Generation Z Is One of “Tolerance and Decency”: Says Bernie Sanders

Generation Z Is One of “Tolerance and Decency”: Says Bernie Sanders

Generation Z Is One of “Tolerance and Decency”: Says Bernie Sanders

Says Teen Vogue. Bernie Sanders stopped by the magazine to pander to Generation Z his newly 18 year-old (and soon to be old enough) voters this past week.

We know what you’re thinking: not enough caffeine or alcohol could get you through this tripe. That’s why we here at Victory Girls took one for the team! Sanders, of course, starts off on the climate change platform:

Here is the truth: We face an unprecedented moment in human history. I’m not talking about modern history; I’m talking about human history. The scientific community has told us that we face an existential crisis. We’re seeing the warmest years on record.”-Bernie Sanders

Really, Bernie? This is why I am huddled up in a sweater in Seattle in mid-July? Warmest summer on record, dude, let me tell you. Feelin’ the BURN here! Of course, most people in this beautiful state will vote for you because socialism is their rainbow-puking unicorn.

Sanders also talks about being a big fan of the “Squad” girl from The Bronx, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-from-the-block, calling her “extraordinarily smart“.

Many of the ideas that I raised four years ago, which seemed to be radical ideas, are now being adopted by almost all of the Democratic candidates. That’s a good thing.”-Bernie Sanders

Is it, though?

Sanders lamented to Teen Vogue about how he was a draft dodger “community organizer” in Chicago in the Vietnam Era. I know it is so judgmental of me to insinuate that he dodged the draft. He was a “conscientious objector“, after all.

The rest of the interview consisted of pretty much the same ol’ Bernie bits. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, blah, blah blah and he is oh-so-concerned about our younger generations of today being able to afford college and homes. Why? So that they, too, could be him and amass an estimated $2.5 million fortune from real estate, investments, government pensions—and earnings from three books and live the American Dream like he does? Yes young dimwits. All of this is done through socialism!

Alas, comes the time in the interview where Sanders massages some young egos….

What I will say is — and I say this sincerely — is that I think the younger generation today is probably the most progressive young generation in the history of this country. This is a generation which is profoundly anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-xenophobic, and anti–religious bigotry. It is a generation of tolerance and decency. And that is no small thing. And that generation should be very proud of who they are.”-Bernie Sanders

Now, I am trying not to generalize here when I say the following. I am also trying to put the anger at a young women who pushed her way in front of me near a clothing rack to eye something while doing SnapChat with a friend today during my lunch hour. True story. I stared her down and said “excuse me” in as snotty of a tone I could muster but I was also dumbfounded by her nonchalant attitude. Disclaimer: not all members of Generation Z are like this, I know this. My friend’s daughters are in our ladies’ group and I totally enjoy them and have learned from their perspective. But a fair amount of them are rude and self-centered. A fair amount of them are “profoundly anti-racist” until they impose the racism themselves. Ever walk the hallways of a junior high or high school? If not, I assure you that there are kids of all racial backgrounds dropping the “N” word. There are plenty of sexist lyrics in rap songs they listen to. There are plenty of straight kids who get attitude for being straight and peacefully NOT buying into the LGBTQ lifestyle. Some members of Generation Z are anti-religious bigotry as long as the other person is not a Christian against abortion. It is sad that some members of Generation Z are only tolerant if their peers’ views align with their own and if they do not, all decency goes out the window.

Tolerant and decent is not the way I would describe most left-leaning young people. Tolerance and decency, does not come from government. These character traits come from within one’s family and values taught inside of the home. But if parents are planting their teenage girls in front of a screen to read and get advice from a piece of trash like Teen Vogue, including how to vote if they are of age, we have bigger problems on our hands than an old wanna-be communist like Bernie Sanders.

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