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Green Goblin Gang Terrorizes NYC Subway

Green Goblin Gang Terrorizes NYC Subway

Green Goblin Gang Terrorizes NYC Subway

The subway system in New York City is becoming a war zone, where riders never know when the next attack will come. Now enter the Green Goblin Gang, where thugs dressed in green body suits terrorize their victims. One other catch — the members of this gang are all women. 


Green Goblin Gang in Action

On Sunday around 2 a.m., two 19-year-old girls had boarded the Times Square subway. It was the nineteenth birthday for one of them, and we can presume that she had been celebrating with her friend. The mother of one of the victims said that they were both on their way home.

Then the Green Goblin Gang arrived while the two victims were standing on the platform, bumping one of the teens in the process. So, according to the mother, the two girls boarded a different car.

However, the Green Gang also boarded that very car, entering through a different door. Once aboard, they began to attack the teens, robbing them of a handbag and a cell phone. One of them told her mother that “she was attacked by aliens,” and the mother told the New York Post, “I didn’t know what she was talking about.”

The mother praised some of the riders who tried to help, but had harsh words for those who sat by to video the assault.

“There was a woman with red curly hair, and she was helping [the teen]. And there was a man who took his sweatshirt off and helped the girls. He got hit. My daughter, she had like five of the girls on her at one time. [She and her friend] were both punched in the face.”

“All these men sitting there taking videos and watching, and none of them helped while a group of 10 women were beating two young girls.”

Had there been words uttered between the gang members and the girls when the jostling occurred? Perhaps, especially at 2 a.m. in New York City. But that’s not an excuse for a group of adult women to attack and rob two teens. Moreover, why were these women all dressed in green? Halloween is a few weeks away, so I’m sure they weren’t returning from a costume party.

Obviously this group had crime on their minds, so they used the bizarre green suits as a disguise. But hey — at least no one can cry raaacist since, after all, you can’t see their faces, right?


NYC Councilwoman Goes Baghdad Bob on Crime

The day after the Green Goblin attack, NYC Councilwoman Tiffany Cában told the New York Post that subway violence is a “one-in-a-million event.” She made this comment even after a homeless parolee savagely beat a 33-year-old mother inside a Queens subway station on September 20. You’ve probably seen the video.

Cában brushed it off:

“As a believer in a violence-free NYC, I still think that’s one too many, but let’s not let fear-mongering politicians and corporate media outlets scare us into thinking we have a dangerous, scary public transit system.”

I would dare Cában say that to the beaten woman, Elizabeth Gomes, who may now lose eyesight in one eye after after the unprovoked attack. Her husband told the New York Daily News of the aftermath his wife is enduring:

“They had to stitch her eyeball back inside. She’s on medication … Everywhere hurts. Her right side hurts, her left side hurts. Her neck hurt, her right shoulder, her back, her left finger. She was feeling pain all over.”

Yikes. But there’s more: the attacker, 41-year-old Waheed Foster, has a sizable rap sheet. That includes a 1995 conviction for … wait for it …  murdering his 82-year-old grandmother.

Yet Tiffany Cában calls herself a “queer abolitionist” who has called for “defunding the police.” She now wants to halt solitary confinement of the worst of the worst criminals, claiming that “solitary confinement endangers everyone: incarcerated people, jail staff, and the public at large.”

Green Goblin Gang/Tiffany Caban

NYC Councilwoman Tiffany Cában. Screenshot: Twitter page.

You know what really endangers the public? Human debris like Waheed Foster who aren’t in any sort of confinement, but allowed to roam the streets to prey on mothers like Elizabeth Gomes. Or the vicious women of the Green Goblin Gang who use the subways as their hunting ground.

Welcome to the dystopian world of the New York City subway system. Who knew that the 1981 film Escape from New York would turn into reality?


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Featured image: Screenshot/@hotdog_mag/Twitter.

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  • Scott says:

    “You know what really endangers the public?” Idiots like Caban, and those who vote for her…Victims should sue these asses for damages..

    As to the black, oops, “green” goblin gang… Paging Bernard Goetz! Paging Mr. Bernard Goetz!

  • Richard says:

    The depths to which this country has descended is not only deeply disturbing, it is disgusting and dangerous. How idiots like Cabal, Abrams, AOC, and the rest of these low-lifes defend their perverse ideas and support defunding the police, illegal immigration, and soft-on-crime policies and remain in office is astounding. And to think how many people actually support these political nightmares is equally unfathomable. It is going to take a long time to MAGA, but at least it will hopefully start this November. Anyone with the most basic common sense and regard for law and order will vote all this scum out of office. I was a Democrat almost my entire life but NEVER AGAIN!

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