Are hate crimes really on the rise?

Are hate crimes really on the rise?

Are hate crimes really on the rise?

Reporting of hate crimes certainly is on the rise, up 6%, but is it real hate, or fake hate? The assumption implied by the media is that Trump’s election has given permission for racists to act out. Many crimes being reported have an underlying implication that they are motivated by Trump supporters, who also happened to be, motivated by hate, don’t ‘cha know. Until there is more credible information to verify that the people involved in these incidents are actually Trump supporters I would caution against assuming who they voted for.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has lost credibility in the last several years through its own incredible stirring of hysteria, now reports that there have been over 700 cases of hateful intimidation or harassment since Election Day on November 8. Many cases consist of painted swastikas or “Heil Trump” type statements. Some cases involve alleged physical altercations, but curiously, so far it appears that the only people that have been apprehended for any of these attacks are people that were clearly motivated against Trump.


I question the veracity of these reports for several reasons:

Too many of the “victims” seem “ok” with being targets. A transgender woman who had swastikas painted on her car (the act doesn’t even make sense to me) says she will not prosecute, and that she was able to remove the spray paint from her car. No biggie?

“Me and a couple of really good friends got together and got the spray paint off,” said Timmons, who does not intend to press charges.

Her message to the perpetrators?

“That it’s ok,” she said. “It was done out of fear. That’s what hate is. Hate is fear. And we can fix that fear by love. It’s ok. I forgive them.”

Police in Denver say they are investigating the incident, though they have no suspects at the moment.

No one has been caught so who would she press charges against? Maybe she’s not pressing charges because she knows who the perp is? A pastor at a church in Indiana isn’t going to remove an anti-gay slur and swastika spray painted on the wall.

She told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Thursday that she was at first sad, but believes that the church was targeted because it has always been inclusive to everyone. So, she said, she is taking comfort that whoever did this actually did this for the right reason, because the church has always been welcoming to everyone.

“Doing the right thing is not always the popular thing.”

In that spirit, the church has decided to leave the graffiti as is until November 30.

“If we decide to look at these and be embarrassed, and consider them hateful and angry, and decide to cover them up, then we give power to the idea that hate is more powerful than love,” Hutto said. “And that’s not the case.”

Sounds weird to me. And also very similar: Love is all we need. Aww, so sweet.


Further, very few suspects have been caught, so it is impossible to know their true motivation. (The ones who have been caught are all anti-Trump!) Are they truly racist or anti-Semitic, or are they just interested in perpetuating the idea that Trump represents these things?

One reported incident involved teenage volleyballers enduring a chant of “Build that Wall” at a regional tournament in Texas. This should be something easy to verify with lots of witnesses, so it’s hard to say that could not have happened, but I’ve attended a lot of youth sports and never seen anything like that. Nor would I have expected any of the parents I know to have allowed something like that to continue. So my best guess is that it was done by only a couple of people who didn’t do it for very long, so not at all representative of the crowd as a whole.

Students from a small border town in northwest Texas say they were the target of ethnically charged slurs while warming up for a regional volleyball tournament.

“When they were saying ‘Build that wall’ and holding the Trump sign, we knew it was for us,” Fort Hancock High School junior Jenna Aguilar told CNN affiliate KVIA after the game last week. Most of the school’s students are Hispanic.


The superintendent of the Archer City Independent School District apologized for the students’ actions, but Fort Hancock’s school superintendent is still upset.

“What troubles us is that no game official, an official at the venue, even the officials at the game, school officials, nobody stood up to put an end to this,” Fort Hancock ISD Superintendent Jose Franco told the station.

Sounds strange. I’m willing to accept that something happened, but the perspective of the story makes me wonder what is not being told.

The only thing close to these protestors, who are clearly and sincerely anti-Trump, was the Tea Party protests and various townhalls where fiscal conservatives started speaking up a few years ago. Those are the same people that elected Trump and they are best known for leaving a place cleaner than when they found it. It’s very hard to believe those people are the perpetrators of all of these crimes.

Even though many of the perpetrators have yet to be identified, some of these incidents seem to be popping up in schools and can be seen in video footage. The kids are the aggressors. I have to say, what do they know? They only hear what adults are saying, and I have to question how the kids came to hear certain things. What was the context? Do the kids think it is funny? Do they really understand the implication of what they are saying? I wouldn’t count these incidents in a true hate crime category.

Until I see more clear evidence of true hate motives, I’m going to put these reports in the basket of other deplorable hoaxes enabled by the Lame Stream Media. Proof of motive, not just pictures of supposed motive, or it didn’t happen.

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  • Kim Quade says:

    These accusations are brought to you by the same folks who call out their attorneys if a baker won’t provide them a wedding cake for gay nuptials, but now they won’t prosecute hate crimes because of “love” for their alleged tormentors?
    Right. And I have this bridge.

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