Duluth Mayor Plans To Ban Word “Chief”

Duluth Mayor Plans To Ban Word “Chief”

Duluth Mayor Plans To Ban Word “Chief”

Hey Minnesota, have y’all lost your gol-durned minds? I know it’s been colder than a well-digger’s boots and the quarantine doesn’t make life any easier, but you folks are trying to beat the state of Washington for outhouse rat crazy. You got killer cops, riots, drive through zoos, and did I mention cold? Now, the Mayor of Duluth wants to ban the word “chief” because it’s offensive to indigenous peoples. Bless her heart.

The Mayor of Duluth, Emily Larson, has asked the City Council to remove the word “Chief” from job titles. That means no more Chief Financial Officer or Chief Administrative Officer. National Review reported:

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson told City Council members on Wednesday to approve the change in a vote next week “so that we have more inclusive leadership and less language that is rooted in hurt and offensive, intentional marginalization.”

Duluth community relations officer Alicia Kozlowski, a member of the Lake Superior Chippewa, supported the move.

“I think that there are other titles that we have the opportunity to use to steer away from language that may put people down based off their race or culture,” Kozlowski told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Kozlowski said the word “chief” is “a racial epithet, and it turns into a microaggression.”

It’s the fact that it’s cold up there for ten and a half months per year, right? We are going to have to add Emily to the list of white women scold names, along side Karen and Becky. Mayor Emily of Duluth and Mayor Jenny of Seattle are the poster womyn for white, social justice wokerati.

Here is Miss Emily making the announcement at the Duluth City Council virtual meeting. The announcement starts at close to 11 minutes. Start at 9:50 so that you can listen to her describe the type of people who should apply for Duluth metropolitan area jobs. Two-spirits are welcome; white men and cisgendered women are not welcome.

I have come to the conclusion, that to be this woke, one has to be dumber than a post with the imagination of a gnat. Miss Emily has less than zero intellectual curiosity. If she had any intellectual curiosity, she would have looked up the word “chief” on the interwebs:


Noun -c. 1300, “head, leader, captain; the principal or most important part of anything;” from Old French chief “leader, ruler, head” of something, “capital city” (10c., Modern French chef), from Vulgar Latin *capum, from Latin caput “head,” also “leader, chief person; summit; capital city” (from PIE root *kaput- “head”). Meaning “head of a clan” is from 1570s; later extended to headmen of American Indian tribes (by 1713; William Penn, 1680s, called them kings). Commander-in-chief attested from 1660s.

Being a Scots-Irish kind of girl, I know about Clan Chiefs. I am not letting some washed out, frigid (It’s cold.) scold from Minnesota tell me what kinds of words are offensive. Indigenous peoples don’t get to own that word. In trying to learn about American continent, Indian leadership, I read the most romanticized scholarly paper ever. You can read it here. This paper makes them sound almost like H.G. Wells Eloi. Whatevs.

So Miss Emily wants to eliminate the word “chief”. She hasn’t figured out how she is going to rename the Fire Chief or the Police Chief. She’ll come up with something appropriately Orwellian.

Mayor Emily responded to a tweet laughing at her silliness:

Now, I am going to make her empty head explode. Hey, Em, don’t you think the word “officer” is offensive and might trigger … someone? Police officers are the new villains, after all. Looks like you are going to ban that word too. It’s the cold, isn’t it?

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  • GWB says:

    it turns into a microaggression
    Yes, it turns into a microaggression, because the people searching for offense have such tiny brains you need a microscope to find them.

    white men and cisgendered women are not welcome
    Well, there’s a lawsuit for employment discrimination in 1, 2, 3….

    one has to be dumber than a post with the imagination of a gnat
    Well, you know, we used to say of the Seattle Intelligencer-Post that, “Yep, Seattle, Intelligent as a Post.”

    Indigenous peoples don’t get to own that word.
    Hell, as one descended (partly) from Latin-speaking peoples, I’m going to scream CULTURAL APPROPRIATION about this.

    But, Toni, it isn’t the cold. It’s the vacuum.

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    First GWTW, now Get Smart has to go. This is out of CONTROL. KAOS is winning.

  • Joe says:

    Its the wrong reason to change the name, obviously they didn’t do their research into where the word “Chief” comes from. But if the city votes to remove it then so be it….they will always have a Coast Guard station in Duluth that has “Chiefs” among the ranks and we won’t be eliminating that from the long proud history of the US Military because some slow minded individuals take offense.

  • NTSOG says:

    The idiocy of the uninformed, poorly educated and bullying left is world-wide. In the last week we in Australia have had to listen to the stupidity of a weedy young man, who claims to be a comedian, who has proclaimed that a commercial company producing a range of dairy products must change the name of the cheese it makes. The cheese is named after its creator, Edward William Coon who developed the process to make the cheese which has now been made in Australia sine the 1920s. Of course there are many thousands of people around the world whose last name is Coon. Perhaps they should all be made to change their names? And then there is the manufacturer, in France, of excellent farm equipment: Kuhn. What should they be called even though the spelling if different but the word sounds the same? Should all non-English languages defer to the sensitivities of intolerant English-speaking bigots and and cleanse their dictionaries of any words that offend the urban offence-taking fools. The level of ignorance about how language develops and how different cultures use and understand words and language is breath-taking.

    • GWB says:

      cleanse their dictionaries of any words that offend the urban offence-taking fools
      Well, duh. And you have to change the meanings of long-accepted words, too, if it aids the grievance-mongers. Oh, and any sort of gesture. Just do NOT talk with your hands. And pictures. And…………….

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    The Village People already lost their cop… and now the chief. Who will be purged next?

  • RickC says:

    Notice, and this seems important, that neither she nor the British Columbia school superintendent who allowed herself to appear on a poster declaring her white privilege, nor any of these other virtue signalers are shedding their own privilege and resigning to make room for more diversity. Curious that.

  • Ellen says:

    I live in Minnesota – Minneapolis, to be exact. (Poor me – they burned down Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore!) We have a mid-continental climate. I personally have been from -40 to +105 degrees Fahrenheit without leaving the state. Duluth and Minneapolis are blue (perhaps it IS the cold) to the point of insanity; when you get out into the country, it gets redder. But at the time of the riots, the weather was somewhat reasonable.

    I’d move somewhere else, but much of the rest of the world seems to be just as fraught. And I’m too old to pick up everything and go.

  • Brian Brandt says:

    Maybe she could substitute ‘Head Administrative Officer.” But then Duluth’s sex workers would get upset.

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