Gender Justice Cannot Exist Without Defined Genders

Gender Justice Cannot Exist Without Defined Genders

Gender Justice Cannot Exist Without Defined Genders

As a Gen X girl, raised in Austin, TX, I was a solidly “purple” republican.  I said I was fiscally conservative and socially liberal.  You do you, and if it doesn’t infringe on my freedom – go for it.  In other words, libertarian.  But as a Reagan devotee, I called myself a republican and thought nothing of it.

Spending a decade in Los Angeles, I met and adored many gay friends.  My best friend was gay, and I miss him constantly in these weird Orwellian days.  So many questions I want to ask him about where he might stand on these issues.  We had a handful of discussions about the transgender movement over the years and as a gay man he felt their concerns were not his concerns and often felt they were interlopers into his progressive goals.  So when I read Elizabeth Warren’s proclamation claiming student debt is a “gender justice” issue, I just got riotously angry.  There is no gender “justice” without defined genders.

Hey Feaux-cahontis! Who is going to be the arbiter of deciding whose loans get cancelled?  I sure as hell hope it won’t be decided on a Ketanji Jackson Brown Supreme Court! If Judge Brown cannot define who a woman is, then who will?

According to the Breitbart piece’s coverage of Warren’s tweet, the justification for this gender justice outrage is thus:

“While student loan debt is referred to as everything from a burden to a national crisis, one thing is evident. Recent graduates, especially women, are lacking adequate support in the form of financial education, which is negatively affecting their long-term financial outlooks and opportunities,” said Alyssa Schaefer, Chief Marketing Officer of Laurel Road”

What happens when all boys just identify as women?  Across the board?  Does that mean the fake wage-gap issue gets dispelled too?  If gender is just a construct, then how do we know men are being paid more than women in the same job roles?  Do you have to be a “bleeder” to be in the right intersectionality?  When did my body’s functionality begin to define me?  Should men just be called “farters?”

This cultural issue is not something the GOP needs to give up on.  They need to take it and run like Braveheart across the country!  I don’t think first-wave feminism had this in mind.  First wave feminism wanted the right to vote.  To be seen as intellectually equal and relevant in political affairs.  As a Gen Xer, I was grateful to the women who came before me and broke the glass ceiling.  I wanted to be the first woman president.

At sixteen I kept myself awake at night thinking of how I could make America better.  Not undo it but improve it.  But I also wanted to get married and have babies.  I seriously spent hours wondering what kind of husband would make for a great ‘first man’ as I needed to travel and make important decisions.  My husband needed to be smart enough to stand beside me but who had a job that would allow for greater child-care responsibilities.  I was a real PROGRESSIVE.  But I never didn’t want to be a woman!  I loved my gender!

I am angry for the young women today who are giving their all in their various sports endeavors, wondering if it will all be worth it if some new Lia Thomas transfers the following year and decides he’s going to be my competition.  Where will their scholarship be?  Where will that gold medal at the Olympics come from?

It’s just maddening to see my womanhood nullified in the blurring of identity politics.  I am angry for the young women coming up in the world.  Wondering how they will have to break, not glass ceilings but gender walls.  Elizabeth Warren and the gender warriors will have dug themselves a hole that they cannot get themselves out from and our Supreme Court will be trapped in a quandary of how to define genders for justice.

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  • Cameron says:

    “Women owe over two-thirds of student debt.”


    Dear Pokahonky,

    May I remind you that you and your ilk pushed for colleges to be ALL WAMENZ in the student body. Men are going to colleges at a much lower rate because they go into trades or the military. So yeah; more women = more student debt.

    How about encouraging children to not take loans for worthless degree fields and put the colleges on the hook for loans?

  • NTSOG says:

    “But I never didn’t want to be a woman! I loved my gender!”

    However the ‘progressive’ male-to-female trans wokists and their appeasers represent the worst elements of male chauvinism and want to define women in terms of their own mental illness and, sometimes, their depraved ‘tastes’. They hate real women. They want to substitute their own definition of being female, a woman – because they cannot ever be a real woman.

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