Greatest Generation Gets Cancel Treatment From VA Tech And WaPo

Greatest Generation Gets Cancel Treatment From VA Tech And WaPo

Greatest Generation Gets Cancel Treatment  From VA Tech And WaPo

Here we go again. We all saw this coming. Stevie Wonder saw this coming. The people who cancelled Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt are working their little cloven hooves to the quick in an attempt to cancel the Greatest Generation. That’s right. The soulless, humorless, midget brains on the Left want to tarnish the reputation of the men and women who saved the World because those great Americans were people of their times. They weren’t (grabs smelling salts) saints.

This smear is based on a study of surveys conducted at the end of World War II as collated by Virginia Tech. Here is the headline from the Washington Post on December 20, 2021: “‘Greatest Generation’ survey on race, sex and combat during World War II runs counter to its wholesome image”.

“…wholesome image”? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (wipes away tears of laughter). Bwa ha ha. Lord help these people. They are eejits. Edward J.K. Gitre, an Assistant Professor of History at Virginia Tech and a member of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI), is heading up the project of processing the 300,000 surveys still available. From the WaPo article:

Gitre said he first found the surveys in the National Archives in 2009.

It was “an amazing find, because so much of the material from World War II is censored or kind of written after the fact,” he said. “I knew immediately … that these were not censored in any way.”

The surveys were conducted by a wartime organization called the Army Research Branch at bases in the United States and in combat zones in Europe and the Pacific.

Gitre found the hand written, honest comments in the survey difficult to read. I am sure he had to read them while clutching his pearls. By the way, Gitre looks just like you would expect an Assistant Professor of History at Virginia Tech to look, picture here.

The men and women of the Greatest Generation were men and women of their time and were filled with the flaws and foibles of their time. What made them special was that they met evil and vanquished it. They were bigoted, prejudiced and ignorant. They reflected American society at that time.

A gay soldier wrote:

“Most of us were inducted against our will. Things are being made harder for us because we are something that we could not help. … Why did you induct us in the first place. Even as a leopard cannot change its spots, neither can we curtail our homosexual inclinations. … I’ll just try not to get caught.

An African American soldier wrote:

“It is impossible to understand how the brains of the Southern white man works and just what can be the cause of so much … hate that is imposed upon the Negro soldier.”

“With all the patriotic speeches … he takes time out to heap insults and abuse upon the Negro soldier who is doing all that he can to further the war effort,”

“Most Southern white people must fear that the rise of the Negro will be of danger to their long vaunted White Supremacy,” he wrote. “For us the saying goes a house or an Army divided against itself will surely fall. Hitler knows this better than we may think.”

A White soldier wrote:

“White supremacy must be maintained,” he wrote.

“I’ll fight if necessary to prevent racial equality. I’ll never salute a negro officer and I’ll not take orders from a negroe. I’m sick of the army’s method of treating …[Black soldiers] as if they were human. Segregation of the races must continue.”

Another soldier wrote: “God has placed between us a barrier of color … We must accept this barrier and live, fight, and play separately.”

That was ignorant, bigoted and stupid then, but it was the general thinking. It was not helped by Woodrow Wilson resegregating the military before World War I. Wilson graduated from and was President of Princeton, same as General Mark “white Rage” Milley.

Great men and women should be judged by the standards of their time, not ours. The Greatest Generation is still up to the fight. Four years ago, Nina wrote about how the Greatest Generation was being compared to Antifa. Read it here. We have got to take a lesson from those great men and women. Stop letting the Loony Lefty Losers erase our history. It’s our history whether it be good, bad or horrible.

Five years ago, I was in Gatlinburg to participate in the Mountain Man Memorial March honoring Gold Star Families. I only did the half-marathon in the mountains in civies. Many active and retired military do the full in boots, utes, and 30 pound ruck. The night before the race, our guest speaker was World War II Medal of Honor recipient Marine Woody Williams, no relation. He was in his early 90’s and I might have rolled my eyes that he could have anything to say to motivate me. I could not have been more wrong. By the time Woody Williams finished speaking, I would have followed him into battle.

Here from Grunt Style is a reading of Woody Williams’ exploits on Iwo Jima:

Wholesome image? Bwa ha ha ha ha. The Greatest Generation were tasked with saving the world. They were not angels. They never claimed to be. Loony Lefty Losers got nothing. Apologize and say thank you. Then, move on.

Featured Image: John Atherton/ Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  • The vast majority of those supporting the Union cause, INCLUDING Abraham Lincoln, believed that the Negro was not, and never could be, the equal of a white man. (To be fair, most also believed the same of Slavs, Irish, Italians, Hispanics, etc.)

    Martin Luther King had a dream, one that was being oh so slowly brought to reality – but this was sabotaged almost from the very start.

  • Scott says:

    The left never has and never will build anything. They are not capable of it, all they can do is destroy what better men / women than they have built.

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  • Cameron says:

    And yet if these soldiers said acceptable things, he’d still find something “problematic” because his paycheck depends on it.

  • Cameron says:

    Random thought about this quote: “God has placed between us a barrier of color”

    So what’s so terrible about that? Nowadays, we have colored students in college demanding non white spaces. Shouldn’t that be condemned as well?

  • Frank Hammond says:

    My dad was in the Invasion of North Africa, Sicily and Italy – Gitre wouldn’t last two seconds. He is nothing but a pencil pushing coward.

    • Cameron says:

      He knows deep down that he can’t compare to people like that in spite of their perceived shortcomings. But since they are dead, he can lash out at them and justify his existence.

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