“Hanoi” Jane Fonda Rants On Midterm Elections

“Hanoi” Jane Fonda Rants On Midterm Elections

“Hanoi” Jane Fonda Rants On Midterm Elections

Oh my stars and garters. Please go vote today. Go vote today and vote a straight Republican ticket. Do it just to make it harder for Jane Fonda to breathe. You would think that “Hanoi” Jane Fonda would have learned her lesson in Vietnam. Nope, the octogenarian has held forth for “The Hollywood Reporter” and showed us all once again how stunning vapid and unaware of her own limitations she is.

In 1972, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda went to Vietnam, while we were at war, and gave aid and comfort to our enemy. Here she “sights” on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down pilots. She should have been prosecuted for treason. Photo credit: AP Images

After Fonda’s visit to Hanoi in July 1972, she should have been tried for treason. She wasn’t because the country was torn apart. The media’s false narrative that we were losing the war (we weren’t), the horrifically high body count (it was inexcusable) and the student protests all meant the country didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to prosecute a traitor. And, remember, Fonda wasn’t an ingenue. Jane Fonda was a 35 year old married mother. Every veteran of every conflict living today remembers this treason, not just the Vietnam veterans. Fonda is listed as number eight in a video of Top Ten Historical Traitors.

The intervening years have taught this mental midget nothing. The “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is strong with this one. In her interview with The Hollywood Reporter the actress floats through the shallows of elites current spirit. From the article:

“The elections on Nov. 6 are the most important elections of my lifetime. So much depends on what happens,” said the actress. “It’s hard for me to breathe right now.”

Couldn’t be numerous nose jobs? And, of course, she said this:

Fonda said that she had maintained close ties with friends in Georgia after living there for 20 years with former husband and CNN founder Ted Turner, but is no longer able to speak to some: “I love them, but I can’t talk to them anymore. And I will fight to my last breath to stop what they are trying to do.”

Jane, Jane! Calm down and breathe, female. It turns out she found out just how horribly misogynist and racist Georgians and all those other Trump voters are. Yep, the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is strong with this one:

Fonda said she didn’t realize before how much resentment against women and racism boiled underneath the surface in the U.S. Since the 2016 elections, she has devoted herself to working with activist groups, primarily Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC), to help raise the minimum wage in the food service industry. The actress noted that workers in many U.S. states are not entitled to a minimum wage if they earn tips, explaining the system to the audience in France, which has a minimum wage and national healthcare.

Well, Omelet du Fromage! France is so totally woke, lit and ready. The U.S. system is all Trump’s fault because he has “Daddy Issues”. F’realz. From the article:

She also discussed her film Coming Home, the 1978 Vietnam veteran movie co-starring Jon Voight, and said that the diagnosis of PTSD didn’t exist then, adding that she believes President Trump suffers from the mental illness.

“I believe he suffers from PTSD because like many men he was, I believe, brutalized by his father when he was very, very young,” Fonda said. “And some men … lose empathy for others [and] also totally lack empathy. And he has been very brutal with his own sons. Father son, father son, it’s very sad. I hate this. I have empathy for him, it’s difficult, I try, I work at it.

There is so much in those sentences. They make me want to scream “Projection!” at Fonda. Not that I would ever be in the same room with her. I still think “Hanoi” Jane should be shunned. Were you able to get your Daddy’s approval, Jane? Ouch, did that sting? Henry Fonda was a great actor. Did he ever say, “Great job, Jane.”? Was he an easy man? Was he affectionate? Oh, and while I am playing amateur psychologist, Jane, are you projecting your issues with strong men onto President Donald Trump? Hey, I am qualified. I passed Psych 101.

Fonda made comments a few days ago at the “Women’s Media Awards”. Watch this:

Yes, men and women experience things differently. Each man and each woman processes each experience differently. All women aren’t the same and neither are all men. We are individuals. Fonda is not deep enough to process that concept. She needs a crowd to give her validation. And, Fonda, your narrative has been the media mainstream for four decades. Enough. Oh, and “perky” Katie Couric, Trump doesn’t call out the media because something displeases him. He calls the media out for lying and hypocrisy. You know, fake news.

These people, oof.

For forty-six years, I have not been fond of “Hanoi” Jane. Actually, she is a despicable traitor. And, if she has one more face lift, she’ll have a goatee. Vote Red. Peace Out.

Feature photo: AP images.

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  • Joe says:

    Of course, you know where I was in the summer of 1972. Dragging Soviet armor and artty into Tan Son Nhut for the intel folks. I say again, Soviet armor and artty. (Jane Fonda’s collusion!)

  • jorod says:

    Jane was the original Hollywood slut passed around by many male directors. She couldn’t say no. She is as crazy as her father.

  • Ga steve says:

    When hanoi jane dies the line of vets waiting their turn to piss on her grave will be hugh.

  • Cameron says:


    My dad flew KC-135s in Vietnam around the time you were there. Odds are good that the kind of gun you posed with were the kinds that were pointed at him. He may die before you, but I’ll have enough whiskey in my system when you die for both of us when I come to pay my respects.

  • GWB says:

    Can we please get these people to actually move to Canada? Then they can revert to their aristocratic instincts.
    And we can get back to being an egalitarian (in opportunity), meritocratic, free republic.
    (Oh, and can we then invent a way to screen out all the nonsense from north of the border – over airwaves, the internet, and even via smuggled beta tapes?)

  • GWB says:

    My dad was home from not-quite-‘Nam* in 1972. I remember him being VERY upset about Jane after that stunt. He never again watched one of her movies.

    (* Officially stationed in Thailand, he was often in a nearby undisclosed country. It’s unclassified now, but there’s no need to tell those stories.)

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