Gay Reparations Are Now A Thing

Gay Reparations Are Now A Thing

Gay Reparations Are Now A Thing

Rewrite history, apologize and pay the bribe. Wash, rinse, and repeat, ad nauseam. That has been the bullying recipe for the Social Justice Warriors for at least the last decade. So I know that none of you are the least bit surprised by the call for “gay reparations”.

The failing New York Times has posted an article, addressing said subject, on it’s website. The article, “The Case For Gay Reparation” is written by Omar G. Encarnacion. The professor teaches political studies, naturally, at Bard College in New York, which is in a lovely setting on the Hudson River. The subtitle for this opinion piece is: “Other countries are taking steps to atone for their shameful past treatment of L.G.B.T. people. The United States should too.” Atone “for their shameful past treatment of L.G.B.T. people? My frontal lobe just slapped my temporal lobe. The post begins:

The New York Police Department apologized last week to the gay community for the 1969 raid of the Stonewall Inn, the fallout of which is widely credited with spurring the contemporary gay rights movement at home and abroad. Timed to coincide with Stonewall’s 50th anniversary, the statement by Commissioner James P. O’Neill said in part: “The actions taken by the N.Y.P.D. were wrong — plain and simple” and “the actions and the laws were discriminatory and oppressive, and for that, I apologize.” The apology is the culmination of a decades-old struggle by gay activists for recognition of wrongdoing on the part of the police — one that few activists thought could ever become a reality.

First of all, you need to read up on the police and crime syndicate corruption of the time to understand what really happened at Stonewall. Read the article at here. Second, are there even members of the police department who were there at Stonewall who are still alive? If so, they may want to apologize for any harm they may have caused any persons. The NYPD, as an agency of the city today, is not responsible for what happened fifty years ago. Stonewall was raided because of bootleg liquor. Bootleg liquor is still illegal and the Feds will raid an establishment that traffics in illegal alcohol.

Next Professor Encarnacion opines:

Although there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to gay reparation, countries have taken three distinct approaches. The most common is “moral rehabilitation,” which entails a formal apology by the state and the expunging of criminal records of those convicted of a homosexual offense. There’s also financial compensation for loss of income and pensions. Finally, there’s “truth-telling,” or an official report on past wrongs that incorporates steps for reparation. These are not mutually exclusive approaches; in fact, as recent experiences show, they are often pursued simultaneously or sequentially.

Why do “moral rehabilitation” and “truth-telling” sound so re-education camp-like? Oh, I know because they are. Now, if there is anyone who would like to request that his/her criminal record be expunged of a homosexual offense, I can get behind that. Do it retroactively with haste.

Mr. Encarnacion goes on to the sordid history of the United States with “Lavender Scare”, Anita Bryant and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Rewriting history to make people who were “of their time” into evil caricatures doesn’t help anyone understand history or how we have grown and become more educated.

Finally, there is this:

The Trump administration has also displayed a keen hostility toward the gay community. Early on, all references to L.G.B.T. people were erased from government websites, including the 2017 apology issued by Secretary of State John Kerry for “decades of prejudice” toward gay and lesbians at the State Department. This month, the Trump administration rejected requests to fly the rainbow flag, a symbol of gay pride, at American embassies during the month of June, a practice begun by the Obama administration as a sign of America’s support for L.G.B.T. rights.

Well, just about anything that John Kerry said is pretty useless in my opinion, especially an apology. However, I have a thing about our United States flag. I had no idea the rainbow flag was ever flown at any of our embassies. If so, I would have written about it before. Nope, sorry, not sorry. No other flag should ever be flown over our embassies but the U.S. flag. If that is part of gay reparations, then nope.

I agree with Vice President Mike Pence in this interview with Kristen Welker of NBC News:

No to gay reparations. That is emotional extortion. No to the Gay Pride flag flying beneath the U.S. flag. No more caving to the Social Justice Warriors. If you have harmed a gay person through thought, word, deed, then make your own gay reparations and apologize.

We need to work from a place of reason and not emotional extortion. Say no to bullies. Be polite to everyone. My frontal and temporal lobes are going for a drink together.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    I’m all for gay repartitions.
    When they figure out how much havoc and expense that their community laid upon the public, along with the IV street drug needle sharers, then maybe we can put the whole AIDS thing behind us.
    I imagine the “lost” research and medical care expenses in themselves will be quite steep.
    Of course the subset of the homosexual community, the pedophile groomers of both sexes, may have some
    more serious reparations to atone for.

    • MOTUS says:

      I say let the Reverend Al “We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” Sharpton pay them for us.

      And by the way, when do we get reparations from gays for culturally appropriating a perfectly good word like “gay” for their own purposes? And what about unicorns and rainbows? They used to be kid-friendly.

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  • GWB says:

    How do you even do that, given that homosexual behavior is not heritable?

    And, of course, to ALL demands for reparations from me, when I’ve done nothing to you: FU!

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  • Oldav8r says:

    “reparations” + “Professor” + Small NY college = more lefty drivel. 3 strikes..I’m out.

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