Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

What story springs to mind when viewing this image? Write it, 100 words — no more, no less — and post it in the comment section.

I’ll start with a story


We were gone too long. We had escaped the collapse, throwing ourselves outside of Earth, moving as close as we dared to lightspeed in order to skip that we had been unable to divert.

We never even entertained the hope of “prevent.” Stay away just enough, so rescue and rebuild could be affected.

Yet, as we swung into orbit, we found nothing. We watched as night slipped over the blue-green globe and …

Nothing. (We saw the warning light for the airlock & realized Saul was missing)

Until …There! … a flicker … something only instruments revealed.

Someone was waiting.


Now, your turn.

Written by

  • Stephen Fletcher says:

    “There must always be a light on the hillside.” That’s what his grandfather had told him on the day the old man died.

    There must always be a light so that when villagers look up they can see the path before them. There must always be a light so that those tempted by darkness can find a way of escape from it. There must always be a light so those trapped in the veil of midnight can find hope in the midst of it.

    There must always be a light on the hillside, Tomas – and you must be that light.

  • JibberJabber says:

    I’d forgive your mistakes,
    If it meant you would stay.
    How can I go to sleep,
    When dreams are far away?
    Please do not forget me.
    You will find me some day.

    To find your way tonight,
    I’ll make the path seem bright,
    By keeping on the light.

    I am always with you.
    I’m the ache in your heart.
    I’ll heal yours. You’ll heal mine.
    We will not be apart.
    Don’t know why you left me.
    We could make a fresh start.

    You still can make things right.
    I’ll wait all through the night,
    And I’ll keep on the light.

  • Dave says:

    Damn Earthers. Every time they dock something gets off their ships. First it was mosquitos, then mice, and now this new, terrible thing. The Earther who’s ship it got off from is out there somewhere, trying to scare it up.

    For an Earther he’s not too bad. Mother likes him, but maybe not any more, not after he told her we needed to go hunt this thing. It must be a terrible thing like the Earther said. When he told mother what we’re hunting her eyes got so big and she ran from the room.

    Snipes, I already hate them.

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