Fireworks, Tanks, and Planes, Oh My!

Fireworks, Tanks, and Planes, Oh My!

Fireworks, Tanks, and Planes, Oh My!

The “sky is falling” media, and Liberals around the country are in a hyper-frenzy about military tanks and planes inside Washington D.C. during the 4th of July festivities. It’s funny to watch the elite bubble heads pop at what is an everyday sight in small towns across America. The angry outbursts highlight exactly how out of touch they are with everyday Americans, and how much they despise Trump. 

Trump’s Tanks

President Trump is many things. But he’s not shown one iota of leading the Republic into a dictatorship. If anything he’s enforcing laws already on the books, and limiting the “power of the pen” Executive Orders.

But. He’s. Bringing. In. TANKS!!

Oh, Sally…. By all accounts, his big scary tanks are going to be used as static displays. For anyone who has ever attended an Air Show, so common in “Bible and Gun Clutching” towns, it means the tanks will be parked. Immobile. Props for pictures. Pretty cool for those who don’t often get to see the military hardware that is used to fight our battles. Especially on the day celebrating our most successful battle, the one for independence.

Tanks won’t be rolling down the streets of D.C. in a massive display of military might for the newly elected Commander in Chief.

Like they did for FDR. And Eisenhower. And Kennedy.

An Expensive Indulgence in Ego

Adding a flyover isn’t going to break the budget. In fact, ahem, it’s already IN the budget. Unlike most of Congress and their thieving ways, the military has budgets established at least a year out.

Within those budgets is funding for flight hours. The resources account for fuel, maintenance, flight crew hours… All the stuff Congress requires before they fund the military. Per CNN fact checker,

According to the US Air Force, “flyovers are conducted at no additional cost to the taxpayer as they are accomplished using pre-planned and paid for training hours allocated to the units….that the cost of using military assets was estimated to be less than $1 million, and that the personnel involved will be drawn from units based in the Washington area, helping to drive down costs.”

The flyovers at the Super-Bowl, Baseball games, NCAA football events… already funded. The Blue Angels. Scheduled, trained, and specifically funded for flight demonstration. Including those VIP and Media flights(pg37).

It’s not so wasteful that “The World is Melting” Guru Bill Nye refused to participate. He’s not a tyrannical war monger, and surely he bought carbon offsets. Bill Nye pulled nine “Gs” with the United States Navy’s Blue Angel and explored the study of the heart.

Trump Loves Tanks, and Hates National Parks!

But the National Park Service had to redirect funding to cover the cost! The Democrat in charge of the subcommittee wants to launch an investigation into the allocation of park resources to cover the 4th of July event. From the Washington Times,

Rep. Betty McCollum, Minnesota Democrat and chair of the subcommittee that oversees National Park Service spending, called the president’s plans to tap park user fees “absolutely outrageous. These fees are not a slush fund for this administration to use at will. They are meant to improve our national parks, keep them safe and protected for Americans to enjoy, and are clearly not to be used for a political rally”

How exactly is a celebration held every year on the National Mall a political rally? Is it attended by only Trump supporters? Is he fundraising? Registering voters?

Or is he speaking to Americans in his capacity as their President? Does the Liberal vitriol run so deep that he can no longer speak to the citizenry without being accused of holding a rally? Sorry Mz. McCullum, but that’s his job and right as POTUS.

Not to mention, a fireworks display, military bands, and static displays of tanks are within the stated purpose of the National Mall park. It is certainly more inclusive than a Pink Pussy-Hat March. One that won’t even register an “on-the-record” comment from officials in a cost analysis by Bloomberg.

no official was prepared to estimate the cost of the two Women’s Marches.”

Maybe the gentlewoman from Minnesota can investigate how much that clean-up cost the NPS. 

Grab A Democrat With Military Service to Chime In

Democrat Presidential Candidates bash Donald Trump only on a day ending in “y.” Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Mayor Pete has some harsh criticism for DJT, and the planned celebration. According to CNN

Pete Buttigieg on Wednesday slammed President Donald Trump’s upcoming July Fourth “Salute to America” parade, saying that the event — which will feature military tanks and flyovers in Washington — only “makes America look smaller. We’ve been the kind of country that traditionally respects our military enough not to use them as props.”

Excuse me?! If the military isn’t a prop to politicians, then why do candidates and officials fall over themselves to appear in front of enthusiastic uniformed personnel and military machinery? Because the perception of being amongst the service members implies the politician supports the military, and in return enjoys the support of Service Members. Complete prop job.

