#DonaldTrump Drove Trump Hotels And Casino Resorts Into The Ground

#DonaldTrump Drove Trump Hotels And Casino Resorts Into The Ground

#DonaldTrump Drove Trump Hotels And Casino Resorts Into The Ground

For a decade #DonaldTrump ran one of his companies, Trump Hotels and Casinos as chairman of the board and for about five of those years as CEO. The industry as a whole was experiencing a boom during this period from 1995 to 2005. During those years gambling stocks were soaring on the Dow Jones, and making their investors rich. Harrahs and MGM investors in particular did exceedingly well, those invested in the former realizing a gain just shy of 150% and those in the latter almost quintupled their money.


How did Trump’s business do over the same period? Glad you asked since this is the man that many would like to put in charge of the American economy! It went into a death spiral, costing his investors millions. Who made money on this venture? Donald J. Trump, of course! He skimmed millions out of his own company through “bonuses” and salary. From an article on Marketwatch:

“A review of the company’s public filings show that over that period, while his ordinary investors were getting hosed, Trump himself was siphoning millions out of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts through salary, “bonuses” — yes, really — and cozy “service agreements” or side deals with his private corporations. In total, Donald Trump pocketed $32 million over nine years, while his public stockholders lost more than $100 million.”

Seriously folks, is this who we want to rely on to kick start our economy that has been wilting like so much sad lettuce under Obama for eight years? A man who siphoned money out of his own company and broke his investors trust? Not just once, but multiple times? Trump University, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, no-really need I go on??

This is the same man who threatened to make our proud service men and women no better than the SS in World War II; claiming that they would not dare to disobey an order from him-illegal or not.

All I ask those who are swept up in this man’s fervor, please, please just look at his financial background and his businesses past in earnest. We cannot afford to hand the keys to the worlds largest economy to a man who has more failed businesses to his name than most of us could imagine.

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  • Robin Washburn says:

    I would like to know more, how many people he has employed and kept in jobs over five years (to keep us from paying welfare and food stamps to them), How much he has paid for each of those employees in benefits and for taxes to the government for each of those employees. Maybe, what are his prime charities and who is behind his bad press. Be Fair or you are just like anyone else around here that has never employed people.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m being fair. He has also contributed to the unemployment of American workers by refusing to hire Americans at his Florida property. He has also contributed to the abuse of the H1 B Visa system which has driven down wages in STEM and caused millions of Americans to be fired and replaced with foreign workers paid $60k on paper but who take home only $20k due to access fees, etc. Now did he cause all of this? No, but he contributed to it. He’s a fraud.

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  • Rick Caird says:

    This is pretty much more BS from Marketwatch. At least it wasn’t something by Paul Farrell. In any case, Arends cherry picked his endpoints. If you go to Yahoo and chart three of Trump’s competitors, LVS, MGM, and WYNN, you will see they gave back their gains with their own precipitous drops form 2007-2010. MGM went round trip (starting value equal ending value) from 1995-2009 All three of these companies raised their stock values on the promises of McCau, which ultimately became more mythical than real. They were all more broadly diversified. Trump was only in Atlantic City. But, with the growth of Indian casinos, Atlantic City is on its last legs, again.

    Never, ever trust Marketwatch and certainly never spend any of your money on their recommendations.

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