, Germany’s equivalent of our own open borders globalist POTUS, has spent the last couple of weeks pandering for votes to lift up her fortunes heading into her own re-election next year. She’s in deep trouble. And it’s only getting deeper.


Hand in hand with the Obama Administration, with two-time loser Hillary Clinton at the helm, political correctness-embracing Merkel has thrust Germany (and her neighbors) into a state of chaos where sexual assaultsrape jihad—mainly at the hands of refugees has reached epidemic levels, and crime rates in general have soared. Yesterday’s attack is the fifth such assault on Germany just this year. And Merkel’s irresponsible open borders, take-in-every-refugee-whilst-wearing-blinders policy is directly to blame. So here’s hoping the German electorate take a page from the Brexiters and we Americans, and boot her out of office, without mercy. And let’s hope they replace her with a leader who understands the imminent threat that radical Islam poses, someone who will cease handing Germany, and her culture, over to those who would see her exterminated. If not, Germany will see further attacks under Merkel’s “leadership,” and the world will continue to mourn the innocent victims of her limp-wristed, Fantasyland governance. Because radial Islam cannot be reasoned with, it cannot be appeased, and it cannot be assimilated, and it will not stop until it sees every single one of us dead.

UPDATE [5:30 a.m. Pacific]: German police are now saying they are unable to confirm that they have the correct suspect in custody.

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