Bubbleheads Unite!

Fresh off a long 8 year break, Code Pink is showing support by flying the infamous “Baby Trump” balloon during the event. This is nothing short of hypocrites accusing POTUS of politicizing the event, while they intentionally antagonize and politicize the event. His participation is within the scope of his job and the event. Theirs is only to create drama, and highlight partisanship.

At a time when they should be celebrating the obvious contribution of the military to the success of America’s independence from Great Britain, Liberals are using it as a time to bash POTUS. They are seemingly incapable of separating their distaste for the POTUS from the event celebrating America.

Their disdain is probably because a good number of them are only capable of approving America’s ideals when their preferred leader is at the helm. To them, the country is only as good as her President. Their bubble heads cannot process that America’s greatness lies with her citizens. But to recognize that they’d need to descend from their pedestals, and visit an Air Show in the Guns & Bible Belt.

Bring on the Tanks!

America and her military are amazing. We survived 8 years of Obama, and I’m sure the Liberals will survive 8 years of Trump. He’s brash, beyond outrageous in tone, but undeniably a patriot. I can’t fault him for that last one. I really wish he’d pull back on the first two. But it’s irrelevant because Trump isn’t America- We are.

I like tanks, and planes. And fireworks and the USMC Silent Drill Team. I like showcasing them all during a time when America’s citizens are watching a celebration of her Independence Day. Especially when 99% of those watching have no affiliation with the military. I feel sad for them, because where we live “The Noise You Hear Is The Sound of Freedom” is a mantra.

Be it the “whoosh” of artillery, the ground rumbling of a tank range, or the 0200 roar of a High Power turn on a jet engine. It’s a music that sounds just as divine as the 8th & I Evening Parade. America’s citizens deserve the privilege of hearing these songs. I don’t fault Trump for wanting to share them.

8th & I Evening Parade. Photo Credit:Author

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay  Created By: Skeeze  License: Free No Attribution Required

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"CC" to her friends. Recent escapee from Northern VA to the Great State of Texas. I'm a Pro-LIfe, Pro-Gun, Libertarian type... There is very little that fresh lime juice and good tequila can't fix.

  • Wfjag says:

    The real message of the self-appointed chattering (think of themselves as) elites:

    Orange Man Bad!

    All else is rationalizations.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    If the first thing a person thinks of on seeing U.S. military preparing for a 4th of July parade is the Tianamen massacre, s/he likely has mental problems such as paranoia and depression.

  • GWB says:

    Fireworks going off in my neighborhood as I type this – of the right kind.
    And I say “Up and away with them, boys! Let ’em fly!”
    It’s OUR Freedom we celebrate! It’s a glorious sight to behold – the defiance of those who would rule us from afar… *BOOM!* … oooh, a nice one!
    These aren’t Chinese New Year’s fireworks, just ’cause we’re happy for another year, or scaring away demons (though it might be at that, if it keeps the bureaucrats shrieking under their beds). This is fireworks BECAUSE WE CAN! Each hiss and bang and flash of light or sparkling rain is a “Whoop!” for being and living FREE!
    Now they’re down the street a ways, carrying on the bright cacophony of freedom!

    Never lose the joy of Freedom, y’all. Even if we’re surrounded and outnumbered and about to be overrun, WE ARE STILL FREE! And that’s better than just about anything else in the world.

    (Safety Disclaimer: Please do NOT fire projectile weapons into the air, unless ‘blanks’. Your neighbors a mile away thank you.)

  • GWB says:

    the USMC Silent Drill Team
    The Air Force Silent Drill Team is the same – but with LIVE bayonets.

    Be it the “whoosh” of artillery, the ground rumbling of a tank range, or the 0200 roar of a High Power turn on a jet engine.
    I prefer the high-power whine of a 30mm gatling combined with the low roar of a high-bypass turbofan, followed by the sparkly emanations of a tank just nailed by an A-10.
    But you do you. 😉


  • Jim Armstrong says:

    Got one small bone to pick with you here. Submarine sailors wear the name “Bubblehead” proudly. Please don’t use it to describe those empty-headed buffoons! And we are pretty much already united, since we refer to ourselves as “Brothers of the ‘Phin”. (Our warfare pin is two dolphins riding the bow wave of a WWII submarine).
    Otherwise, carry on!

    • Hate_me says:

      Nothing but respect (and a whole lot of homophobic humor) for submariners… brave men, all.

      This soldier, for one, will be more careful in how I use that term from now on.

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