Dirty Water Bar, D.C. Won’t Show Genocide Olympics

Dirty Water Bar, D.C. Won’t Show Genocide Olympics

Dirty Water Bar, D.C. Won’t Show Genocide Olympics

Unlike our corporate overlords, famous athletes and just about everyone in Washington, D.C., the owner of the D.C. bar named Dirty Water has morals and scruples. Owner Chris DeFelice told the Daily Caller that he will not be showing one event from the 2020 Winter Genocide Olympics from Beijing because of China’s horrific human rights’ record. Let the standing ovation for DeFelice begin.

Dirty Water is a Boston sports themed bar at 8th and H Streets in D.C.. That it’s about Boston is a dead giveaway from the name Dirty Water, which is the theme song for nearly everything Boston. If you haven’t ever heard “Dirty Water”, listen here.

Owner DeFelice gave an interview to the Daily Caller about his decision:

“I am formally announcing that Dirty Water will not show the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted in China. We cannot in good conscience support an event hosted in a place with such current despicable human rights policies. We ask and challenge other businesses like ours to join us,” DeFelice told the Daily Caller in an exclusive statement.

While the bar owner admits he hasn’t necessarily paid attention in the past, at least he gets the whole human rights thing now:

Peng Shuai and Enes Kanter Freedom. As a sports fan, the still current major questions about the well being of tennis star Peng Shuai and the activism of Boston Celtics player Enes Kanter Freedom basically woke me up to things I glossed over much like many others. I am as guilty as most in the western world to sort of ignore and lack concern for these atrocities that not only have taken place for years but are current! I ask again, where is Peng Shuai and why did she skip the ongoing Australian open? There’s only four majors in tennis and she skipped the one that exists on the Asia-Pacific side of the world. We have to ask why.

DeFelice did mention the Uighurs in this next answer, but maybe he doesn’t know that not are they slave labor, they are also used for body parts.

I’ll admit I’m not fully educated on the levels of which this all takes place. I certainly am open to more information. However, I’m also not blind to this. When Senator Wyden attempted to block the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act on the heels of a major donation from Nike, I asked myself like everyone else should, what the hell is happening here?

Speaking of Nike, what is the corporate position on organ harvesting? This is from a piece I wrote on concentration camps and organ harvesting last year:

Detention also disrupts families. Children whose parents have been sent to the camps are often forced to stay in state-run orphanages. Uyghur parents living outside of China often face a difficult choice: return home to be with their children and risk detention, or stay abroad, separated from their children and unable to contact them.

That’s the nice part of the detention centers. The Insider reported on organ harvesting:

The China Tribunal, a group that’s investigating the organ harvesting, said at a tense meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council that the Chinese government was taking hearts, kidneys, lungs, and skin from groups including Uighur Muslims and members of the Falun Gong religious group.

The Chinese Communist Party is ruthless and the truth is that large numbers of people die under Communism.

I find myself wondering if companies like Delta, Coca Cola, Apple, Nike and leagues like Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association will screen “The Wings of Songs” at their shareholder meeting, after they lecture about Racist Republicans.

Last week, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to poke a little fun at the Genocide Olympics:

I have to admit I found the skit funny. I lived in Connecticut for a few unfortunate years. The jokes about broadcasting from Stamford and the finance guy looking for his car after he got off the Metro-North struck a nerve. Burner phones and anal swabs are not funny:

In June 2021, Judicial Watch filed an FOIA request for “records about US diplomatic personnel in or seeking to enter China being subjected to anal swab tests for the COVID-19 virus including all complaints and communications regarding such testing,” the organization stated. The request, which initially went unanswered, led to the organization filing lawsuit to obtain the records.

Although some details have been redacted from the information dump, emails between US officials confirm that diplomatic officials were anally swabbed to test for the coronavirus by Chinese health officials.

I am sorry for the athletes, but we should not be in Beijing. At least Chris DeFelice and his Dirty Water Bar are standing up for justice and human rights. Our corporate overlords and politicians have zero cojones. Wouldn’t you love to see the world tune out the Genocide Olympics from Beijing?

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  • Scott says:

    Good on Chris DeFelice! I agree we need more to join him..

    “emails between US officials confirm that diplomatic officials were anally swabbed to test for the coronavirus by Chinese health officials.”.. In the biden regime, I imagine there’s more than a few that signed up for repeat trips, just for that reason…

  • Hate_me says:

    I do understand the perspective of you and Mr. DeFelice. I will happily patronize his business the next time I’m in DC (I’ll be the jackass in the Habs sweater).

    Yet, athletics should be about the sport and not about politics. It seems like NBC has finally gotten their act together, and these might be the first Olympics that I actually follow fanatically. The Olympics are about looking beyond all our disagreements and focusing on friendly competition. When we’re so divided, when host nations are so abhorrent – these are not the times to throw temper tantrums and refuse to play. These are the times when olympians like Jesse Owens ascend from simply being great athletes to being great men.

    There is no better pulpit than the podium.

    • GWB says:

      Yet, athletics should be about the sport and not about politics.
      Except the Olympics have always been about politics. You even admit it when you talk about “looking beyond all our disagreements” and such. The progressive goal of the Olympics has always been about the idea that a little friendly competition will keep the nations from waging war. It’s never worked, and it never will work. And the Olympics have become blatantly commercial since the turn of the century – it’s like a giant Super Bowl, with 4 hours of tv for an ostensibly 1-hour game, and with the halftime spectacle at the beginning and end, instead.

  • GWB says:

    I am sorry for the athletes, but we should not be in Beijing.
    I’m not as sorry for the athletes as I was in 1980. The Olympics have turned into a giant spectacle (more 3-ring circus than showcase of humanity) that has nothing to do with peace and harmony in the world. It’s about making money – for the sponsors, the nations, and the athletes. It’s a shame because it used to have noble, if naive and progressive, goals. But it now has the same cachet as a college degree – mostly useless except in the credentialing department, and ignored by more and more people each 4 years.

  • Deserttrek says:

    more stupid signalling that means nothing, good reason to boycott them
    Is this bar stil lshowing nfl, nba, nhl. winter sports that all openly support blm?

    If you scream about the olympics but watch USA based pro sports you are the problem.

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