#GOPDebate: Cruz v. Rubio Fight

#GOPDebate: Cruz v. Rubio Fight

#GOPDebate: Cruz v. Rubio Fight

During tonight’s debate, it was clear that the moderators knew that they wanted to pick a fight between a couple of the candidates. And for once, it didn’t involve Donald Trump. They deliberately picked questions that asked one candidate to directly criticize another. And the two favorites tonight were Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio.
From talk about ISIS…

To debating about immigration…

Okay, we get it. CNN wanted a cage match of Cruz v. Rubio. This had the possibly unintended effect of pushing Donald Trump into the background far more than he has been in the previous debates, which allowed him to give his face a workout.

However, something very odd happened near the end of the debate.
What on earth WAS that? I think Greg Gutfeld put it best:

Have Trump and Cruz already struck a deal to join forces? It would be downright stupid of Cruz to give off any indications at this point that he’s agreed to be a vice presidential candidate for Trump when he’s still currently seeking the nomination himself. Is Cruz trying to get close to Trump, so at the moment the Donald is no longer the leader in the polls, Cruz can sweep up his supporters? This entire exchange was awkward and weird – and I don’t think it helped Cruz one bit.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall behind the scenes. I’d bet we’d learn a lot of interesting information, like if the media considers Rubio to be the biggest threat to a President Hillary, so engineered it so he and Cruz would fight onstage. Or if Cruz and Trump really are working quietly together. Or if Trump was really that upset to not have as much air time as Cruz and Rubio bickered and possibly weakened each other. Time and tell-all books may answer these questions, but for now… we take a debate break.

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  • Laura Satterfield says:

    Am I the only one who felt that the only reason they (CNN) allowed Rand Paul on the main debate stage was to double team Marco Rubio with Senator Cruz? It seemed very obvious to me but I haven’t heard any of the pundits mention anything about it. It was like Rand Paul was an echo chamber for Cruz, and sometimes he was a team mate that set up the ball for Cruz so he could slam it across the net. (Volleyball Reference)

    • CJay says:

      Laura, I am in complete agreement with you. I knew before hand, the only reason Rand clawed his way into the debate was because he is obsessed with insulting Rubio. I knew my thought was true, when a Rubio insult was in his opening statement.

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