Donald Trump’s Vice President Shortlist

Donald Trump’s Vice President Shortlist

Donald Trump’s Vice President Shortlist

Everyone wants to know who is on Donald Trump’s Vice President Shortlist. Every presidential run, all the political pundits scramble to see if they can predict the Vice President pick. So this Victory Girl will play along, too.

If you believe the polls, it looks like Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate. So, who will he pick to be his VEEP?

Quite a few names have been floating out recently, and I sometimes think we are being punked with a few of these names.

Let’s start with the most theatrical and work our way up. Look, I do like Marjorie Taylor Green. But not for the Vice President. I am probably the only one around here who likes her politics, but she will not be vice president. No.

Greene confirmed last year that Trump is considering her to be his vice president, but she responded last November to a social media post by conservative organization Turning Point founder and CEO Charlie Kirk promoting former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson for the position. – Washington Examiner

There is no way Donald Trump will pick MTG as his Vice President, no matter how loud her overenthusiastic praises are for the man. Then again, if I’ve learned anything in the last few years, it is to never say never. At this point, it wouldn’t be surprising if Donald picked Mike Lindell.

No. It’s not Tucker, either. Moving on.

The Women

The Washington Examiner article that I linked in the above quote only lists women as The Donald’s VEEP pick. Why are we stuck on his Vice President having to be a woman? We do not have to do the same just because Joe did it to check boxes. Then again, can anyone nowadays define what a woman is? I can. But I am afraid I am becoming a dying breed. Literally.

But here we are talking about Kristi Noem, Sarah Sanders, and Kari Lake as possible picks for Vice.

In the interview below, Kari Lake is asked if she is the Chosen One. She initially ignores the question, but at the end of the video, she says she feels she would best serve Donald Trump in the Senate.

So, I guess we can strike her name off the list.

If we are going to play along with the woke mob and choose a woman, then Kristi Noem or Sarah Sanders are not bad picks. Right? I lean more towards Sarah. She’s got gumption and smarts. Not that Krisi doesn’t, but I like Sarah better.

Wait, is Ann Coulter still around? What is she doing nowadays? Someone get her on the phone.

But in all seriousness, what about Byron Donalds? Or Elise Stefanik? I’d like to see Katie Britt, the Senator from Alabama, be floated about. But she’s way too new to the political coterie.

The scuttlebutt is that Trump has already made his choice. Who do you think it is? Do you think we’ll all be surprised?

I hate to say this, but at this point, anyone will be better than Kamala.

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  • Rupert Smedley Hepplewhite says:

    Byron Donald’s FTW!

  • Scott says:

    Having met Kristi, I’d be good with her from the above list. I can think of a number of bloggers, former military (not above Captain rank), firefighters, or others that would make good choices. I’ll be interested to see what Trump decides.

  • tregonsee314 says:

    Whoever it is they have to have 1 particular feature, they MUST be able to be elected at the end of his term, He is term limited by the 22nd amendment making him effectively a lame duck from the get go, Likely if he were to win he is going to have a HUGE fight with Congress (even IF the republicans get both houses they will NOT have supermajorities), Kari Lake is good but has NOT won State wide office. Yes I know reasons, if she couldn’t overcome them for herself she’s NOT going to in a presidential election. Sanders and Noem look better with Sanders from a larger state with stronger southern forces behind her. Of the men DeSantis seems like he’d work except he and Trump hate each others guts AND there would be electoral college issues (The Florida electors may not vote for both candidtates having residency in their state per 12th amendment), In any case without a follow on presidency Trumps election and the inherent blockage would be better than another Biden/Harris term, but ultimately would end up futile unless the position can be held or at least threatened to be held,

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