Evolving Whiteness According To The Woke NYT

Evolving Whiteness According To The Woke NYT

Evolving Whiteness According To The Woke NYT

A few days ago, a racial attack occurred in a New Jersey town between a few teenagers at a high school football game. Although the reports are cut-and-dry, the woke New York Times takes it for a spin in the name of “evolving whiteness”.

The report from a local ABC affiliate, stated that Lawrence Township Police reported four middle school girls were harassed when they attended a football game at Lawrence High School. Two 17-year-old boys of Indian descent are accused of hurling racial slurs at the girls. The victims say the teens urinated on at least one of them.

Lawrence Township Police announced that they would take action earlier in the week:

As they should be. Enter The New York Times and this opinion column, penned by Dr. Nell Irvin Painter,
author of “The History of White People”:

While it’s tempting to see the reported ethnicity of the boys suspected in the assault as complicating the story and raising questions about whether the assault should be thought of as racist, I look at it through a different lens. Instead of asking what the boys’ reported racial identity tells us about the nature of the attack, we should see the boys as enacting American whiteness through anti-black assault in a very traditional way. In doing so, the assailants are demonstrating how race is a social construct that people make through their actions. They show race in the making, and show how race is something we perform, not just something we are in our blood or in the color of our skin.”-Dr. Nell Irvin Painter

So, according to this, individuals who do not identify as caucasian who engage in racial attacks against African-Americans are now enacting “whiteness” when dropping the n-word and urinating on people. Their race does not come into ply but ours does. How white of these boys of Indian descent! Because only white people are trying to keep black people down. Only white people hate. Indians are not capable of hate. Asians are not capable of it, either. White people in America are the sole problem of this perpetuated and evolving, uh, whiteness.

In the New Jersey incident, the heritage or skin color of the boys suspected of the assault doesn’t matter. What matters is that they were participating in this pattern and thus enacting whiteness in a very traditional way.”-Dr. Nell Irvin Painter

No, these boys were not enacting whiteness, Doc, they were enacting racism and hate in its purest form. I would venture to guess that most well-grounded, well-adjusted, normal high school boys attending a Homecoming game are not going to search out and target the African-American middle-schoolers to yell ugly slurs at them and urinate on them. This dysfunction runs deeper than the color of one’s skin. Kids are not born racist. White babies are not born hating black babies. The questions no one is asking here are: What are the family lives like for these boys? What is their collective view of women in their households? How are they doing academically? Are there disciplinary records on them at the schools they attend? So many questions but Dr. Nell and The New York Times want to paint this attack into something called the “evolution of whiteness”.

Reading between the lines, the white man made these Indian boys act out of hate. The color of our skin is now equated with hate. This is what college professors, like Dr. Nell Irvin Painter, are telling eager-to-learn students at the Ivys. The good Dr. is an American History professor at Princeton. She will tell you that “whiteness is evolving” with a straight face while explaining that two non-white young men attacked innocent African-American girls at a football game. Next up, let’s talk about why we have this ever-evolving divide and why it is so dangerous.

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  • Jim says:

    The devil made the lads do it. Personal responsibility is not applicable if one is from a minority group according to the appeasing fools of the regressive Left, but all blame [responsibility] must be shifted to Caucasians.

    • GWB says:

      The devil made the lads do it.
      Isn’t that what Lisa said? The white man made them do it. And the white man is the devil. Duh.
      You obviously haven’t been paying attention during your Two-Minute Hates, comrade.

  • GWB says:

    The good Dr. is an American History professor at Princeton.
    No. The Dr is a propagandist, in the position of an American history professor.

  • austere religious scholar says:

    (Face palm)

    My wife’s hometown and alma mater.

  • Scott M says:

    By the NYT’s logic, the Hutus were enacting whiteness on the Tutsis. Yeah, that makes perfect sense now.

  • DSW says:

    India is known for it rampant maltreatment of women. There are plenty of cases of women being murdered because relatives of the groom were unhappy with their cut of the dowry.

    Indian Society has also not fully eliminated caste. Couldn’t it be that these Indian-American boys are just treating a New-World proxy for lower caste women like dirt?

  • DEEBEE says:

    Dr. Painter is a rectal orifice on a Buffalo — or sorry that could be racist. Being of the same descent as the juveniles, I can attest to the more intense awareness — nigh racism — expressed privately by most people of this descent. But remember, these same gatherings would snicker at the stupidity of the people of pallor.

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