GQ Lectures Their Target Demo On “New Masculinity”

GQ Lectures Their Target Demo On “New Masculinity”

GQ Lectures Their Target Demo On “New Masculinity”

Straight off the presses comes more tripe from Conde Nast and GQ. In the latest November issue, GQ has unveiled their “voices of new masculinity”.

Here, you’ll read about 18 “influential”, as they call them, people who are “shaping our culture now“. The publication features singer Pharrell Williams wearing what looks to be a dress made of sleeping bags. You may remember the Gillette ad from a few months back:

Yes, our boys (those of us who are still raising them in our households) WILL be the men of tomorrow. But what kind of men are they going to be? This perspective from GQ (which is short for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, by the way) comes from 12 individuals who are either female or part of the LGBTQ community with only four of these voices being heterosexual men. Now, there’s nothing wrong with women and the non-binary community sounding off on masculinity. But here we have an individual who was once a woman, apologizing for being a man:

My life was dotted with a thousand such revelations in the first years of my transition: When a woman crossed to the other side of the street to avoid my newly weaponized body, late at night. When my uncle offered his hand at my mother’s funeral. (“Men don’t hug,” he told me, not unkindly.)

The expectation of what being a white man “meant” was apparent in how the world reacted to me.”-Thomas Page McBee

Wait, what?

Thomas Page McBee was the first transgender boxer to appear at Madison Square Garden as well as the same person who said “suddenly people listened” when his voice lowered a few octaves.

Here’s a woman who likes to make “masculine” objects into pillows and call them “art” (I’m not kidding), Al Freeman:

Two years ago, when her solo debut opened at the New York gallery 56 Henry, the celebrated artist Al Freeman presented objects that could easily be found in a frat house: a beer can, a lava lamp, a set of male genitals—except that these were understuffed pillows. Freeman’s soft-sculpture work is an effort to examine hypermasculine spaces, an exploration of what she calls ‘a club I can’t be a part of.'”

So my 13 year-old’s lava lamp is now a symbol of toxic, frat-house masculinity? A LAVA LAMP. How was I to know that purchasing said lava lamp (at the oh-so-woke Target-don’t judge…I can’t help it) that I was promoting hyper masculinity? It was on sale for $15.99!

Comic, Hannah Gadsby:

My advice on modern masculinity would be to look at all those traits you believe are feminine and interrogate why you are so obsessed with being the opposite. Because this idea that to be a man you have to be the furthest away from being a woman that you possibly can is really weird.

Why is everyone so scared of not being masculine? If you consider many of those in power, those who claim to be “leading” the world at the moment, you’ve got a lot of hypermasculine man-babies, with terrible hair and no ability to compromise. These are the cool guys who are taking us all to hell in a handbasket they didn’t pay for.-Hannah Gadsby

GQ also interviewed rapper, Killer Mike and partner Shana Render, who hang out together at strip clubs and like to “empower” the dancers to invest in real estate, massage companies and catering. So much for #MeToo, which the GQ article likes to mention often. This- going to strip clubs and advising pole dancers on financial investments while slipping dollar bills in their g-strings, according to GQ is “activism”. Right. Got it. Killer Mike is also a Bernie Sanders supporter, has spoken out against police brutality and likes to pack heat on occasion.

Exactly. Why do we need “new masculinity”? And is all traditional masculinity “toxic”? We can venture to say that abusers such as Harvey Weinstein and his cronies are toxic men and be balls-on accurate. They are individuals who take advantage of others in sometimes desperate situations. Are womanizers off the hook and blameless? No. But whatever happened to getting a broader perspective on an argument such as this? Again, Conde Nast outdoes themselves by interviewing 18 people, none of them Conservative men.

Most men I know are decidedly male. They are not womanizers. They hug other guys. They hold doors (for both genders), they treat their female counterparts as equal members of a family, a group of people-of a conversation. They don’t go around playing grab-ass or making cat-calls at women. They’re not afraid to show emotion or even cry. They’re not even all Conservative. These men are not obsessed with being “opposite of women”, as Hannah Gadsby spouts off. The idea that “men thinking they need the furthest away from being a woman” is NOT really weird. In fact, most of us ladies are attracted to that opposite. In some circles, we call this chemistry.

You know what’s really weird? Sitting next to a man at a bar who is wearing a flannel, sporting a five o’ clock shadow, drinking a beer and clearly wearing salon lash extensions. Saw this a few weeks ago. Now THAT’S weird. To the GQ crowd, this would be defined as “new masculinity”.Where are you, John Wayne?

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  • Bob says:

    Here’s my “for what it’s worth” contribution: When I shake hands with a woman, I do it the same way I do it with a man, a firm (but not bone-crushing) grip. On more than one occasion I’ve had a woman tell me they appreciate that, and how much they hate “wimpy” handshakes from men.

    • Mark Kaulius says:

      I don’t touch women I am not married to….period. End of discussion. Too much risk these days. Just a head nod and hello.

  • Joe R. says:

    The “problem” doesn’t get to define the problem. The problem doesn’t get to offer ‘solutions’ to the problem.

    New masculinity, and those pushing it, are the problem.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    I suspect that there’s more contributors to the article than the magazine has readers.
    I’m also pretty sure that GQ is about to go out of business.

  • Mark Kaulius says:

    Some day people like these will be confined and treated for their mental illness.

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