for the unborn, who have no voice but ours

for the unborn, who have no voice but ours

for 37 years, on the anniversary of roe v. wade, hundreds of thousands of pro-life americans participate in the march for life.

you can watch the march by going here.

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  • micky says:

    But dont the moonbats speak for everyone with euthanasia and population control being instrumental in the prevention of global warming ?
    Is it not the ultimate act of compassion to keep these babies from having to experience the hell on earth conservatives and corporate industries have created for the entire human race ?
    What kind of selfish prick woulod bring a child into this world ?

  • Jeff Banning says:

    I have never understood the Abortion issue. The Supreme Court who have no pwoer is dictating what should be done. Shouldn’t that be a State power? I reject Roe V. Wade on moral grounds, but I also reject it on Constituional grounds as well. This is a States Rights issue under the Tenth Amendment. It would truly be Pro-Choice if you could chose what State to live in that supports this. Lastly, how come the “it is my body” doesn’t apply to healthcare? Be consistant. Abortion is not a right. It is a mandate for us to accept from a Non-elected, can’t be fired, body.
    P.S. Kate I love your site!


  • David says:

    I’m embarrassed by our society’s (our Country’s) history of legalized ‘euthanasia for babies’. Our society can be evaluated by the way that we treat our most vulnerable – the unborn & the elderly. Sadly, we’re not doing too well on either right now. Let’s hope things are on the mend, and soon!

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