Nancy Pelosi’s Grandson Story Is So Racist

Nancy Pelosi’s Grandson Story Is So Racist

Nancy Pelosi’s Grandson Story Is So Racist

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi aka SanFranNancy aka “the gift that keeps on giving,” gave a filibuster-style speech on the floor of the House of Representatives. The speech lasted for eight hours. Pelosi was protesting a bill that she helped negotiate and exposed her racist ideology again. Real Clear Politics carried the story and reported:

Pelosi, who noted her Italian heritage, said her grandson comes from Irish, English, “whatever, whatever” descent. She added that he is a “mix.” Pelosi shared that when her grandson blew out the candles at his sixth birthday party he made a wish that he would have “brown skin and brown eyes” like his Hispanic friend Antonio.

Oh, Nancy. Please. Shut. Up. Nancy was trying to sugarcoat her support for the DACA and Dreamer kids, who are fast approaching middle age. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t be bothered to stand for any of the American heroes acknowledged at the State of the Union, but she stood for eight hours for the DACA and Dreamers. The illegal immigrants making demands on our country. Here is Tucker Carlson from last night:

Her grandson is not enough of a mix. Italian, Irish, and English and “whatever” is not good enough. If the “beauty is in the mix,” isn’t her grandson mixed enough? By the way, that “whatever” is what most of us are. Nancy exposes her racism just as easily as she exposes most of her 1950’s Old Democrat-type biases.

Nancy’s acolytes tried to get the #GoNancyGo to trend. Anecdotal evidence shows that it was mostly those who lean to the right who picked up the hashtag. Such as:

And speaking of 1950’s Old Democrat-type biases, Representative Jan Schakowsky of Illinois sent this tweet in support of her friend. #GoNancyGo:

1950’s girlfriends

So, Nancy Pelosi exposed her racism with a story similar to those “But, I have a black friend” stories from the 1970’s.

Poor Representative Doris Matsui, also from California:

But my favorite part was, while Nancy was selling out her poor grandson, the guy in the navy-blue suit behind her had a “what the” look on his face. You can re-watch the video; here is a screen shot:

I imagine that that guy is wishing he had brought his invisibility cloak, or stayed home to rearrange his sock drawer, or hadn’t had that extra cup of coffee.

Nancy Pelosi will say or do anything to hold on to the reins of power no matter who she has to sell out or what awful things she has to say.

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  • GWB says:

    Yes, Nancy, please GO. Go far, far, far away.

    • Christine Mills says:

      Your gut reaction is correct. But alas, no. She needs to stay. She and Waters should stay and talk, and keep digging the hole. With every word they speak I smile. It’s like Christmas. They just keep giving!

  • SAM says:

    So she is glad that her Grandson judges people by the colour of their skin and not by the content of their hart. We have a word for that its – Racism. Just imagine
    if some one had stood up and said “My dark grandson told me he wishes he was pale and had blue eyes. I was so proud, it was beautiful”.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    I love it! Everytime Pelosi opens her mouth more people leave the Bolshevik party. Sometimes I wonder if Trump is paying her to be this ridiculous because she’s practically his not so secret weapon lol.

  • Jay Dee says:

    The Nancy Pelosi filibuster will be the gift that keeps giving this mid-term election.

    • Clean Willie says:

      I’m thinking you’re right. In 8 hours of Nancy bloviating, there must be tons of golden snippets for use in Republican commercials this fall. She polls poorly to begin with, so with lots of clips of Nancy saying inane and offensive things, they should be able to hange her around the Dems’ neck. No body in their right mind would want her a Speaker again.

  • HarvardR says:

    Is it racist? Reverse the races and see the self-hating brown child yearn to be white. Doesn’t sound so cool now, eh Nancy?

  • Pragmatic says:

    The story was definitely racist. I’d wager it was fake, too.

  • RightWingNutter says:

    Thank you for watching that long boring train wreck to I didn’t have to.

  • MiddleAmerican says:

    She stood for over 7 hours for illegal immigrants (not coincidentally mostly Hispanic), and wouldn’t stand for 15 seconds (or even clap) for record low black unemployment. That says a lot about where blacks stand with the democratic leadership today.

  • Steve Sherman says:

    And he wants to be a little girl!!!

  • The Derpocrat Party? The Doucheocrat Party? With Pelosi, embrace the power of “and”

  • T.diRumaggi says:

    “Nonna Nancy” should read and discuss this book with her grandson:

    And, instruct him him that her ancestors as were know as terroni and caffoni, meaning blackened or darkened by working in soil (terra)); hence; indeed, they were called “blacks,” So, her grandson by both Pelosi and D’Alessandro (maiden name) lineages was already sen as a black in an ethnic sense.

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