First VA Transgender Clinic to Open in Cleveland

First VA Transgender Clinic to Open in Cleveland

First VA Transgender Clinic to Open in Cleveland

635828365394330470-1402344431000-vaI’m having a hard time with this story. I can’t decide if I want to laugh or be incredibly angry. The story itself reads like a 8 year old wrote it, which leads me to want to laugh uncontrollably, but the fact that an entire clinic is being dedicated to transgender care within the VA system when so many of our veterans are suffering without the care they deserve and the money they are entitled to makes me irate.

WKYC out of Cleveland, Ohio, proudly proclaims that the Cleveland VA Medical Center will open the first VA clinic specifically dedicated to the healthcare needs of transgender veterans this week – because, you know, there are so many of them. It will provide transgender vets with primary care, hormonal therapy, mental health care (doubtful, right?), and social work services. WKYC goes on to say that all of the providers in the clinic have a special interest in transgender care and “will create an environment that celebrates and welcomes these veterans.”

Well, that’s good, I guess. We wouldn’t want these special snowflakes to receive the rude treatment that the rest of our veterans get: like the videos surfacing of nurses and employees speaking to vets like they are the lowest life form on the planet.

The VA released a statement saying that transgender patients are an important, but frequently overlooked, part of their system. The Cleveland VA alone currently services “about” 20 transgender veterans.

So, basically what they are saying is that the transgender vets are treated exactly like the rest of the vets? They are completely overlooked and mistreated by the staff. We can’t have that, can we? They are, after all, a special interest group.

In marches the social justice warriors of the Left, and what do you know? Transgender veterans get an entire clinic dedicated to a whopping TWENTY of them. If only my husband were a part of a special interest group. Maybe then the VA could find it within their generous heart to process the claim we’re being told will take two to five years and we can get the money that he is owed?

Read the article, and then tell me your reactions to it. I need to know if I am the only one who rotated between outrage and uncontrollable laughter.

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  • OC says:

    Just when you thought the folks at VA couldn’t step on their dicks any faster…….
    Amy, I didn’t read the article – my doc is trying to keep my blood pressure – but I don’t see any thing laughable.

    Good luck to your hubby.

    • Amy Taylor says:

      In the original article the author wrote about how transgendered are at an increased risk of tobacco abuse. Tobacco abuse?! They put it up there with suicide and depression. My husband, a former smoker, laughed as well. You should read it sometime. It really has the feels of an 8 year old author!

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