Father Daughter school dance cancelled for not being gender neutral

Father Daughter school dance cancelled for not being gender neutral

Father Daughter school dance cancelled for not being gender neutral

I get that a public school is for all the kids, and I am ok with that. A Daddy-Daughter Dance or Donuts for Dads is a thing schools do intentionally.  At least they do in the Midwest. These events are put on by schools, the Kroc Center, the parks and recs, and all sorts of community and religious organizations so Dad can have a special day with his daughter(s).

Even the inmates in a federal prison in Miami had a Daddy-Daughter Dance. All of these dances are done for the kids and their dads to strengthen a bond between parent and child. Yes, you read that correctly. Federal inmates had a father-daughter dance. In the prison.

And since liberals cannot stand it when someone is having a good time, there are barriers set up. Yes, these humorless leftist morons are taking away daddy-daughter and mother-son events. The piss-poor reasoning used is the term “gender neutrality.” On Staten Island a grade school Father-Daughter Dance was rescheduled as Ben Shapiro reports here. The reason? The Department of Education for New York City has a gender neutral policy.

A traditional father-daughter dance at a Staten Island school has been postponed on the basis of not being inclusive enough of other genders. The school claims city policies are to blame, according to CBS New York.

“This year’s dance was supposed to be on Friday, right before Valentine’s Day, but the school’s principal directed the Parent-Teacher Association to reschedule it because of the Department of Education’s gender-neutral policy,” reports CBS. “It was originally put in place a year ago and requires school events to include all types of students and families.”

In other words: No Dance for You. Now these are the public schools begging parents to keep the kids in them and blocking school of choice and charter schools. The piss-poor reason was given in the New York Post.

The DOE ordered schools to “eliminate” any “gender-based” practices like the dance in a March 2017 policy update unless they serve a “clear” educational purpose.

Um, really? And it gets better.

“Father-daughter dances inherently leave people out. Not just because of transgender status, just life in general,” said Jared Fox, the DOE’s LGBT community liaison. “These can be really uncomfortable and triggering events.”

But Fox said there’s no DOE policy explicitly banning father-daughter dances. Events are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

“I’m really hard-pressed to put a moratorium on anything,” he said.

Ironically, he added, “For a young trans girl, to be able to go to a father-daughter dance can feel very affirming because in this instance she’s recognized as a daughter.”

Oops. Clashing agendas. But let’s not have a dance because some idiot will be triggered. As for educational purposes, the kids are certainly learning a lesson, as Ben Shapiro reported.

The dance will now be open to the entire school community and will take place in March. Fathers say political correctness has ruined a special bond they share with their daughters.

“It’s almost as if they’re taking it away,” father Matt West said.

“You have to see my daughter’s face every time we walk in,” dad Gregorio Rosario said. “For us dads that we have the time, I actually make the time for it because we work at night. It’s a pleasure.”

But because of the humorless, neo-puritan liberal idiots in the New York City Schools, they can’t have that. No, the agenda must be pushed at the expense of the kids they are supposedly teaching. Stupid does not begin to describe this mess. It would be great if the parents grew a backbone and boycotted this next dance and put their own event on. But, alas, these are people who voted in the idiots in the DOE.

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  • MikeyParks says:

    What’s so hard to understand? It’s a “Father – Daughter” dance. If you don’t fit that category you don’t get to come.

  • GWB says:

    the humorless neo puritan liberal idiots in the New York City Schools
    I like it, but you need to talk to Marta about how to punch that up a bit. 😉

    This is 1) an attempt to suck the joy out of life, 2) an attack by the perverts on normals, 3) an beating to keep minorities down, and 4) exactly what all communism does (and these folks are communists).

    • Gail Boer says:

      Exactly. Or you can stand in for Dad if he can’t be there. If you want an event for any other group, get off your behind and organize it. Easy peasy.

    • Gail Boer says:

      GWB yes Marta has a way with words….. . And how the hell does this trigger people? NYC is a different world indeed. The irony is the LGBT people I know would support a daddy daughter dance.

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