From The VG Bookshelf: Thank You For My Service

From The VG Bookshelf: Thank You For My Service

From The VG Bookshelf: Thank You For My Service

This week, From The VG Bookshelf brings you “Thank You For My Service” written by former Army Ranger and entrepreneur Mat Best, with co-writers Ross Patterson and Nils Parker. This book is possibly the funniest book ever written about the war-fighter experience. First though, I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t read this book. There are four reasons:

1. Gruesome descriptions of terrorists’ deaths upset you.

2. Liberal usage of profanity upsets you.

3. The word “pussy” makes you want to knit a pink hat.

4. You are now or have ever been a student a Cal State Northridge.

Me, I lovered me this book. I laughed so hard that my husband came out to ask why I was cackling. Take for instance this description of a dead terrorist from page 90: “The (—-) had turned the HVT (high-value target) into a bearded s’more inside his late-model Toyota Campfire.” And, after that in service of his country, Best and a battle buddy had to saw off the terrorist’s head and arm for DNA purposes. The story of the aftermath is hysterically funny.

I learned new and exciting phrases, too. Phrases like “Afghani Jumping Jacks” (YouTube), “Eiffel Towering” (Google it) and “holster your mice” (advice to keyboard warriors). I also learned about a skin infection called “Bullous Impetigo”. Which is reason #792 why I will never do the third phase of Ranger School in the Florida Swamps.

“Thank You For My Service” is written in a casual, conversational style. It feels like sitting at a bar and having a Leadslingers whiskey while talking to a friend.

Mat Best is open and honest about his struggles. He lost two mentors in one battle. Sergeant Dale Brehm and Staff Sergeant Ricardo Barraza, and those like them, are reasons, he argues, that we should live our lives in the most awesome way possible.

His struggles with the students of Cal State Northridge once Best left the Army are of a totally different type. And, unfortunately, his experience is not unique to Cal State Northridge. From page 129:

But the fundamental lack of understanding of how the world works, the lack of awareness of how privileged they were, and the absence of basic respect for America that I heard coming out of the mouths of these kids was like listening to a sixty-minute loop of nails on a chalkboard. If these conversations were representative of the dialogue that I would have to entertain while enrolled here, they were about as likely to survive in the real world as I was to survive on this campus.

Best then became a private military contractor for five years, for a super secret government organization, which led to him becoming a social media star. Yeah, that doesn’t happen. But, it did. I really struggled with which video to include in this review. Best’s first social media video “Champagne Facebook Problems” is a riot and you can watch it here.

Social media stardom led to entrepreneurship. Podcasts, tshirts, Leadslingers Whiskey, Black Rifle Coffee Company and a movie, “Range 15”. That was how I first heard the name Mat Best. My son donated to the crowdfunded movie and got a free poster. Totally worked for me.

So, I finally decided on this video:


“Thank You For My Service” is an honest and refreshing look at one military man’s experience. But, it represents the type of personnel I know, and the one I personally raised. They aren’t victims or dumb (I’m looking at you, Kerry.) Some of them truly love what they do. Read this book.

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  • samoore says:

    I’m reading it, and you’re right: it is a very good read.

    Black Rifle Coffee and Leadslinger bourbon are very good, too.

    I ended up with two copies of “Range 15” — I ordered one and two were delivered.I contacted them to see about returning one and was told “keep it”.
    So I gave it to a cousin who’s a Marine.

  • Scott says:

    Thanks Tony, Mat Best is a hoot! (check out his video on crossfit, it’ll have you crying!). Now i’m gonna have to buy another book.. lol.. (Black Rifle Coffee is some of the best as well..My favorite is “murdered out”…)

  • Scruff says:

    Matt Best, inventor of the bikini snap. That alone should serve as an example of his reality cred.

  • GWB says:

    how privileged they were
    Funny that once again projection is a staple of the leftist method. They love to scream about other people’s privilege, while not understanding their own.

    (Yes, they are privileged – privileged to live in the richest, most free, and care-free society the world has ever known. And they abuse that privilege* every day, by trying to tear down all the things that made our society as great as it is.)
    (* Unlike Matt’s response to that privilege, “that we should live our lives in the most awesome way possible.”)

  • Matthew W says:

    He’s got a funny utube channel !!

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