#FreddieGray Trial: Officer Edward Nero NOT GUILTY On All Charges [VIDEOS]

#FreddieGray Trial: Officer Edward Nero NOT GUILTY On All Charges [VIDEOS]

#FreddieGray Trial: Officer Edward Nero NOT GUILTY On All Charges [VIDEOS]

It was a case that never should’ve gone to trial in the first place. The case against Officer Edward Nero was by far, the weakest of the six regarding the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. Yet fame-seeking prosecutor Marilyn Mosby forged ahead in her quest to bring “justice” and “peace” to the land while appeasing the Black Lives Matter crowd, and charged Nero with four misdemeanor counts of second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct in office.


Well, Mosby over-promised, over-charged, and definitely did not deliver. This morning Judge Barry Williams found Officer Edward Nero NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Edward Nero_1463999751904_2458465_ver1.0Andrew Branca over at Legal Insurrection has been following the case very closely. His insights due to his legal expertise are well worth reading. The state needed to prove its rationale that Nero was at fault because he didn’t judge probable cause for himself concerning Gray’s arrest and he didn’t question his superior officer’s experience and judgement on the matter. The state also tried to convince Judge Williams that Nero was at fault for not seat belting Gray, when its already been well established that putting seat belts on prisoners was definitely NOT a common practice within the Baltimore PD.

With his verdict of Not Guilty, Judge Williams found the state’s case lacking. In a big way. Marilyn Mosby has egg on her face and is likely wishing that she too was in Las Vegas with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

The reactions and commentary have been measured on the part of observers, supporters of Officer Nero, public officials, and attorneys

The Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police issued this statement:

Officer Nero is relieved that for him, this nightmare is nearing an end. Being falsely charged with a crime, and being prosecuted for reasons that have nothing to do with justice, is a horror that no person should ever have to endure. Unfortunately, however, his relief is tempered by the fact that five other Police Officers, outstanding men and women, and good friends, must continue to fight these baseless prosecutions. None of these Officer did anything wrong. The State Attorney’s office responded to the riots and violence in Baltimore by rushing to charge these Officers rashly and without any meaningful investigation.

A surprisingly measured and complimentary response from the Gray family attorney…

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake issued this statement from her safe perch in Las Vegas.

As many are pointing out…instead of providing the citizens of Baltimore with “safe spaces to destroy,” she is now calling for patience and informing them that everyone will be protected. Many others have issued statements regarding the outcome of this case, which can be read here. However, there is one who is still silent.

Yes, you guessed it, Marilyn Mosby hasn’t issued so much as a peep since the judge rendered his verdict of Not Guilty. This is the second case of the 6 that has gone down in flames on her watch. The first trial was a hung jury and now the second has a verdict the very opposite of what she wanted.

For Officer Nero, justice was served, but thankfully it wasn’t the hyper political “injustice” that Marilyn Mosby wanted.


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  • GWB says:

    Justice was served – in a very legalistic sense.
    Justice won’t be truly served until Mosby is run out of town on a rail, along with all the other promoters of lies, injustice, and the Marxist way.

    As Instapundit is fond of saying, “Why are progressive-run cities such cesspits of racism and injustice?”

    • Jodi says:

      Exactly, GWB. Mosby is the one who should be prosecuted for malicious prosecution etc etc etc, and then disbarred.

      • GWB says:

        I don’t have any faith left in the system to handle this. So, I’m going for tar and feathers or the rail from now on. Or other more drastic options if the crime and corruption is more egregious.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    At least the Orioles are on a road trip this time-no playing in an empty stadium.

  • Anonymous says:

    Officer Nero’s ordeal has in all likelihood only just begun.

    Just because one jury found him not guilty, don’t think for a moment, especially with the Kenyan running things, that there won’t be Federal charges. “Violation of civil rights.” “Harassment.” “Hate Crime.” “Aggravated mopery with intent to creep.” And if juries still can’t be found that will convict, why, then tack on the words “conspiracy to” and try them again and again and again until they get the verdict they want. The precedents have already been established–white men have no Fifth Amendment protections against double jeopardy. The Nine Kings in Black Robes said so, in 1992’s case, US vs. Felix.

    And after that come the civil trials, where, once again, they’re going to keep at it, with the support and encouragement of the Kenyan and assorted other “community organizers” in high places, until they get everything they want. Freddie Gray’s seven babymommas and lebbenty babies goan’ get paid, and they goan’ get they justly deserved honkey scalps, short of a President Trump issuing blanket pardons and carrying out a purge of the Department of “Just Us.”

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