Free Weed for the Poor (Updated)

Free Weed for the Poor (Updated)

The Berkeley, CA city council has tentatively voted to force the 3 and soon-to-be 4 medical marijuana dispensaries to give away 2% of their marijuana to the poor and homeless in their community each year. And the pot they give away can’t be poor quality either. The proposed city ordinance reads (PDF) that the “medical cannabis provided under this section shall be the same quality on average” as marijuana “dispensed to other members.”

According to this report, an eligible person must qualify for exemption from local taxes and fees, an income level that’s set every year by the city council. That equates to $32,000 a year for one person and $46,000 a year for a family of four. The free pot ordinance is awaiting final approval, but could become law in August.

So… free Obama bud. What could go wrong? Check out this video:

This is so Berkeley… a bunch of old-school hippies drugging the poor, whilst penalizing business, to “shield the less fortunate” from “the pain that society inflicts” upon them. Are they not going to simply reinforce the stereotype that the poor are just a bunch of losers and stoners, which is completely counterproductive to their chronic hypocritical whines for economic justice? Being poor is never a desirable position but isn’t this creating yet one more incentive to stay poor? What’s next? Groceries, cars, gas, clothing, McDonald’s all mandated to give 2% of their goods to the indigent? And yes, this violates federal law but who really cares? Certainly not Holder and Obama.

Free dope, free food, free phones, free housing, free birth control, free medical… In the Age of Obama we have moved exponentially closer toward that utopian socialism, comrade.

UPDATE 9/4/14: “Weed Welfare” is now a go in Berkeley, California. The City Council has unanimously approved the ordinance, ordering medical marijuana dispensaries to donate 2% of their best stash to patients making less than $32,000 a year. It’s set to launch in August of 2015.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Many of the homeless cannot find or hold employment because they are substance abusers. What a great example of Progressive compassion – unemployable, homeless and stoned. (If I seem cynical about the idea, I am. My father was a substance abuser. My mother, who he attacked with a knife, my brother, who he beat with a shovel, and me, who he tried roughing up and learned I learned self defense, all can tell you this about being the victim of “victimless crimes”. And, we can also tell you about his change from being a great husband, father and provider to someone pulled down into Hell by drugs, and taking his family with him. At least in support groups we learned we weren’t alone, or that our experience wasn’t uncommon.)

  • VALman says:

    Should I ever move to Berkeley, I’ll petition the city council to declare REDBREAST, an Irish Whiskey, medicinal. And, also, that those who can’t afford . . .

  • VALman says:

    Please note that I’m having a problem with my mail serve, so Im posting this here. As you may know there is a situation developing in Murrieta, CA. I’m including this link:

    We need calm heads and factual information. Any that you VGs and your commenters can provide would be appreciated. Thank you, VALman

  • Curious Mayhem says:

    So, is this the opiate of the masses? Or the cannibis of the unwashed?

  • Anonymous says:

    Jesus wept.

    “Hey Doc, can you hook me up wif some free weed?”

    “I’m not actually a doctor.”

    “I don’t care. I just want my free dope.”

    “Do you qualify? Are you poor?”

    “Yeah. I’m unemployable. I haven’t had a job in years. I panhandle in the parking lot of a supermarket in Oakland.”

    “Why are you unemployable?”

    “Because I keep coming in for work interviews reeking of weed and failing the drug tests.”

    “Well, I’ve got just the thing to help you…”

  • Diggs says:

    Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing that poor people need more than free dope. It will help their lives in just so many ways to be stoned. Just look at how getting drunk daily improved their lives.

  • richard40 says:

    “That equates to $32,000 a year for one person and $46,000 a year for a family of four”
    That is considered the poverty level. In my kneck of the woods it would be middle calss. And getting free dope is going to help them get jobs and escape poverty. Are these legislators smoking dope? (well yes, they probably are)

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