Fidel Castro: A “Revolutionary” Dies on Black Friday

Fidel Castro: A “Revolutionary” Dies on Black Friday

Fidel Castro: A “Revolutionary” Dies on Black Friday

No sooner after San Francisco 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick sung his praises about the dictator, we get wind last night that Castro is dead. The irony. Death on Black Friday.

You can’t get any more capitalistic than a day such as Black Friday, right?  Yet, some delusional pro-Communist individuals still seem to think this guy is a figure worth mourning:

Oh, Fidel Castro. He build a state-of the art medical facility. He improved the child literacy rate. Yay for communisim. Yay, Fidel. This sums things up nicely, I think:

“…BBC News described him as ‘one of the world’s longest-serving and most iconic leaders’ only mentioning in the fourth paragraph that ‘Critics saw him as a dictator’. Critics?! What other objective noun is there for a man who held no free nor fair elections for half a century, imprisoned his political opponents after trials presided over by crony judges, completely controlled all the national media and installed his brother as his successor?”-Andrew Roberts, The Spectator

But to some, he’s still being called a “Revolutionary”. Some are still saying “Rest in Peace”.

Because nothing says “revolutionary”, achievement, courage and conviction like a firing squad.

And nothing says “taking care of your people” like these photos here:

Nothing says “revolutionary” like limited earning (at an equivalent of $20 monthly) and food cards.

Yay for communism, Colin Kaepernick. To think you’d be dead before you would fill your damn shoe closet with perhaps two pairs of your 500 or so you currently possess if you lived there. But you’d get a “great education”!

To hear and see people saying “Rest In Peace”, calling Fidel Castro a “Revolutionary” is truly laughable. This drivel comes from individuals who make more money than any Cuban family would see in 10 lifetimes. It is ludicrous and, quite honestly, an insult to those who have endured the tyranny and oppressive conditions under the Castro regime. Rest in peace? Are they for real?! We don’t care if he rests in peace. In fact, we hope he burns in hell where he belongs.

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