Flint Water Crisis Is Now A Criminal Case. Will The EPA Be Held Accountable? [Video]

Flint Water Crisis Is Now A Criminal Case. Will The EPA Be Held Accountable? [Video]

Flint Water Crisis Is Now A Criminal Case. Will The EPA Be Held Accountable? [Video]

The Flint, MI water crisis is no longer just an ecological and health crisis of major proportions. It is a criminal case.

The Flint water crisis became a criminal case Wednesday when two state regulators and a city employee were charged with official misconduct, evidence-tampering and other offenses over the lead contamination that alarmed the country and brought cries of racism.

“This is a road back to restoring faith and confidence in all Michigan families in their government,” state Attorney General Bill Schuette said in announcing the first charges to come out of the disaster, blamed on a series of bad decisions by bureaucrats and political leaders.

We wrote about the crisis here back in January and outlined the criminally slow response by the EPA to address the issue. In fact, they colluded with others in covering up the dangers posed to the citizens of Flint, MI.


So one would presume that at least one of the three charged by the state would be the EPA administrator for the region who participated in covering up the severity of this crisis. Right? Yeah, no.

Tainted Water Flushed From Flint, MI Fire Hydrant
Tainted Water Flushed From Flint, MI Fire Hydrant

What are the charges leveled against Stephen Busch, a district water supervisor for Michigan’s Dept of Environmental Quality, Mike Glasgow who is currently working as Flint’s city utility admin, and Mike Prysby, a water engineer for the district?

Glasgow:  Tampering with evidence concerning a 2015 water report, and willful neglect of duty. The tampering charge is a felony while the neglect is a misdemeanor charge. Glasgow could face up to four years of prison time for just the tampering charge. He spoke exclusively with CNN a few weeks ago.

Busch and Prysby: Felony charges of tampering with evidence and conspiracy to tamper with evidence along with two misdemeanor violations concerning treatment and monitoring of the Safe Water Drinking Act. Both men face up to 15 years in prison and well over $30,000 each in fines.

Over 50 lawsuits have been filed against those involved in the water crisis. Attorney General Bill Schuette promises more charges against many others involved in this coverup. Does that mean that EPA administrator Susan Hedman, who held up any reporting about the serious dangers of the water because of procedures, will be charged? How about Gina McCarthy, the head of the EPA? Will she be called to task in court? That would be the right thing to do.



Indictments are all well and good. Meanwhile, the water in Flint, MI is still toxic beyond belief. The entire water system infrastructure is corroded and should be replaced. Government officials, from the city to the EPA, supposedly there to help, had One. Job. Keep the water system and the water itself clean and clear. They didn’t. They failed the citizens of Flint, MI, and they should ALL, the EPA included, be held accountable.

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