Georgia Senate Race Gets Covid Crazy

Georgia Senate Race Gets Covid Crazy

Georgia Senate Race Gets Covid Crazy

The Georgia Senate Race just got Covid crazy with the news the Republican David Perdue is quarantining four days ahead of election day. Because after a stolen Presidential Election, why not? Why not take the Senior Senator from Georgia off the trail at the last minute? Am I right?

So what in the name of peach pie happened? While the 71 year old Perdue and his wife have tested negative for the Wuhan Lung Rot, someone in his campaign who does have the China Flu:

Guidelines issued by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call for people exposed to someone with Covid to stay home for 14 days after their last contact with an infected person.

“This morning, Senator Perdue was notified that he came into close contact with someone on the campaign who tested positive for COVID-19,” Perdue’s campaign said in a statement.

“Both Senator Perdue and his wife tested negative today, but following his doctor’s recommendations and in accordance with CDC guidelines, they will quarantine,” the campaign said.

The Georgia Senate Run-off is in a statistical dead heat with the Democrats Jon Ossoff, running against Perdue, and Raphael Warnock, running against Kelly Loeffler, slightly ahead. I understand that Georgia is not reliably red and is definitely more magenta, but how are the Weeble Ossoff and the unholy Warnock even in the same ballpark as Loeffler and Perdue? The Republican candidates should have been able to be like Basement Biden and still be ahead. Except, of course, Republicans don’t cheat.

I don’t like bullies or bullying but there is something about Jon Ossoff that makes me want to tell him to do push-ups until I get tired. Ossoff bought a documentary film company and has lost elections. Those are his only life accomplishments. And, like ALL of our elites, he has accepted money from the Chinese:

Questions have also arisen over how much money the Democratic darling has accepted from China and Qatar after he brokered deals with a Hong Kong news agency and Qatar-backed Al Jazeera to air two of his films on the Islamic State.

Ossoff maintained that his films were sold to Al Jazeera English, not the Arabic branch, and that he only received $1,000 in broadcast rights from the Hong Kong company, which Perdue alleged was “a Communist Chinese news agency.”

When Fox News Channel’s Peter Doocey asked him about it today, he was condescending and deflected:

Mercy, what a twat weeble. In case you can’t or don’t want to watch the video, here is the FNC report:

The candidate dismissed a comparison by Doocy to Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif. The four-term congressman has faced intense scrutiny and some sharp criticism, especially from Republicans, in recent weeks, after reports that a suspected Chinese spy worked as a prominent fundraiser for Swalwell for years. Some House Republicans are calling for Swalwell’s removal from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, though authorities have not accused him of any wrongdoing.


After Ossoff’s interaction with Doocy aired on Fox News, Perdue communications director John Burke argued that “instead of giving Georgians the answers they deserve, Jon Ossoff decided to be flippant and dismissive about concerns that the Chinese Communist Party may be targeting him.”

Now, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are not my favorite Republicans. That’s a fact. I would prefer that they weren’t so establishment. But, Ossoff is a condescending weeble.

Unless Sweet Meteor of Death comes in time to destroy the planet, the Georgia Senate Race will happen on January 5, 2021. Pray for David Perdue and his family. Pray for our Nation.

Featured Image: DonkeyHotey/ Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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